Cherry still sat at the window. She was in a sea of worry. “I hope Sakura’s okay.” she thought. The cupid-chan shuddered at the thought of anything bad happening to her.

Cherry heard footsteps in the distance. She slowly turned to the sound. Ed stood in the doorway. She looked forlorn. The cupid-chan was taken-aback. This was the first time she ever saw the hacker sad like this.

Cherry flew to Ed slowly. “I know how you feel.” she murmured. The cupid-chan could see into Ed’s eyes. They were flooded with worry and despair. That was an advantage of mystics over humans. They could see into the hearts and souls of humans through their eyes.

Ed felt like crying again. Cherry sensed it. “Come sit with me at the window.” she said serenely. The hacker nodded as her eyes welled up with tears. Cherry walked Ed to the window. The girls sat down quietly.

“Cherry-Cherry.” the hacker whimpered out. The cupid-chan looked up. “Hm?” she asked. Tears were ready to spill from Ed’s eyes. Cherry herself felt pitiful all over again.

“Will tenshi-lady come home?” Ed asked as she fought back her tears. This really moved the cupid-chan. How can she answer if she herself didn’t know? Well, here goes.

Cherry sucked in a mouthful of air. She shut her eyes tightly and gathered up her courage.

“I don’t know,” the cupid-chan spoke up. “But I won’t give up hope!” Ed finally broke down and cried. She leaned on Cherry’s shoulder and cried. The cupid-chan felt weak. Cherry looked to the ceiling. “This is going to be a long night!” she thought.

See You in Space Cupid