The Prophecy

Pancha reached back to the Garden Dome of Keiko’s Tea House. She held her teal bag close to her side. The angel couldn’t loose that bag for all its worth. She placed her pale hand to the glass door and pushed it open. The humidity met the angel quickly. Everywhere was purely green. A waterfall ran quietly in the background. The lights were high and bright. Pancha looked around quickly. “My lady!” she called out. “Where are you?” “Up here near the cherry trees.” Kaze-san called out. Pancha stood on her tiptoes to look out. “Oh!” the angel called out. “There you are.” “Come up.” her mistress said. “All right.” the handmaiden said. Then, Pancha flew up to the tallest cherry tree. Kaze-san waited patiently for her. She had seen the outcome of this night arriving fast. She too hoped that her daughter would find Amadeus tonight. The only reason she was not affect by her daughter’s power is the Kaze-san was already dead. She managed to have Pancha immune to the intense power by putting a cold mist in the angel’s soul to make her seem dead for as long as she needed. But it was only a matter of time before that would start to wear off. Sakura’s awaking power was zipping up any form of energy in its path.

Pancha flew up beside her mistress. Kaze-san turned to her handmaiden. “Do you have it?” she asked the angel. “Yes!” Pancha called out. Then she opened her bag and pulled out a scroll. The angel slowly handed her mistress the sakura pink scroll tied with crimson ribbon. Kaze-san quickly took it and pulled the ribbon loose. The rolled paper feel straight into her white lap. Pancha watched as the ghost tried to read its content. Kaze-san froze and went pale. Her handmaiden’s face dropped. “What’s wrong my lady?” she asked. “He’s coded the whole thing.” the ghost answered. A silence passed. Kaze-san looked up and noticed something wrong. Pancha’s eyes were growing hazy. That only meant one thing. “My mist is wearing off. Sakura’s power is eating at it!” Kaze-san thought in a panic. “Stay with me Pancha!” she called out. “We will decode this scroll together!” “Yes, mistress.” the handmaiden said in a faint voice.

The women quickly got to work. They used Amadeus’ previous scrolls as a guide. This seemed easy at first. But as Pancha soon disappeared into Sakura’s vast eating power, Kaze-san forced herself to keep going. “Stay with me, Pancha!” she constantly yelled at the girl. The angel fought tried her best to fight the overpowering spell to help her mistress. Anyway could’ve gone. Time was slipping away too fast.

By the time Kaze-san decoded the last word, Pancha had slipped into Sakura’s power and went out in a daze. The angel ghost began to read her former love’s final prophecy he wrote the night before his final battle. Here is what it said:


My little lass and I will remember nothing until the year of the Golden era

of the supernatural


Once we remember, my little lass’s power will awake for the first time since

my death


Heaven will try to take her away from me


Hell will destroy her to draw me out of my current body


All of the mystics will submit to her power


The power of our current home will all go out


The rains will wash away the sins of all of the blinded mystics


All of the human believers will support my reunion all of the way


I was copulate with my little lass and live in happy eternity with her


If not, all will be doomed


Kaze-san held the scroll tightly to her chest. “Please find your way home again, Amadeus, my love!” she thought in despair. This was really going to be a long and soaked night.

Find Your Way Home, Angel