Death Waltz Pt. 2

Here Spike was with the gun in his hand pointed at Sakura who was on her knees waiting to die. “All I have to do is pull the trigger and it’s over.” Spike thought. “But… why can’t I do it? Why?” Was it love? It couldn’t be, could it? Did Spike love Sakura too much to kill her? Was that it? Was it?

Spike finally lowered the gun and dropped it. Sakura opened her eyes when she heard him do so. Spike stood tall before her. “I’m sorry Sakura,” said he. “I can’t do it, I just can’t.”

“Aw, that’s a shame!” a voice cackled. The pair turned. KuroSakura was stepping out of the shadows into the moonlight. Vicious followed behind. Spike’s anger awoke once again.

“Because that would have been less work for me.” KuroSakura went on. “Oh well, looks like I’ll have to slay you both now!” Spike just rolled his eyes. Sakura stepped up to the cowboy. “Head back to the ship.” Spike whispered to her. “But Spike,” the tenshi-chi began. “What about you?” “I’ll by fine.” Spike replied. “Just go on!” Sakura nodded and began walking away quickly.

KuroSakura leapt forward and drew out her kantana. Spike put up his gun at her. The oni-chi smirked.

“A Judas II, I see.” she acknowledged. “Very good defense choice, but just not good enough!” Then KuroSakura sailed forward and raised her sword high. Spike began firing at will. The oni-chi dodged the first three shots. KuroSakura blocked the next five shots with her kantana. “Shit!” Spike thought as he kept his focus.

Then, bang! The cowboy felt a shot pain in left arm. He looked up. Vicious stood by grinning. He had a small pistol in his hand. The cowboy quickly caught on. His former ally had shot him with a minor poison bullet.

“Damn you Vicious!” Spike hissed. His rival just snickered. KuroSakura just continued her attacks.

Sakura peeked up from the huge stones. She didn’t really run back to Swordfish. She couldn’t abandon Spike. The tenshi-chi watched on in despair. Spike was getting beaten. “Spike…” she thought. Sakura wished she could help. But she didn’t know how to…

Suddenly, Sakura fell into another daze. She felt her soul rise to the night sky. Her own angel wings seized her tightly.

KuroSakura was bout to finish Spike off when she sensed something. The oni-chi looked up to the sky. Her fears skyrocketed. A pink light was shining strongly in the sky. It was crashing down like a missile.

“Not again!!!” KuroSakura cried. The light crashed down hard to the ground. Spike looked up and saw Sakura holding him close to her. She had the sweetest face he had ever seen. “Sakura…” the cowboy mumbled. The tenshi-chi lightly put her finger to his lips and smiled. “Easy now Spike.” she whispered. “You’ve put up a good fight. I’ll take it from here.” Spike eased up. The tenshi-chi continued healing him.

Moments later, Spike awoke again. Sakura stood over him smiling. “Oh, it’s you.” the cowboy said. The tenshi-chi just nodded.

“Oh, and Sakura.” Spike said when he got to his feet. “Yes?” she asked. “Never mention a word of this to anyone, okay.” the cowboy requested. “K.” the tenshi-chi said. Then the pair headed back to Swordfish.

On the way home, Sakura slept beside Spike. He just let her do so. “I guess you deserve it.” he thought to her. “You did save me after all.

Swordfish made it back to Bebop by morning. Spike found his possessions out on the front. “What the hell is this?” the cowboy thought. He saw Ed and Cherry sitting in the front as well. They didn’t look happy to see him.

“Hey,” Spike said bewildered. “What is this?” “Murderer!” Ed yelled. “Get away from here!” Cherry screamed. Spike quickly found why the girls were being harsh. “They think I killed Sakura.” he thought. The cowboy began snickering. Ed and Cherry’s anger flared. “STOP THAT!!” they yelled. Spike kept laughing.

“Spike.” Sakura said as she climbed out of Swordfish. “What’s going on?” Spike stopped laughing and turned to her. Ed and Cherry were shocked. Sakura Tenshi was alive!

Cherry and Ed threw themselves at Spike’s feet. “We’re sorry!” Ed yelled. “We thought you killed her! Please forgive us!” Cherry cried. The cowboy just smirked. “Yeah, whatever.” he said. The kids were overjoyed. They thanked him over and over again.

Spike may have won his first hardship, but there was more to come!

See You in Space Cowboy…