Pretty soon, Spike was at the Iitaka manor’s door. Katsuko said she had something for him. He hoped that this was about info on Sakura. He would finally have the answers he was seeking. Or was this another dead-end? He would just have to see.

Spike rang the doorbell. “Coming!!!” Kawa called from behind the door. The cowboy waited silently. He still wasn’t used to Kawa yet. Maybe it was because Kawa was a ghost-chan. Oh well, he’ll have to do for now.

Kawa opened the door gracefully. The ghost-chan looked cheerful. “Welcome.” he said. “Come in.” Spike followed behind Kawa.

Most of the manor seemed dark. The only room well lit was the living room. Kawa lead the cowboy there. Katsuko and Yuji were already sitting around the coffee table. Fuji sat on her master’s shoulder. The trio looked up to see Spike and Kawa in the doorway. Yuji looked uneasy again. Spike glared at him. He still hadn’t forgiven the priest for kidnapping Sakura.

“Take a seat Spiegel-san.” Katsuko said serenely. The cowboy sat next to Yuji. The hacker priest felt sicker than before. “You still owe us.” Spike hissed. Yuji wanted to crawl away right that second. “Gentlemen!” the kid spoke up. Both men looked up. Katsuko put her hands in her lap.

“Something or someone doesn’t want us to find out about Sakura.” she addressed. Spike was lost. “What do you mean?” he asked. Yuji found his courage again. “Hm,” the hack priest snorted. Spike turned to him. “What?” he snarled. Yuji grinned. “It means,” he began. “We can’t get any information on it. It is a tightly guarded creature. It’s impressive I might add.” This angered Spike. He violently grabbed the priest. “Listen jackass!” the cowboy yelled in fury. “She is not just some mystic! She has a name!!! SO USE IT!!!” Yuji lost his courage again. “O…kay…” he whimpered.

Spike froze. He heard his own words again. They were… powerful… Maybe too powerful. He sounded like Shoji. “Please all of you. My wife was not a thing. She has a name, so please use it. Her name is…. Molly.” the doctor’s words echoed. Was Spike like Shoji was with Molly? Did he love Sakura?

Katsuko cleared her throat. Both men looked up. “That’s enough gentlemen.” she said sternly. Spike let go of Yuji and the men sat down. “Now,” Katsuko said. “Every site we went to was down or it crashed our laptops.” Silence passed.

Then, Katsuko remembered something. “Spike,” she spoke up. “Come with me outside. I need to talk to you in private.” The cowboy eyed her. “You want to leave this dumass alone?” he asked. Yuji felt small again. The kid smiled. “Don’t worry,” she said. “Kawa will keep a close watch over him. Now come on.” Then, Katsuko rose up from the sofa and began walking out. Spike followed behind.

The pair made it to the garden. The stars were high and bright. But Spike could sense this would be serious.

“You couldn’t kill Sakura.” Katsuko said at last. The cowboy paused. He couldn’t answer verbally. “ I have found another way to save Sakura.” Katsuko went on. Spike froze. “Well, how?” he asked. “Every tenshi-chi is born with seven chakas,” the kid explained. “In time, their power becomes unstable. In order to correct the balance, the seventh chaka must be destroyed.” How do I do that?” Spike asked puzzled. The kid motioned him closer. The cowboy knelt down to her. “You have to sleep with her.” Katsuko whispered. Spike’s face went red. “WHAT?!?” he exclaimed. Katsuko turned to him. “Sakura’s seventh chaka is her hymen,” she explained. “Why it’s there, that can’t be explained. But the important thing is to save Sakura.” Spike’s face became serious and nodded. Katsuko smiled. “At least she will live.” she said.

Katsuko and Spike came back inside the manor. Yuji still sat on the sofa. Kawa stood across from him. They both looked up. “You’re back.” Kawa said. Yuji tightened his hands. He just remembered something. But should he say it? And would he be creditable?

“There is one more place to look…” the priest began. Everyone turned to him. Here it comes.

“It is Hell’s database.” Yuji went on. Shock was everywhere. “Where?” Spike asked. “Hell’s database…” the priest said again. His voice trailed off. Katsuko stepped forward. “That place is locked up so tight.” she said. “I know.” Yuji said.

Silence came again. Kawa slipped away to his room.

Gate to Hell