Heaven and Hell

Spike sat alone in the dark room. He felt cold and numb all of the sudden. He had walked straight into a great white elephant. Sakura’s fate sat strongly in his hands. He could save her life or let her be doomed in the hands of a possible battle between angels and demons. And not only her fate, but Mars’s entire fate as well. All he had to do was sleep with her. But, what about the past? Was he Sakura’s father? Is that why he couldn’t ever show his affection to the tenshi-chi? How could he rise above this “taboo?” Could he even try? How would he feel about her afterwards? Would she be his forever or just be another one-night stand with a pretty face? Well, whatever the outcome was, he had to act fast. Time, Heaven, and Hell had now become the enemy.

Meanwhile, Vita flew in fierce anger. There was no way that she was going to let the pigs take Sakura back alive. “Hell no! I’m letting that happen!” the demon thought. “Fuck that!” she flew even faster. At long last, she caught onto their power. “Found them!” she in angry ambition. Then, Vita sailed to the Angel Administrators energy source. She found them an abandoned field. The demon paused in the air over them. “Yep! It’s the pigs alright!” Vita thought. Right then, she had a plan of attack. The demon dove straight down to the administrators.

The top official suddenly sensed something above them. “What’s wrong?” a younger one asked her in concern. “I think we need to scatter.” she said in a low voice. The younger official looked confused at her. “Why?” he asked. The wind became colder. The top official quickly jerked her head up to the sky. The other looked up as well. The sky looked like a black hole. Then, a huge black wave started coming downwards towards them. The top official’s eyes grew big with freight. “Oh shit!” she cried out. “SCATTER!!!!” The officials all ran in different directions. The wave crashed to the ground violently. The top official looked closely into the pouring wave. She instantly saw what and who it was. The angel rose to her feet, held out her hands, and began chanting. The wave suddenly lessened. The other officials watched closely. Their leader’s chanting grew even stronger and louder. Finally, the wave subsided into pure white ash. They all saw Vita sitting there in a mess of cleansed powder. She was shaking herself straight when the demon looked up. She saw all of these angels staring at her. “Aw shit!” Vita said softly to herself. The top official stepped forward.

“A Hell scout,” the top angel official spoke. “How cute!” The demon just kept glaring at the angel. “Just my I ask, are you doing here? Are you alone?” she went on to ask. Vita just became angrier. “That’s none of you business!” she growled. Then, the demon held up her hands and began chanting. The top official put her hands to her sword to counter the coming attack. Vita smirked coldly. “Say your prayers to your Lord!” she barked. Then, she flung her hands forward in a flash. “Cyro Dragon!!!” Vita screamed out. A vast wave of darkness flew out of her hands. The top official drew out her sword and held it out in front of her. She drew in a deep breath and began singing. A light rushed forward towards the black wave. And the battle began.

Zen flew towards the abandoned fields. He followed his girl by her powers. The demon just shook his head and followed the light even more. Zen found them all fighting in an abandoned field. He shook his head again. “It has begun.” the demon thought. “It has begun.” Then, Zen just sat down on the ground and continued to watch.

Back at the Hollyhock Tea House, Spike had finally opened his eyes. He decided to save Sakura no matter what it took. Forget the past! This was the future! And with that, Spike rose to his feet and hurried out of the door. “Hold on Sakura-chan!” the cowboy thought with new ambition. “I’m coming for you!” Then, Spike ran even faster back to the Bebop.

Sakura slowly opened her eyes in her and Spike’s room. Pancha had long been gone. She too had reached a critical decision. “Do you love Spike? Don’t worry, you’ll find the answer soon enough.” Kawa’s words echoed in her head. The tenshi-chi’s eyes became glassy and hazy. She now understood everything. It was all as clear as day for her. “I…” Sakura thought in bliss. “I… I do! I love Spike! I truly love Spike!” Then, a massive light arose all around the young tenshi-chi. It was happening all over again!

The Battle Has Begun