*Dream starts*

    Spike sat up on the couch. Not much to do today. He would sleep on a day like this but he wasn’t tired. Jet hadn’t gotten back from grocery shopping. Time was dragging like molasses. “I’m bored.” Spike thought. Then the door flew open. “Finally!” Spike thought as he looked up. But to his shock, Molly was standing in the doorway. She was dressed into her priestess robes and looked heart broken with tears. Spike was confused. “Molly.” he said. “What are you doing here? Is something wrong? Did some boys harass you?” She didn’t answer. The girl just collapsed and hugged him close. Now Spike was really lost. “Molly?” he asked. There was iie answer.

    Then Molly took Spike’s right hand down into her shirt. Her breasts were soft and warm. The cowboy grew bright red. “Hold me like this, Onii-san.” Molly said at last. Spike didn’t know what to say. What had gotten into her? And what was going on?

    Then the scene changed. They were now in a field. Gold was everywhere. Spike looked around. Now this was really confusing. Up ahead, he saw a woman. Her hair was long, blonde, and flowing. Spike looked harder. The woman slowly turned. Spike grew shocked. “Julia?” he asked. It was true. Julia was standing before him. What was going? Spike looked to his right. Ume was sitting there eyeing him. She looked like a queen in her lacy night underwear. Spike looked behind him. Another woman was staring at him. She looked like a tenshi with flowing white hair and red eyes. But she looked sad.

    Spike looked around stunned. What was all of this? “Choose me!” all four women exclaimed. The cowboy was now shocked and confused. He fell to the floor.

    Spike looked up while lying down. A pink bunny was standing over him. It had big black holes for eyes and two great white tenshi wings. “ Are you him?” it asked. “Or is there another like you?” Spike was too pale to speak. “Well,” the rabbit said. “Answer me Spike.”

    *End of Dream*


    “Spike?” a voice asked. The cowboy slowly awoke. He saw Sakura in her chibi form. “Sakura?” Spike asked. “What happened to you?” Sakura smiled. “This is normal of me.” she said. “Sometimes when my strength is gone, I shrink.” Spike just looked at her. “Uh-huh.” he said. “I’ll grow back later.” the tenshi-chi concluded with a grin. Spike kept looking. “Uh-huh.” he said again.

    The day was normal. Everything seemed calm. And…. There was a finance problem. Hai! The crew on Bebop was short on money. T.J. and Spike had just found out when they were totaling up the prices of the necessities. “Crap!” Spike yelled. “Where the fuck am I going to get this money?!?” T.J. sighed. “Dunno,” he began. “The bounties have been low lately.” Spike glared at him crossly. “Well it’s true.” T.J. said. The cowboy flopped back. T.J. just sat still.

    “Sumimasen.” a voice spoke up. The boys looked up. Sakura in the doorway. She had grown back to her full size and was wearing a sugar pink kimono with a burgundy obi. The tenshi-chi was like an early spring to a cold harsh winter. T.J. and Spike were staring. “I can help.” Sakura said. “I’ll get a job.” The boys’ eyes grew big. “Wha?” T.J. asked. “I want to get a job.” Sakura said. Silence was in the room. “Naze?” Spike asked. “I want to help you, Spike.” she said. Silence again. T.J. nudged the cowboy. Spike turned to him. “Let her work.” T.J. said. Spike eyed him. “But…” he said. T.J. shushed him. “It will good for her.” he said. Spike paused for a moment. Then said: “All right, fine.” T.J. smiled. “Good boy.” he said. Then he patted the cowboy on the shoulder. They turned to Sakura.

    “You can work.” Spike said. The tenshi-chi was excited. “But,” said T.J. “We’ll have to make you a resume.” Sakura was confused. “What’s a resume?” she asked. T.J. paused. Then said: “Just come with me.” The man got up headed to the back room. Sakura followed behind. Spike sat still. “You too Spike!!!” T.J. called. The cowboy sighed and complied.

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