Dream World

Spike opened the door quickly. He found Sakura at long last. She was unharmed. Out in a daze, but unharmed none of the less. Spike relaxed as he sat Cherry on the ground. He didn’t have to kill anyone after all!

Then, Sakura turned to the cowboy. Spike suddenly gained a cold feeling over him. Was this… fear? “You!” Kaze-san spoke through Sakura. Spike stared at her. This wasn’t Sakura. But where was she?

“You.” Kaze-san said again through Sakura. “Are you him?” Spike was nervous. What was this woman talking about?

Sakura floated closer. “You must be him.” she said. The tenshi-chi put her arms around him. “Because if you are,” she said. “You can touch me.” Then Sakura took Spike by the wrist and moved his hand between her legs to her entry. Spike’s heart skipped a beat. Strangely, he wanted this! Yes. The cowboy wanted this so badly it drove him crazy.

Sakura gave him a soft smile. Spike began to relax. His Sakura was coming back. His Sakura, not that…. that…. that woman.

Sakura began to move her lips softly. Spike tried to make out the words they were forming in vain. Her voice was too weak to human ears. Then, a bright pink light formed around them. The cowboy found himself sinking into a dreamlike daze. Then, it slowly went black.

When he awoke, Spike found himself in a paradise. Everything was beautiful. Cherry trees were in full bloom with their pink petals. The grass was lush and green. A small waterfall ran into a crystal blue lake. Butterflies were flying around lovely white roses. Oh, this was truly heaven!

Spike looked around. He found Sakura sitting under a cherry blossom tree. She was dressed in her pink kimono and burgundy obi. She really looked like a goddess now. Spike found himself turned on again.

“Spike, my darling.” Sakura spoke up. The cowboy snapped out of his fantasies of her. The tenshi-chi rose to her feet. She moved closer to him. Spike parted his lips to speak but Sakura lightly placed her finger to them.

“Don’t speak, my love,” the tenshi-chi murmured. “Just enjoy our paradise together.” Then, Sakura moved her finger away as Spike closed his mouth. Our paradise together. The words flowed into his ears like honey. This was their paradise.

Sakura moved Spike’s hand to her breast. His desires raced as he felt her heart beating. “My heart beats with love for you.” she said softly. Spike let his hand go limp against her breast. He didn’t want her to let go of his wrist. The cowboy wanted to touch her in any way. Spike not only wanted to make love to her, he wanted to love her. He wanted to protect her. Yes. Spike needed Sakura and she needed him.

Then, Sakura lightly kissed the cowboy on the lips. This sealed the blissful deal. Spike just had to have the tenshi-chi no matter what. He kissed back ardently. This was too perfect. Spike wished this moment in this paradise could last forever. But he knew it couldn’t. So the cowboy decided to enjoy while they still could.

After a few moments in heaven, Spike and Sakura returned to reality. The chaos had died down some. Spike stood quiet. Were his feelings for Sakura real or part of their dream? They sure felt real…

“You came for me!” Sakura exclaimed as she hugged Spike wildly. “I knew you would…” Then the tenshi-chi collapsed into his arms. Spike gave her a little smile. “Yes, I did.” he said. “Yes, I did.”

Then, Spike heard footsteps. He looked up to see Jet panting for air due to running. “Oh, you’re here.” Spike said calmly.

See You in Space Tenshi…