Cherry stood in front of the three demons. She looked as if she was going to cry. The three demons kept eyeing her. Kuroito just gave off a small smile. “Who wants to be the one to break the news?” he asked. Both ladies kept silent.

“I won’t let you!” Cherry cried. Foxy tried to smile. “Calm down, child.” she softly ordered. That never helps. Cherry began screaming. All three demons became annoyed. Francesca couldn’t stand anymore. She marched over to the crying child and bitch-slapped her hard. The cupid-chan stopped crying and looked up. Fran was still frowning bitterly.

“Nobody’s going to kill the little twit!” the assassin snapped. Cherry kept staring at her. “Really?” she whimpered out. Fran looked at the other two demons. Foxy and Kur said nothing. “At least, I’m not.” the wolf reassured. Cherry looked at Kur and Foxy. “You wouldn’t kill Sakura, would you?” she asked tearfully. The demons kept quiet. The cupid-chan kept watching. Foxtrot stepped forward. “Come on Cherry,” she said at last. “We’ve got to talk.”

“Mission to save the whole mystic race?” the cupid-chan asked in shock. All three demons nodded. Cherry paused for moment. Then she asked, “Why?” Francesca, Kuroito, and Foxtrot just couldn’t answer that question straightforward. To tell the truth, no one knew the right reason. Not much information was even given to them. So, how could it even be true?

“Are you going to really kill Sakura?” Cherry asked again sickly. Fran, Foxy, and Kur became silent again. This time for the first time ever, Cherry was both annoyed and angry! “Well,” she snapped. “Answer me! Are you or aren’t you going to kill Sakura-sama?!? Tell me the truth now!!!”

The three demons sat there shocked. Never had Cherry ever lost her temper about anything. Did Sakura have that much affect on their lives? And if so, how? It didn’t matter now. Francesca, Foxtrot, and Kuroito had the answer they needed.

“No!” they all called in unison. Cherry began drying her eyes. “You promise?” she whimpered out. “Yes!” the other three replied. Cherry tried to smile. “Thanks.” she said in a sound voice.

Then, something donned on Francesca. “Others could try to kill the annoying twit as well!” she pointed out. The others looked up at her. “She’s right.” Kur agreed. “So what should we do?” Cherry asked nervously. All paused for a moment. Then, Foxy suggested, “Well, we’ll have to protect the little deer.” This seemed to life everyone’s spirits. “I’ll be happy to protect Bambi!” Kuroito spoke up. Fran glared at him crossly. Kur gave her an innocent schoolboy look. “I’ll protect Sakura-sama!” Cherry blurted out. “At any cost!” “Good.” said Foxy. All turned to Fran. “Well,” Kur said. “Are you going to help us?” The wolf looked away. Silence passed. “Fine.” she mumbled. Kur leaned in closer. “What, pretty thing?” he asked seductively. “Fine.” Fran said a little louder. “What?” the leech asked again. “FINE!!!” Francesca yelled out. “I’LL DO IT!!!!” The other three mystics smiled. “Then it’s settled.” Foxy addressed. “We protect Sakura to no end!” “Yeah!!!” Cherry called out in bliss. Kur smirked to himself. Francesca just rolled her eyes annoyed. “Aw crap,” she thought. “What the hell have I gotten myself into?” The wolf sighed and rolled her eyes again. This was really going to destroy her image.

See You in Space, Wolf