Kuro Noose Pt. 2

The light shined hard. Spike kept running towards it. He found it a bit difficult to do so because he had Cherry on his back. She was dead weight on him. But the cowboy just couldn’t leave Cherry there. So Spike had to grin and bear.

Spike looked ahead. The light had grown stronger. Spike felt great about that. This made things easier. The only hope was that Sakura was all right. If not, things would be ugly.

Then, it struck again. Spike’s shoulder pain returned. This time it was much worse. This was four times now. What was going on?

Spike grabbed his shoulder and ran faster. He couldn’t slow down for Cherry or his pains. Sakura needed him now. He couldn’t weaken now. The cowboy had to save her.

Katsuko’s mansion, things grew worse. “Kawa!” the child genius yelled. The ghost-chan was still out. “Kawa-chan!” his sis yelled. “I see the ocean…” Kawa mumbled. “The ocean?” Katsuko asked. There was no answer.

Katsuko sat dumbfound. What caused this daze? She decided to find out.

The kid booted up her laptop. She quickly got on-line. Katsuko pulled up the last two sites she book marked. The kid quickly opened the fourth web page.

The site was about Sakura’s power. So far, it was just typical. But then, another twist came.

Sakura was subconsciously stronger than expected. Too strong at that. The tenshi-chi had rare abilities as well.

Since she had no spirit key, Sakura had no power limit. This was a double edge sword due to character. If the tenshi-chi stayed pure, her power could be used for good. If she fell, that would be trouble. No wonder Yuji coveted her so.

And there was something else too. Sakura’s power could control other mystics. Her dreamlike waves could put them in a daze too.

Right then, Katsuko had her answer! Kawa, Cherry, and possibly others were under Sakura’s power right now. This could be dangerous. Katsuko had to tell Spike quickly.

Katsuko got on her communicator. But ironically, the lines were down. She kept trying, only in vain. Katsuko felt sick. This was all grim. Sakura could even put technology out. Spike had to destroy Sakura’s seventh chaka and fast. Or all of Mars would go under.

After thirty minutes of looking, Spike finally found the building. It looked like a light show. The cowboy clinched his teeth in pain. He couldn’t give up now. Sakura needed him.

Spike’s shoulder pain grew sharper. He grabbed it tightly. “I can’t give up!” the cowboy thought. “Sakura needs me now!” Spike picked up the pace, opened the door, and ran straight up the stairs to Yuji’s apartment.

Hurry Cowboy!