Poker Queens

“Sakura!” a voice called to the tenshi-chi. “SAKURA!!!” The tenshi-chi nurse jerked her head up and turned around. Shoji was huddled over her. The doctor looked concerned for her.

“Hai san?” Sakura replied at last. Shoji eased up in joy. “Oh good,” he said. “You’re all right!” Sakura herself was concerned. “Is there a problem?” she asked softly. “Aw, of course not!” Shoji spoke up. “Just wanted to know where you were.” “Okay.” the tenshi-chi said. The doctor chuckled.

“You need to get back,” Shoji said seriously. “The children miss you.” “K.” the tenshi-chi said. Then Shoji helped her up and walked her back to the lobby.

Zen paused and sat back. She turned around. “It’s gone again, right?” she asked. Her partner nodded. “Shit!!!” she yelled. “Now, now.” Zen said softly. “It’s too early to attack, Vita.” Vita turned sharply to him. “Too early?!?” she shrieked. “Too early?!?” Zen nodded quietly with a smile. Vita’s wrath shot up. Zen’s patience always was a gadfly to her. Always had, always will.

Sakura’s day was fairly easy. The children enjoyed her company to the fullest. Sakura enjoyed them as well. Their smiles were the best.

Sakura felt worn out by evening. Home was a good idea to her. Especially since Spike was there. Ah Spike. He gave her a warm feeling in her heart. She always longed to be him no matter what. She couldn’t explain why, but Spike’s presence brought her happiness.

Sakura’s walk was peaceful for she had Spike to think about. The night was so clear. The nightlife was in full effect. Soon, Sakura would be part of that nightlife.

The tenshi-chi made it back to the Bebop. She was glad to be home. Especially since Spike was there. Sakura couldn’t wait to see him again.

She quickly opened the door. Faye stood waiting in the hall. Sakura paused as she approached her. “Hi Faye-sama…” the tenshi-chi said. “Hey there,” Faye said. Sakura was confused.

“Come on!” Faye exclaimed. “Where?” Sakura asked. Her mentor grinned. “To the casino.” she said. The tenshi-chi was confused again. “But I don’t….” she began. “I know!” Faye cut in. “you’re going to be a good luck charm!” Then the bounty huntress grabbed Sakura before she say another word and rushed to the Redtail.

Zen looked up again. “She’s moving.” he said. Vita looked up. “Which direction?” she asked. Her companion paused for a moment. “Minami.” he answered. Vita grinned. “Excellent!” she exclaimed. Then the demonic lady leapt off the building. Zen smirked. “Typical of you, my love.” he said. Then he stood up and proceed her.

The Redtail landed in front of King Jack. King Jack was a new casino. It was the mother of all casinos. All bright and lit up. It was like Vegas.

Sakura was in awl. Faye smiled in pride. “Found it yesterday.” she said. Sakura kept silent. She was too stunned for words. Faye took Sakura by the arm and her inside.

Nightlife was well awake in King Jack. The sounds and music blared loud. Players were gambling away. Oh yeah! Nightlife ruled in here!

Outside, Vita landed on the roof. She looked around. The demonic lady paced a bit. Finally, she saw him. Zen sailed towards her and landed. “You’re late!” Vita snapped. Her companion smirked. “I’m here, aren’t I?” asked he. Vita kept quiet. “That’s true.” she mumbled. Zen sat down on the roof.

Sakura stood near the entry. She felt out of place here. Gambling and wild partying weren’t for her. So why was she here?

Faye slowly approached the tenshi-chi. Sakura looked up. “Hai?” she asked. “Come on!” the bounty huntress playfully demanded. “But,” Sakura began. “I don’t belong here.” Faye stepped closer. “Nonsense,” said she. “You’ll fit in perfectly!”

“You think so?” Sakura asked. Faye nodded. Then she grabbed the tenshi-chi by the arm. “Now come on!” the bounty huntress said. Then she dragged Sakura to the action.

As the ladies walked through, guys were staring at them with a lustful hunger. Especially at Sakura and how her long dark blue Chinese-style dress tightly fitted on her breasts, waist, hips, and bottom. The guys looked ready to pounce onto her and eat her alive. Sakura felt uncomfortable about how these sexist sharks eyed her.

“Faye-sama.” the tenshi-chi murmured in her mentor’s ear. “What is it?” Faye asked her. “I don’t like how these men stare at me.” Sakura whispered. “Pay them no mind.” Faye whispered back. Sakura looked around. The perves were still staring at her. “Okay…” the tenshi-chi said meekly. Faye smiled quietly. The girls processed on.

Faye and Sakura came to a poker table. The guys were finishing up a game there. The ladies observed quietly. The dealer looked up. “Evening ladies.” said he to Sakura and Faye. “Hi.” Sakura said shyly. “Hey John!” Faye exclaimed. John grinned.

“We’re almost done here,” John said with a grin. “Bout to start a new game.” Faye grinned. “Sweet!” she said. John looked to Faye’s left. Sakura stood silent. “Oh,” John began. “And who’s your friend?” Faye grinned with pride. “She’s just watching me play.” the bounty huntress answered. “Ah, I see.” the dealer said. Faye grinned.

Once the game was over, the wise players left the table. But the thickheaded ones proudly stayed. Faye sat down at the first chair she saw. Sakura stood behind her. Guys stared harder at her. The tenshi-chi felt her back turning red quickly.

Three more guys joined the table and the game began. Faye was grinning like a fox. Tonight, she had a secret weapon.

A couple of the players couldn’t focus. They were staring at Sakura’s breasts. Fantasies danced in their heads. The tenshi-chi heard them well.

I’d like to take her home for the night.” one guy thought. “Damn she’s hot!” another thought. “Is she single?” a third played thought. Sakura’s fear poured in quietly. But she dared not to show it. She has to let them have their fantasies. Faye grinned quietly. The plan had just begun.

For the first eight turns, Faye was winning. The other players were distracted by Sakura’s beauty. The poker table had drawn a huge crowd now. Only John knew Faye’s secret weapon for he saw it the second the bounty huntress walked to him.

Faye’s plot was Sakura. Hai people! Sakura was the secret weapon tonight! You see, Sakura had evolved into an A-list vixen. She was so foxy that even a gay man would try to be straight just to get her. Faye saw this and decided to use this to her advantage.

“Zen.” Vita spoke up. Her companion was lying down asleep. “Hey!” she yelled. Silence. Vita’s temper died away. She raced to Zen and jumped down on his stomach. Zen awoke with a loud grunt.

“I said, ‘Hey!’!” Vita hissed. Zen smiled and tittered. His panther’s face reddened. “What the hell is so damn funny?!?” she snapped. Zen stopped laughing and looked up. “You always amuse me.” he said. Vita glared at him.

“What’s the rush, firecracker?” Zen asked. “We’ve got all of the time in the world.” “How so?!?” Vita snapped. “Well,” her companion began. “We don’t know where he is and we don’t have any real clues. So…”

Vita thought about it for a moment. Then said: “True, true.” Zen smiled. “So, what’s the point of attacking now?” he asked. “It’s better to relax now and wait.” Vita lied down on him and went to sleep. Zen smiled as he watched her. “Yes,” he thought. “Just rest love, and I’ll keep watch over everything.

By the end of ten games, Faye was filthy stinking rich in poker chips. By game six, Sakura caught onto the truth. However, she decided to keep quiet about the whole thing to keep Faye happy. John kept quiet as well. “Lucky tonight, eh Faye?” the dealer asked her. “Yep,” she said. “Sure am!” Sakura breathed hard and silent. She did so as Faye cashed in her chips and got money for them.

“Faye-sama,” Sakura spoke up when they were in the Redtail. “Hm?” the bounty huntress replied. “I have a question.” the tenshi-chi said. Faye said nothing. “Did you cheat?” Sakura asked. “Of course not!” her mentor exclaimed. “Naze?” Sakura drew in a deep breath. “Well,” she began. “You knew guys would stare at me completely and you just took me along just to win.”

Faye smirked. “Honey,” she began. “There just some times you have to break the rules.” And the rest of the ride was silent.

Sakura was dumbfounded. First Foxtrot and Kuroito. Now Faye. She just didn’t get this thing called immorality.

See You in Space Tenshi…