Death Waltz Pt. 1

It started with a call from Katsuko. Spike was all ready sitting up in his bed. Sakura lie asleep next to him. Spike watched her quietly. She still looked like a goddess sleeping. Only more irresistible. Spike had a gut feeling they would fall in love one day. Oh, Sakura was so hot. The cowboy would practically kill anybody to have her. He ached inside to kiss her.

Spike was about to do so when… phone went off. The cowboy quickly looked for it. “Moshi-Moshi.” said he tiredly when he found it and answered it. “Spiegel-san.” said a girl’s voice. The cowboy’s eyes shot up wide. “Katsuko?” he asked. “Hai,” the child genius answered. “Is Sakura with you?” “She’s asleep.” Spike answered. “Why?” “I need to talk to you about her. Can you meet me at my house?” Katsuko replied. Spike looked over at Sakura. She was still asleep.

The cowboy thought about this for a second. Get up now? Not happening! But wait! This could be a clue about Sakura and her past. Maybe this mystery would finally rest. But would it really? There was only one way to see.

“All right.” Spike said blandly. “Brilliant.” Katsuko responded. “I’ll see you then.” Then she hung up the phone. Spike sat still in bed.

When Sakura awoke, she found the cowboy getting dressed. She wondered why.

“Spike.” the tenshi-chi spoke up. “Hm?” the cowboy asked. “What are you doing?” Sakura asked. “Katsuko needs to talk to me this morning.” Spike answered. “Oh.” the tenshi-chi said. She didn’t ask anyone, which surprised Spike quietly.

“I will pick you up this evening.” the cowboy told Sakura before boarding Swordfish. “Okay.” she said. Then the cowboy hugged her goodbye and boarded his ship. Sakura watched him fly off.

Katsuko paced around outside. She checked her watch. It was almost nine in the morning. She watched the skies. The girl saw Swordfish flying towards the castle. Katsuko smiled. “Just in time.” she thought. The Swordfish landed in front of the gate.

“Ohayoo.” Katsuko greeted Spike when he made it tot the porch. “Hey.” he said back. Silence passed. “You wonder why I called you here.” Katsuko spoke up. Spike didn’t answer. He just quietly eyed her. “Come with me.” Katsuko stated. Then she headed into the castle. The cowboy followed behind silently.

“Kawa and I did some research on Sakura.” the child genius began as they walked through the den. “We found that she houses a deadly power within her. One that her chakas cannot contain.” “Chakas?” Spike asked. Katsuko booted up her computer. She typed in some random data. Two different windows popped up on the screen. “A chaka is the plug that keeps a tenshi-chi’s power from seeking uncontrollable levels of power.” Katsuko explained. “Sakura’s chakas can’t keep up with her power. If this keeps up, her body will be destroyed.”

Destroyed? No, never! Spike had to save Sakura from this fate. “How do I save her?” he asked. Katsuko kept silent for a minute. Then said: “Destroy her yourself.” Spike froze hard. “Destroy her?” he asked. The child genius nodded. Spike became grim. “There is no other way.” Katsuko said. The cowboy went silent. “I see…” he mumbled. “I know it’s hard,” Katsuko said turning to him. “But there is no other way.” Spike nodded bitterly.

Deep in the back of an old Chinese temple, KuroSakura sat in a hot spring. She was ease dropping on Spike and Katsuko. “If he kills the bitch, that would be one less thing for me to do.” the oni-chi mumbled. “Which could have been done days ago!” a voice growled from behind the thick dark curtains. KuroSakura didn’t have to turn around to see who that was. “How long have you been listening Vicious?” she hissed sourly. “Long enough,” he answered in a low voice as he stepped forward.

“Look, I told you a hundred times,” KuroSakura said spitefully. “It’s not my fault the plan backfired!” That wasn’t what Vicious wanted to hear. “I don’t want to hear anymore of your pathetic excuses!” he snarled. The oni-chi turned sharply to him. “All right. Since you can’t take a simple answer,” she demanded with a strong commanding voice as she rose out of the steaming water with her towel wrapped tightly around her. “That cat that saved them was a lost angel soul!” “And…” Vicious said unconvinced.

“Lost angel soul are thrown out of heaven and rejected from hell,” KuroSakura explained. “They wished to be back in heaven and loved. So they disguise themselves as cats to seek for good deeds. Apparently, that twit took care of this soul and he felt like he had to repay in some way. That’s way he saved them.”

The oni-chi eyed her boss closely. “I see…” he mumbled. “Good.” KuroSakura declared. She began walking towards Vicious. “Now, Spike must kill the little bimbo,” she said. “And when he does, we kill him.” Her boss kept quiet. “All we have to do is track them.” KuroSakura went on. Vicious was now grinning. The oni-chi herself smirked. “I knew you’d like that!” she said.

Spike stood on the bridge. The visit to Katsuko’s was a hard pill to shallow. Kill Sakura? How would her death save her from another death? This was next to senseless. How could Katsuko suggest that? Why was this so hard? Did Spike actually love Sakura? If so, he had to save her, even if she died.

That was it! Spike would make Sakura’s quick and painless. So he headed to Swordfish and flew to the best gun shop on Mars.

Uncle Todd’s Gun Shop was about closed down for the night when Swordfish pulled in and parked. The owner watched closely. Spike headed to the door. The owner straightened up his appearance and grinned as the cowboy entered the shop.

“Konbawa!” the shop owner greeted. “How may I help you today?” Spike didn’t know how to answer at first. Then he said: “Do you have anything strong enough to kill angels?” The owner’s eyes widened. “Only two items left.” “Why?” Spike didn’t answer. “Just show them to me.” he growled. The owner swallowed hard and headed to the back.

Back on Bebop, Ed was on her computer. She was researching Sakura herself. She had the same results as Katsuko did. When the hacker saw it, she went completely pale. “Hey Ed!” Cherry exclaimed when she came in. The hacker didn’t answer. The cupid-chan grew worried. “Ed? Ed what’s wrong?” she asked as she walked towards the computer. Ed still didn’t answer.

Finally, Cherry went pale when she saw the answer. “Spike… wouldn’t kill…. Sakura-sama…. would he?” she asked.

But late evening, Swordfish landed at Oko Hospital. Sakura was waiting outside for him. She was dressed in her typical pink Chinese-style dress and looking just as lovely as ever. Spike couldn’t help but stare at her. Better feast your eyes on that beauty while you still could, he figured.

Sakura approached him normally. Spike hid his new Judas II under the seat. It was now or never.

“Hi Spike.” Sakura cheerfully when she made it to Swordfish. “Hm, oh…. hi.” the cowboy replied. The tenshi-chi slid into the cockpit and Spike flew off.

The ride was silent. Spike felt his stomach turn. This wasn’t going to be easy. But if this task was going to save Sakura, so be it!

They flew to an open field. Spike landed Swordfish slowly. Sakura didn’t ask any questions. The silence kept on. Spike stepped out of the ship and Sakura followed behind. Judas II hid under Spike’s jacket perfectly. He cringed at his mission. But it had to be done.

Sakura didn’t seem to mind or ask questions. That was good, he guessed. Maybe she didn’t suspect a thing.

The pair made it to the green sanctuary. This place was virtually empty. Only the heavy stones lie here undisturbed. Who knows how many bodies lie here?

“Spike.” Sakura spoke up at last. The cowboy turned to her. “I know why we’re here.” the tenshi-chi said firmly. Spike froze hard. She knew? But why didn’t she run away?

Sakura walked to the huge flat stone altar, got down on her knees, and shut her sweet amber eyes. Spike just stared at her hard. Here it was. Now he had only one thing to do.

Spike slowly drew out Judas II and pointed it at Sakura’s head. Here it was. The mission. This should be easy. Right? All he has to do is pull trigger and she’s safe. Easy right? But why couldn’t Spike do it?

To Be Continued…