Mellow Rain

    *Enter Dream*

    Spike was walking along this raining street. He didn’t know where he was going. The man was just walking. The rain poured down hard. Spike didn’t notice. Then…. someone lightly grabbed his jacket. Spike paused and turned. It was that same pink rabbit with the black eyes and great white wings. It had no expression on its face. Spike felt that same fear again. Why did it come when he saw the rabbit? Why?

    “Do you love me, Spike?” the rabbit asked. The cowboy eyed her. He could he answer? “You’re not scared of me, are you?” the rabbit asked. Spike really lost his tongue. How could he answer both questions without hurting it? How could he?

    *End of Dreams*

    Spike awoke panting. The dreams kept getting weirder and weirder. They made no senses. Spike sat up in bed and looked beside him. Sakura was still out cold. “God damn!” he thought. “That was one hell of a scene last night!” He remembered Sakura in that thin sheet standing atop of the Lady Dragon and the other mystics out in a daze. Yet another thought entered. Sakura looked so peaceful when she slept. An earthquake could happen right now and she would through it. But worry came over Spike. What if Sakura never woke up again? Then what?

    Spike grabbed her up quickly. “Sakura!” he yelled. “Hey! Hey!” “Shit!” the cowboy thought. “I can’t have her dead! I still her some questions for her!” “Sakura!” Spike yelled. “Get up damnit!” At that moment, the tenshi-chi’s eyes flutter open. The cowboy was relived. “Spike?” Sakura asked. “Hai?” Spike asked. The tenshi-chi smiled and glomped him. Spike fell back. Great! She was alive.

    Sakura cuddled close to him. The cowboy felt this sudden warmness. “Sakura…” he thought. Then he turned serious. Spike shoved Sakura off him hard and sat up. “All right,” he said. “Where you yesterday, Sakura?” The tenshi-chi sat up. “I was at work.” she said. Spike was dumbstruck. “Work?” he asked. “Yeah.” Sakura answered. “But,” Spike began. “We didn’t send your resume yet.” “I was told I didn’t need one.” she said. “Who said?” Spike asked. “The guy of Live Dreamer.” the tenshi-chi said. Spike about fell down. Sakura just looked. Spike grabbed her shoulders. “Sakura,” he said harshly. “How the HELL can you be so stupid?!?” The cowboy looked. Sakura was staring at him. She looked as if she was going to cry. “Gominasai Spike.” the tenshi-chi whimpered out. “I didn’t know…. I was just trying to help you!” Sakura tried desperately to fight back her tears. Spike caught his error. He forgot he talking to Sakura. She was not like Faye of the other girls on the ship. She was sensitive.

    “Iie, Gominasai.” Spike spoke up. “I didn’t mean to yell at you. You just let me deal with the job search now, okay?” “K.” Sakura said softly. “Good.” said Spike. “Smile, now.” The tenshi-chi complied. Spike smiled himself. “Much better.” he said. Spike patted her lightly on the shoulder.

    Spike and Sakura made it to the den. Cherry was scratching Ein’s stomach. Francesca sat on the couch drinking tea. Foxy and Kuroito were boasting about their one-night play-toys. But interns were eating at the coffee table. Spike watched the interns. The four kids looked up and saw him. Daisuke blushed. “Hai?” Mandy asked. “Why are you here?” Spike asked. “T.J. dropped us off.” Soot answered. “Naze?” the cowboy asked. “Just did.” Bemmer said. “Uh-huh.” said Spike. “Where’s Faye?” “Out gambling.” Foxy said without looking up. “Figures.” Spike replied. “Where’s sister Ed?” Sakura replied. “Outside fishing.” Cherry answered. “Oh.” the tenshi-chi said. Then came the big one: “Where’s Jet?” Spike asked. The room went silent. Everyone looked up. Even Ein was eyeing Spike. No one knew the answer. Where was Jet?

    “MAIL!!!!” Ed yelled as she rushed inside the ship. She had message chip in her hand. “Mail from Jet!!!” she yelled. Everyone rushed to the hacker girl. They all nearly trampled her. “Ahhh!!!” Ed screamed.

    Spike got a hold of the card and played it. An image of Jet popped up. Everyone gather around. This is what Jet said:

    “Spike, kids,” Jet said. “Ume and I have eloped!” Then the image of him disappeared. Silence fell again. Foxy’s jaw just dropped! The interns fell to the floor foaming at the mouth. Kuroito looked sick. Francesca and Cherry looked pale. And with all of that, Spike rushed out the door. Sakura just watched the whole thing. “Oro?” she thought. This made no sense to her. Elope? Why would Jet elope?

See You in Space Cowboy