AP English Pt. II

    Welcome to AP English Pt. II. Read and Enjoy!

Volume One:

Rated OT+:

    Chapter one: Dark Wanderer
Spike.... as a poor wanderer?

    Chapter two: Virus
The supernatural come down with a deadly virus. Sakura gets it as well. Spike is told to heal her the same way her saved her from doom.

    Chapter three: Cupid
Cherry has the virus inside of her and it's driving her to kill Sakura. T.J.: Look out!

    Chapter four: Data Truth
Ed and Fuji show Spike the secret about the shin heart.

    Chapter five: Court Case
Ume has a lawsuit filed against her by Isama-san's family. But the sensei isn't afraid to defend herself anymore.

    Chapter six: Sisters' Day
Sakura begs Faye to hang out with her for the day. Faye says no at first but the tenshi-chi wins out.

    Chapter seven: Mate
Foxtrot finds a new real love. Only, he's a young boy. Can the kitsune oni control herself to make it work?

    Chapter eight: Old Friend
KuroSakura returns to finish her mission, kill Spike and her sister.

    Chapter nine: Hard Case
Day 2 of Ume's case and Jet is supporting her all the way.

    Chapter ten: Thorn Bara
Mandy falls in love with an American-Japanese vampire and keeps it secret.

    Chapter eleven: My Guardian
Kaze-san is summoned to protect Sakura again. This may be her last job.

    Chapter twelve: Pet
Ed and Cherry look for a present for Sakura. They find a fuzzy little friend.


Volume Two:

Rated OT:

    Chapter thirteen: Aijin Pt. 1
Julia reappears into Spike's life and seems to be taking him away from Sakura. The tenshi-chi's shin heart seems to be activating. Trouble starts brewing.

    Chapter fourteen: Aijin Pt. 2
Now Spike must choose between Julia and Sakura for his true love.

    Chapter fifteen: Lovely Fighter
Motoko appears and keeps on fighting Spike. But what's the motive?

    Chapter sixteen: Hell Fight
Motoko battles Spike again to test Amadeus. Only the tenshi wants to fight in his reincarnation form.

    Chapter seventeen: The Hikari is Shone
The interns discover Mandy and Quent together one night. Now they have to explain everything.

    Chapter eighteen: Stalker Tenshi
The tenshi administrators have been spying on Sakura because of her Shin heart They have decided to destroy it.

    Chapter nineteen: Crow Fight
Vicious kidnaps Sakura and holds her hostage to make Spike fight him in order to get her back.

    Chapter twenty: Legacy Pt. 1
Spike and Motoko have their last battle together. But naze does Motoko keep fighting the reincarnation?

    Chapter twenty-one: Legacy Pt. 2
As the fight drags on, Spike inherits Amadeus' ichi most powerful gift.

    Chapter twenty-two: Foxy's Date
Foxtrot goes on her date with her new boyfriend. Can she still control herself and her desires?

    Chapter twenty-three: Judgment Day
The last day of Ume's trial. Jet, her class, co-workers, and boss are watching every single second of it.

    Chapter twenty-four: Tenshi Fighter
Frankie, a fighter tenshi-chi, has been made by the tenshi administrators to destroy Sakura and her shin heart.

Volume Three:

Rated OT+:

    Chapter twenty-five: 2nd Child
Sakura and Frankie battle each other. During the fight, Spike and Sakura both find something really interesting.

    Chapter twenty-six: That's Not Fair!
Sakura "kidnaps" Spike and takes her to the town fair. But nani's this? Frankie is spying on them. But someone else is spying on them too. But naze?

    Chapter twenty-seven: Love Me
Spike is bored and Sakura is lonely. T.J.: Put two and two together! *Snicker*

    Chapter twenty-eight: Nurse's Helper
Frankie spies on Spike and Sakura and ends helping the tenshi0chi on her job.

    Chapter twenty-nine: Haven
Sakura takes Spike to their sanctuary for the first time.

    Chapter thirty: Box
Sakura falls under a daze spell by another oni. For what cause?

    Chapter thirty-one: Beach Story
Spike and co. go to the beach.

    Chapter thirty-two: Muse
Kaze-san and her old hand-maiden explain the truth about the shin heart.

    Chapter thirty-three: Tenshi Gift
Amanda meets Soot on the beach again in years.

    Chapter thirty-four: The Score
Frankie goes off and trains in secret to defeat Sakura for good. But someone follows her...

    Chapter thirty-five: The Shiro Tenshi
Lucifer sends a ghost out to capture Spike and take him to headquarters.

    Chapter thirty-six: Sabotage
The shiro tenshi tries to convince Spike to take Sakura's shin heart out of her body.

Volume Four:

Rated OT+:

    Chapter thirty-seven: Fallen Angel
At long last, Sakura's shin heart activates and the tenshi-chi starts to change....

    Chapter thirty-eight: Borderline
Apparently, Sakura is caught between the darkness and the light. But the tenshi administrators don't seem to care.

    Chapter thirty-nine: 2nd Prophecy
Kaze-san and Pancha find another prophecy in another scroll letter by Amadeus while he was in battle.

    Chapter forty: Long Night
Tonight begins the long battle that could change everything-- forever.

    Chapter forty-one: Tempest
Amadeus awakes again and rescues Sakura. But then the moment of truth begins.

    Chapter forty-two: Aftermath
The day after the fallen night.