Ai Melody

    Spike began to head out again the next morning. He was out for another bounty. The last one was long and tough, but the cowboy caught him at last. The pay was heavy too. Spike used the money on Swordfish and food. But he also did something else with the money. The cowboy took a small amount of the 1,000,000 wolongs and opened a bank account for Sakura. He didn’t know why he did so, he just did.

    Spike was about out the door when he heard footsteps rushing towards him. The cowboy stood still. He knew who it was. “I’ll be back Sakura, I promise.” the cowboy said aloud. The tenshi-chi stopped quickly. Spike turned to her. Sakura watched him. She knew that too well, but she wanted more than just some promise.

    “Spike.” the tenshi-chi spoke. “Let me walk with you!” The cowboy was overcome with silence. Sakura eyed him. “Dozo?” she asked meekly. Spike’s heart grew soft. He smiled and said: “All right, but you have to leave when we get to the hospital.” Sakura grew overjoyed. She hugged Spike tightly. “Arigato Spike!” she said aloud. The cowboy kept smiling. “Yeah, yeah.” he said. Spike just sighed quietly.

    The duo walked to Swordfish. Sakura felt easy knowing she’s at least see him off. Spike himself didn’t seem to mind. But the questions surroundings her and him still remained. Was she in love with him? Why couldn’t he love her in return? Did he know Sakura before they met? Who sent those scrolls and pictures? And who was Amadeus?

    But, Spike wasn’t the only one looking for answers. Above on the rooftops, they stood watching. Two of hell’s children were listening. They observed the city. All was quiet. But they knew, that would all change.

    “Think he knows?” she asked. “No way to tell,” he answered. “Her father is crafty and has a mind of his own. He’s not some obedient servant of Kami.” She looked at him strangely through her dark sunglasses. “Why can’t you give me a straight answer?!?” she snapped. He smiled wisely. “You asked the question, I gave the answer.” he said. She just looked cross at him.  “Besides,” he continued. “It’s too early to tell.” “That’s true.” she said. Then she walked to the edge of the roof. He sat down on it. Yes. It was too early. Too early to say or tell of any signs. But soon, something would surface. It was only a matter of time…

    In an apartment greenhouse, Kaze-san’s handmaiden awoke from a frozen dreamless wasteland. She had been sleeping for decades, only to be awakened if needed. Now, that time had come.

    “They’re here!” the maiden breathed out. “The dark ones are here!” She began to worry for Sakura and Amadeus. The girl looked out the window. “Sakura,” she thought. “Please hurry!

    “Spike,” Sakura spoke up in the Swordfish. The cowboy focused on the sky. “Hm?” he asked. Sakura took a deep breath. “How do you know when you’ve found true love?” she asked at last. Spike still kept his focus. “True love, as in?” he asked. “Any kind.” the tenshi-chi answered. Spike still kept his focus. “Well,” he began. “You want to be with them all of the time, they take care of you, you take care of them, and if you talk to them, they’ll listen.” “Really?” Sakura asked. “Yeah.” Spike said. The tenshi-chi pondered this. That was love? If it was, then it sounded great. Made her want to find love herself. But where to start looking? And how does one find love? “You’ll know when you find it.” Kaze-san had said. But how would she know?

    He sat silent. She turned to him and asked: “Found her?” “Not so much,” he answered. “I keep getting flares of power.” “And…” she said. “His little princess is still too weak and doesn’t remember anything.” That blew her away! “Are you serious?!?” she snapped.

    “Hai.” he answered. “Memory is wiped clean!” *She facevaluts* “Damnit!” she yelled. “Why the fuck is this so damn hard?!? Shit!” He tittered quietly. She caught it sharply. The demonic lady grew pissed instantly.

    “What the hell is so damn funny?!?” she snapped. He stopped giggling and looked up. “Master never said it would be easy,” he answered. “Otherwise, he would have killed her and her father long ago.” She began pouting again. He began to smile. “She’s so cute when she pouts.” he thought.

    She quickly caught his thought. “Don’t call me cute, you asshole!!!” she snapped. He smirked again. It was clear. She felt the same for him as well. Now if only Sakura would know…

Love’s Melody