Welcome Back

In the morning, Sakura was up and dressed. Spike awoke to see her smiling. “Ohayoo!” the tenshi-chi exclaimed cheerfully. “Sakura?” he asked. “Yes?” the tenshi-chi asked. “You’re up all ready?” Spike asked. “Uh-huh.” Sakura replied as she nodded.

The cowboy sat up. “Why?” he asked. Sakura eyed him. “I want to go back to work, spike.” she answered seriously. The cowboy kept quiet. He remembered the last episode from last week. The cowboy didn’t want to put Sakura in risk again. But yet…

“Are you sure Sakura?” Spike asked. “Yes,” the tenshi-chi answered. “Please take me, Spike.” The cowboy looked at her. How could he refuse?

“All right. All right.” the cowboy answered. “I’ll be up shortly.” Sakura’s joy strengthened. “Thank you Spike!” she exclaimed. Then the tenshi-chi hugged him wildly. The cowboy sighed. “Yeah, yeah.” he said. “I know.” Spike sighed again.

Sakura was like a child at Christmas. She was going to see those little faces again. Boy, it was good to be back! The tenshi-chi led the way to Swordfish with Spike following behind. He decided to accompany her all of the way this time just to be certain.

“Thank you for taking me to work, Spike.” Sakura said again. “Yeah, yeah.” he replied. The cowboy kept following behind her.

On Swordfish, Spike received a call. “Moshi-Moshi.” he answered the communicator. “Spike!” Katsuko exclaimed. “Katsuko,” the cowboy said.

“I have found new info on Sakura while doing some research.” the kid went on. “And?” Spike responded. “Come by tomorrow and I’ll explain everything.” the child genius answered. “Got ya.” Spike replied. “Okay, see you then.” Katsuko said. Then she hung up. Spike kept his neutral face. Finally, some answers to this enigma!

Swordfish landed at Oko Hospital. Shoji was waiting outside. “Sakura!” the doctor exclaimed once the tenshi-chi got off the ship. “Hi Himura-san!” she exclaimed. Then, they embraced in the middle. Shoji looked over Sakura’s shoulder. Spike was standing behind her. He looked dull and expressionless as usual. Right then, Shoji remembered something he found in Sakura’s records that Spike needed to know.

“Uh, Sakura.” the doctor spoke up. “Would you like to see the children now? “Yes I would!” the tenshi-chi exclaimed. Then she let go and ran inside.

Shoji eyed Spike. The cowboy still had the same expression on his face. Well, here goes. “Spike,” the doctor spoke up. “We have to talk.” Spike said nothing. He just followed Shoji inside.

The men came to Shoji’s laptop. “What is it?” Spike asked. “Look.” the doctor answered. Then he pulled up Sakura’s profile. All of her stats appeared. Spike read it quietly. “So?” he asked. Shoji pointed out Sakura’s birthday. 4/1 was what it said. Spike still didn’t see it.

“What are you saying?” he asked. “Sakura’s a late birth.” Shoji answered. “What do you mean?” Spike asked. “Most tenshi-chis are born the first two days of January.” the doctor explained. The cowboy paused and looked hard at Shoji. What was….this?

Late Birth?