The Oni Lord Awakes

    He sat in the bar over his drink in a daze. The lovely raven-haired bar tendress had his eyes. He had scored her last night. Oh what fun he had!!! “My sexy tenshi!” he thought. He wished he could do it again. Then….

    “What is this?” he thought. He had sensed a great power from ninety kilometers. “That energy……” he thought. “That’s from… But…it can’t…could it…” He decided to see for himself. So he had the tendress pay his tab and left.

    Sakura was roaming the city merrily. She “met” Jet earlier this morning.

    *“Spike! Get up!” someone yelled at the door. The cowboy quickly looked up. Sakura looked with him. “Who’s that?” she whispered. Spike didn’t answer. He just covered her mouth and tried to hide her away somewhere. But it was too late. The door opened and there stood Jet himself. “Spike…… oh….” said he when he saw Sakura. “Konnichiha!” she spoke up. Hentai thoughts ran through Jet’s head. “Oh! I’ll just leave you two alone now!” said he. Then Jet took off pretty quickly. Spike fell red-faced. He pushed her away from him, got up, and went out to get dressed. Sakura just sat there confused.*

    “What was he so upset about?” the tenshi-chi thought. She just shrugged and kept walking. At that time, he appeared onto an abandoned apartment building. “If I’m right,” he thought. “That energy is coming from down below.” He looked down and saw Sakura walking along. Her beauty seduced him. “Damn! What a babe!” he thought. Then it hit him! “She’s…..a….tenshi-chi!” he thought. “And a hot one at that!” Hentai thoughts entered his mind. So he decided to “see” her personally. He jumped up and disappeared.

    Sakura has almost passed the bar when a black descended in front of her. The tenshi-chi became startled. She was shocked that she couldn’t move. The cloud lessened. In its place, stood a tall pale, slender man with short raven hair and dressed in equally raven causal clothes. He was completely charming. Sakura didn’t know if he ally or foe. The man smiled. “Don’t be afraid.” said he. Fear spread through Sakura. “I’m Kuroito.” he said as he began walking to her. The tenshi-chi began backing up. “Aww…” said Kuroito. And before she knew it, the man had grabbed her by the wrist. He sensed her through his touch.

    “What’s this?” Kuroito thought. “Nai spirit key? And her data is……missing?!?” Sakura felt his power. “An oni?” she thought. The tenshi-chi tried to pull away. Kuroito tightened his grip. “LET GO?!?” she yelled. “Shhh!” said he. But the tenshi-chi kept screaming. She caught the attention of a few people. “He’s going to rape her! Let go of her now!!! Call the police!!!” the crowd yelled. Kuroito tried ignore them and keep his grip. Finally, Sakura freed herself from his grasp and flew off. “Hot and challenging. I like it!” Kuroito said. And with that, he flew after her.

    It wasn’t long before the oni was right beside the tenshi-chi. When Sakura saw this, panic grew again. “Relax babe,” said Kuroito. “I just wanna talk.” Sakura kept flying. “How come you have nai spirit key?” he asked. The tenshi-chi paused in curiosity. “Spi-rit key?” asked she. Kuroito looked lost. “Didn’t he tell you anything?” he mumbled. Sakura herself looked lost. “All right,” Kuroito spoke up. “A spirit key is a source of life for a tenshi-chi. Without it, they’re just dead.” “Uh-huh….”Sakura trailed off. “She doesn’t know anything!!!” Kuroito thought in distress. He looked and saw Sakura flying away. “There she goes again.” the oni thought. Then an interesting notion hit him. “I’ll follow her secretly and then stay there. Damn I’m so fucking brilliant!!!” the oni thought. So Kuroito disappeared through the shadows in laughter.

    Sakura flew back to the Bebop. “Hey everybody!” she exclaimed. “Hey babe!” a voice spoke up. An icy chill came over the tenshi-chi. She turned to see Kuroito grinning on couch. “Welcome home sexy!” said he. Sakura tried not to scream. Then Spike walked and saw the tenshi-chi with the oni. “Sakura,” said he. “Who the hell it this?” Before she could answer, Kuroito sent a sheet of paper to him. None of them said a word. Spike opened it and read it. Sakura read with him. This is what is said:

    Due violation of the temple, Kuroito is to be banished to the living realm.

    Spike and Sakura groaned in distress. “It looks we’ll be friends for a long time!!!” Kuroito said with grin. Then he snickered wildly. The ride was just getting started!
Have Fun Cowboy!!!