Bits of the Past
    “Mail!” Ed yelled. “Mail! Mail!” She was running around with scroll in her hand. The scroll was light pink and held together with a thin crimson ribbon. Spike just looked up at Ed. his eyes wandered to the scroll. “Nani the hell is that thing?” he thought. The cowboy was looking closely. Then Sakura hurried into the room. “Nani’s going on?” she asked. “Tenshi-lady!!!!” Ed yelled. “You have mail!!!!” Sakura’s eyes lit up. “From who?” she asked. “Doesn’t say!” the hacker exclaimed. Sakura was frantic. “Can I have it?!?” she asked quickly. Ed handed her the scroll and the tenshi-chi flew off.

    “Spike-Spike!” Ed yelled. “Nani?” he asked bitterly. “Katsu-sama has a message for you!” the hacker exclaimed. Spike’s head jerked up. “Nani do you mean?” he asked. “Here!” she exclaimed as she handed him the disk card. An image of Katsuko came up. “Spiegel-san,” she said. “I need to see you this afternoon. It’s about Sakura.” Spike listened to the whole thing. Then the image disappeared. “Got it Spike-Spike?” Ed asked. The cowboy didn’t answer. He just grabbed his jacket and ran out to the Swordfish. “I guess so.” Ed said.

    Sakura had flew off to Spike’s room and sat on the bed. Who could this be from? There was only ichi way to find out. The tenshi-chi drew in a deep breath and went for the crimson string. Her hands trembled as she pulled the tight knot apart. The scent of sakuras greeted Sakura as the scroll unrolled to her lap. “So familiar…” she thought. Then she began to read the wine aka characters. This is nani it read:

        My little lass:

        You may not remember me at all. That’s okay. I don’t remember anything either. Anyway, I am still alive. You must not give up hope. Be strong. I will come back to you soon. Hold on to your strength, aiko. I love you. Be good for me. These people will take good care of you. So dozo, don’t run away. I love you. We will be together again soon.


    “Together…” Sakura thought. “Together…” A warm feeling entered her.

    Spike met it to Woody’s as Katsuko said they would meet. The restaurant was crowded. How the hell was he supposed to find that child genius in this crowd of children?

    “Hey Spiegel-san!” a small voice yelled. Spike looked and saw a skinny pale arm waving in the air. The cowboy battled his way to her. He finally made it to her. Katsuko looked like a porcelain doll in her yellow natsu dress and her kuro locks tied back into a ponytail.

    “You wanted to see me?” Spike asked. “Hai.” said Katsuko. Then she reached into her tiny pockets. “Someone sent me this this morning,” the girl said. Katsuko pulled out a photograph and laid it on the counter. “Nani the….hell?!?” he asked.

    The picture had a girl that looked a lot like Sakura in it. She looked like she was five or six years old. The girl was lying over a gray fire in a dark background. She had on kuro robes and she looked dead. “Is that….Sakura?!?” Spike asked at last. “It could be.” Katsuko answered. He looked at the picture again and then at her. “Who sent it to you?” the cowboy asked. “I don’t know,” the girl said. “The e-mail address on it was a fake.” Spike just looked at her. “How can you be sure it’s a fake?” he asked. Katsuko just sighed and hung his head. This was going nowhere.

    It was late when Spike returned to the Bebop. All of the lights were out…

    “Oro?” Spike thought. “Nani’s that hikari coming from my room?” Like a fly to the bug zapper, Spike walked to the glowing aurora. He found Sakura sitting on his bed. The scroll in her hands was glowing and she was out in a daze. Spike slowly approached her from behind. He hesitated at first. Even trembling. “Naze am I afraid?” he thought.

    Finally, Spike got his strength back and processed. He quickly grabbed her on the shoulder. Sakura came back to life and jerked around. “Oro?” she asked. Spike just eyed her. Neither said a word.

    “Are you okay?” Spike asked at last. Sakura nodded. “Oh, good.” the cowboy said. Then he let go of her and started to head off. “Ama-de-us.” Sakura said at last. Spike in his tracks and turned to her. She was standing still. “Nani?” the cowboy asked. “Amadeus.” the tenshi-chi said again. Spike rushed to her. “Is that who you’re looking for?” he asked. “I don’t know.” Sakura answered. Spike hung his head again. This was really going nowhere!

See you in Space Cowboy!