Searching the Night

Shoji paced around in the lobby. “I hope Sakura’s safe somewhere.” the doctor thought. “She’s a doll. I hate for something bad to happen to her.” His palms grew sweaty.

Finally, T.J. and Spike returned. The doctor eased up at last. “Spike and I will look for Sakura.” T.J. addressed. “I’ll come with you!” Shoji exclaimed desperately. The other two paused. T.J. wanted to say no at first. But figuring Shoji was close to a breakdown, that wasn’t wise. “All right.” Spike said. Shoji’s eyes lit up with joy. Then the doctor rushed forward and hugged the cowboy tightly. “Uh…. yeah….” Spike said. *Sweat drop on the cowboy’s head*

The three ventured out into the night. Shoji covered the uptown, T.J. covered downtown, and Spike covered the air. They searched for hours. But no luck at all.

Hours later, the three men met in the park. “Any luck?” T.J. asked the other two. “No.” Spike and Shoji said together. The writer sighed. The other two joined him on the bench. “Where could she have gone?” Shoji asked. “Will we ever find her?” “Don’t say that!” T.J. snapped. “We will find Sakura!” Spike nodded silently. They had to find her. They just had to!

Keep Looking!