Fire with Fire

Spike and co. made it back early the next morning. Foxtrot watched Swordfish fly in. “Good, she’s back.” the kitsune oni thought. “Now we can all rest.” The fox tittered a bit.

Then, she paused. Foxtrot sensed something. But what was it? Another demon? She would have to see.

Foxy sank into the ground to the outside. The air felt cold. The ocean looked like a painting. But the fox didn’t notice. Her attention was elsewhere. A warm glowing feeling was in her. She hadn’t had this since…

Then, Foxtrot heard something. She slowly turned. A young man in his twenties stood before her. He was really charming. Foxy’s heart began to race. “Devilin?” she asked. The man nodded. Foxy grew excited. She raced to Devilin and glomped him hard. *Sweat drop on Devilin’s head*

“So what brought you here?” Foxtrot asked her former love. Devilin smiled. “I came to see you, baby.” he answered. Foxy grew happy. “Really?” she asked. The oni nodded. “I knew I loved you!” the fox exclaimed. Then she hugged him wildly. Devilin grinned.

For days (and nights), Foxy and Devilin were together. It was like the old days. Sweet and lusty. But was it a masquerade?

In time, Francesca grew sick and jealous. Mostly jealous. But, she had reason to be. Something didn’t seem right…

“Faye,” the wind oni spoke up. “Hm?” the bounty huntress asked. Francesca paused. “Do think there is something wrong with Devilin?” she asked at last. Faye paused and turned. “What do you mean?” she asked.

Francesca sat up. “Because,” she said. “Why would some guy show up years later? He observably wants something.” Faye kept quiet. “Are you jealous?” she asked. Francesca grew red. “No!” she yelled. “It just doesn’t seem right!” “Oh.” Faye said. Silence came again.

“I see.” Faye replied. Francesca grinned. “Care to snoop?” she asked. “Yeah!” Faye spoke up.

So for the next few days, Fran and Faye did some snooping. At first, they were empty-handed. But then, a break-through came.

A former friend of Francesca’s gave her and Faye a file on Devilin. The file stated that he had died years ago. But then Lucifer had brought him back to life. Only under one condition: Devilin would have to seek info on Sakura for a bet.

Faye and Francesca were shocked and disgusted. “I knew it!” Fran snapped. “Devilin’s up to no good!” “So now what?” Faye asked. Fran froze. Now what?

Then an idea hit her. “Let’s tell her.” the assassin chirped up. Faye turned. “Will she believe us?” she asked. “Don’t care if the bitch will.” Francesca replied. Faye grew suspicious.

But the ladies told the fox anyway. As expected, Foxtrot didn’t believe them. “You’re just jealous!” she snapped. Francesca looked pissed. “I am not jealous!” the assassin barked. Foxy snorted. “Well, it sure sounds like it!” she said. Then, Foxtrot stormed out of the den. Francesca grinned. “Only a matter of time!” she thought. “Only a matter of time.

Soon, Devilin showed his dark side. He would always be watching Sakura when Foxy wasn’t around. The oni began following her in secret. At first no one said anything. Then, Foxy grew jealous.

One night, Foxtrot followed Devilin. So far, everything was normal. But then, the twist came.

Foxy followed her love outside. Devilin looked to be watching the ocean. But the fox had a sour feeling that wasn’t it.

Foxtrot looked farther. Sakura was standing on the dock. She too was watching the ocean. The tenshi-chi had on a white lacy baby doll and silk robe. She was heavenly-looking.

Foxtrot grew jealous. Her man was lusting after Little Miss Perfect. She will not have this! Something had to be done!

“Devilin-chan!” Foxy yelled. Her guy looked up and tried to fly away. Pissed, the fox flew straight after him.

The couple flew straight into the city. Devilin landed on a roof. Foxtrot followed and landed. She heard snickering. This boiled her blood even more. “What the hell is so damn funny Devilin-chan?!?” Foxtrot snapped.

“You never cease to shock me.” he answered. Foxy grew pissed. “What do you mean?” she barked. Devilin sneered. “Did it occur to you that I have been dead for years?” he asked. Foxy froze in shock. “I… I…” she tried to say. Devilin slowly turned. He was grinning. Foxy grew scared.

“Lucifer brought me back.” Devilin went on. “Only on one condition.” Then it all hit Foxy! He just used her as a pawn to get close to Sakura for Lucifer.

Now, Foxy was really pissed! She was happy for nothing! Now, this creep was going to pay!

Foxtrot drew out her kantana. Devilin grinned. “Oh, a challenge,” he replied. Then, the oni drew out his kantana. “I will accept!” he yelled.

The former lovers battled to the death. Though she didn’t show it, Foxy didn’t want to fight Devilin. Why? Because she still loved him. That’s right! The fox still carried a torch for him.

In the end, Foxy killed him. Devilin lay dying. Foxy felt herself beginning to cry. “Babe…” Devilin began. Foxtrot knelt down and took him into her arms. “I love you…. I will….. always….. love you…..” he love murmured. Then, Devilin died.

For days, Foxtrot was depressed. But then she remembered the happy times with her lover and got over it fast!

See You in Space Kitsune….