Kurai Waltz

Night huddled over the city tightly. Lights cried out to the sky. They waited on the rooftop. She sat on the edge and he sat near the stairs asleep. So far, there was nothing. They hadn’t taken any action what so ever. She had had it! She wanted action.

“You’re tense.” he spoke up. She turned to him sharply. She was annoyed by him. “How can you sit there so calmly?” she hissed. He looked up at her in peace. “How do you mean Vita?” he asked in a low voice. Vita rose to feet and marched over to him. She looked him dead in the eye.

“I mean, Zen,” Vita hissed. “Why are we sitting around doing nothing? What is the point of this?” Zen just snickered. Vita’s annoyance spiked. “What the hell is so damn funny Zen?!?” she snapped. He looked up at her. He was smiling.

“Now, now.” Zen spoke up. “This is typical of you. You always rush into things. That may be good for some strategies but in cases like this, time is a serious element. It’s better to wait.” Vita wasn’t satisfied. “There are times you make perfect sense,” she spoke. “And there are other times, like right now, where you talk absolute rubbish.” Zen kept smiling. “It’ll all make sense to you in time.” He replied. Vita just frowned at him.

Vita sat straight on his lap. “What is the point of this mission again?” she asked in boredom. Zen got into enlightenment mood. “We are scouting and locating Amadeus.” he explained. “It has been rumored that he has been reincarnated and living here.” Vita slowly took in the information. “And how does she come into play?” she asked. “Simple.” Zen replied. “She is his blood and heir. And she’s the only strong clue we have to locate Amadeus with.”

Now, it all made sense. “So, Sakura is the key to find him.” Vita said in revelation. “The stronger she goes, the easier she’ll be to find.” “And when she’s under our grasp, Amadeus will be drawn out.” Zen concluded.

All of the pieces were almost all together. But one thing just didn’t sit well with her. “Zen,” Vita spoke up. “Hm?” the demon asked. “Why is master so interested in this legend? What could he probably gain from this? What does he plan to do with Amadeus and Sakura?” Zen smiled again. “We aren’t to know that.” he replied. “We are only to spy and gather information.” Vita sat back and pouted. She almost had him once again.

Then, Zen became sick and pale. Vita grew worried. “Zen, what’s wrong?” she asked. “Someone’s trying to hack into my mind!” the demon forced out in pain. His partner panicked in silence as his pain increased dramatically. His stats seriously took a dive for the worst. Vita had to do something fast or Zen would die.

Vita overcame her fear and grabbed Zen by the chest tightly. Her nails sank deep into his rapidly pounding heart. “Don’t worry, Zen-kun!” Vita yelled out. “I’ll drive them out!!!” She focused her energy on the pounding heart. The pressure multiplied rapidly.

In his room, Kawa was experiencing some violent difficulties. He was probing Hell’s database when he got a forceful error. It was shocking his body and he was getting killer headaches. His own energy was being crushed and turned. The ghost-chan’s heart was about to burst out of his chest in a violent rage.

I just about have the intruder! Bare with me Zen-kun!” Vita thought. Hell’s database tried to do so. Vita finally gave the heart one burst. Kawa fell straight to the carpet out cold. A small flow of blood came out of his mouth.

Vita sat back panting. Zen sat up smiling. “Aw,” he cooed. “You almost killed a mystic just to save little old me. How sweet!” Vita looked away blushing in stubbornness. “Don’t be ridiculous!” she snapped. “I was just doing my duty to protect you!” Zen just tried not to laugh at his confused little guardian.

“I may not be able to tell you why Lucifer want to find Amadeus so badly.” Zen went on. “But I will say this.” Vita turned to him and leaned in close. “Let’s just say all is at stake if Lucifer finds him.” Zen said softly.

Bet Your Life