Kurai Sister

    A bright hikari shined onto her bed. She grumbled as she pulled the sheets over her head. “Mmm…” said she. The hikari grew brighter. She tried to ignore it.

    When the hikari got bright enough to light up all of hell, she couldn’t ignore it anymore. So she got out of bed and walked over to the tall jar. “Goddamnit! GO AWAY!!!!” she screamed. Then she struck it hard. But when her hand touched the jar an intense heat met her skin. “OUCH!!!!” she howled in pain. “It’s hot!!!!” “It’s never been burning hot at all!” she yelled. Then something hit her. “If the light’s hot,” she said. “*Gasp* Then that must mean….”

    Spike slowly opened his eyes the next morning. He groaned softly. “Wha- Nani happened last ban?” he thought. Then he looked and saw an elegant female foot. Spike’s eyes went up. Ume was lying on the couch and Sakura was lying on the floor. Both were dressed in lacy appeal. The cowboy looked closely at both women. They looked like a pair of sleeping meagamis. Especially Sakura.

    She was lying there innocently with her long hot legs, lush curves under her thin pink silk gown, and her sweet smiling face. Spike was completely aroused. His fingers ached to touch her baby soft skin. And pretty soon, the cowboy found himself crawling towards her. His hand was out stretched over the tenshi-chi. “Almost there…” Spike thought.

    Right then, the sensei began to stir. Spike jerked his head around. Ume slowly opened her eyes. The cowboy backed away quickly. “Is it morning yet?” the sensei asked. “Uh…” Spike said. Then, Sakura awoke at that moment. “Oro?” she asked.

    The cowboy looked around. Then, it hit him! “Oh! That’s right! Ume and I were up all ban last ban drinking!” the cowboy thought. The sensei was looking around. “Where are my clothes?” she asked. Spike just watched her. Sakura just sat on the floor. He eyed her. Where was she all last ban? She wouldn’t answer him. The only thing Sakura told him was out and he left it at that.

    “Hey!” someone yelled. Spike snapped out of it and looked up. Ume was standing over him. “Hai?” the cowboy asked. “Need some help?” the sensei asked. “Uh… nai, I’m fine.” he said. Then Spike rose to feet. “All right.” Ume said. Then she headed down the hall with her beauty supplies. Spike watched her. “Hey Spike!” she called down the hall. “Nani?” he asked. “Where’s the bathroom?” she asked. “Uh… forth door on your right!” the cowboy called out. “Arigato!” the sensei called back. Then he heard the door shut.

    The interns were hanging out in from of a coffee shop. Daisuke was looking around. His eyes grew big at nani he saw. “Uh… guys….” he said. “Nani?” Mandy asked. “Is that sensei walking with Spike-san?” he asked. “Very funny! But that joke is old.” Bemmer replied. “Nai seriously! Look!” Dai yelled. The other san complied.

    And low and behold, there was good old Spike walking behind lovely Isamu-sama with sweet little Sakura beside him! The four interns were shocked. “Na- Nani’s he doing with her?!?” Mandy asked. “And naze is Sakura with them?!?” Daisuke asked. “Man! I hope she didn’t tell him about my homework grade!” Soot exclaimed. The other san looked at him. “Naze would she do that?” Bem asked. “Think about it!” Soot explained. “Spike and old fart are kinda like T.J.’s messengers. If sensei tells them something about us, nine times out of ten, they’ll tell T.J.!” All were silent. “Good point!” Mandy said quickly. “In any case,” Bemmer concluded. “RUN!!!” And with that, the four interns made like rockets and blasted out of there.

    “Are you sure you’re going to be okay by yourself, Sakura?” Spike asked the tenshi-chi. “Hai.” she said. “All right.” he said. Then Spike and Ume headed off. “Have a good day Spike!” Sakura yelled. “Sure will!” he called back. Then he and the sensei went their separate ways.

    In the depths of hell she saw the whole thing. “So it is true!” she said. “She has found him! This is perfect! Now to take my revenge!!!” Then she flew out of her room and into the wasteland. The onis saw her in the sky. They were wondering naze. “This is great!!!” she yelled. She found the broken blade of a kantana and hacked her hair to her shoulders. Then she found two long sticks of steel and placed them of a kuro fire. When they were hot enough, she took them out and curled her hair with them. She picked up her kantana and teleported to the living realm. Hai! She had found him at last!

    Spike was walking to the bar. His mind was heavy with thoughts again. This time along with Sakura, a little with Ume. Naze was Ume there with them last ban? And how does she know about Sakura? But another image clouded the cowboy’s mind. It was of Sakura sleeping in her thin pink silk ban teddy. It just wouldn’t go away.

    Right there, Spike noticed something. Every time he saw her, Sakura grew hotter and hotter, and hotter. And temptation grew harder to resist. Tenshi-chi or not, Sakura was a female and he was a straight male. Straight males fell for hot females. It was human nature. But… Something was holding him back…

    Suddenly, Spike ran right into someone. He backed up and looked. A female that looked just like Sakura only dressed in pure kuro stood before him. She was smirking at him. Spike was eyeing her closely. Was he dreaming? The cowboy blinked hard. The image didn’t change.

    “Sakura?” Spike asked at last. “You’re close!” she said. The cowboy was silent. “I am KuroSakura, Sakura’s younger sister!” the female said. Spike’s eyes grew big. “But…” he said. There it was again. This fear. The same one that seized him when he found Sakura reading her letter. But naze was he feeling it? Naze?

    “At last! I have found you!” KuroSakura yelled. “Now, I MUST KILL YOU!!!” Then she drew out her katana and lunged forward. Spike jumped away and dodged the blade. “You better start running if you want to live!” she yelled. Spike stayed put. Instead, he pulled out a gun and fired at the female. “Tsk-tsk.” she said. “You have such poor aim!” Then the female kicked him hard in the stomach. Spike went flying into an alley and landed against a trash bin. KuroSakura flew towards him. “Did I do that?” she asked. Spike looked at her. “If Sakura’s a tenshi-chi,” he said in pain. “Then you’re a….” “That’s right! An oni-chi!” KuroSakura hissed. Then she cackled aloud. Spike right then saw an opportunity. He grabbed his gun and shot her in the knee. KuroSakura flew backwards. When she got up, she was really pissed! “You caused me pain!” the oni-chi snarled. “I DON’T LIKE THAT!!!” Kuro Sakura began flying at him. Spike dodged her and fought back.

    The two battled hard. KuroSakura was beaten badly but Spike was beaten a little worse. They battled on until KuroSakura caught onto something. Her power was decreasing. She saw it when she was slowing down. Then Spike kicked her really hard. KuroSakura opened her eyes. “Na- Nani’s happening to me?!?” she thought. The oni-chi looked at her hands. Then she had her answer. “Shit!” KuroSakura thought. “My power’s dying! I need to get more!” Spike was approaching her with his gun aimed at her. The oni-chi grinned. “You may have won the battle, but I will the game, Spike Spiegel!” she said. The cowboy at her statement. Then KuroSakura pulled out some sand from hell and threw it up. Spike coughed and tried to push it away.

    When the sand cleared away, KuroSakura was gone. Spike looked around. “Damn! Where’d hell did she go?!?” he thought. She was nowhere in sight. After minutes of looking, Spike just smirked. “Hm. Cute little trick!” he thought. Then he gave up looking and headed back to the Bebop.

    When Spike made it back to the ship, he found Sakura waiting for him on the couch. She quickly rose to her feet and rushed to him. “Spike! You’re home!!!” she exclaimed as she glomped him. “Yeah.” the cowboy said. “I am.” Then the tenshi-chi paused. “Spike.” she said sounding worried. “Where did you get all of that blood?” Spike looked at his clothes. His shirt and jacket were stained aka. “I just got into a minor fight, that’s all.” the cowboy answered. Then he walked to his room. But Sakura knew the whole story. “She can’t be awake all ready, could she?” she thought.

    “Now that I know where they are, I can fully take my revenge!” KuroSakura said aloud. She was lying on the rooftop of an abandoned apartment building. “But I need a great cover! *Snicker* And I just know where to get it!” The oni-chi stood up with pride. Then she teleported away cackling.

Hell’s Little Tenshi!