Priestess’s Song

Molly’s cell phone rang wildly on her oak side table in her bedroom. She tried to hang up and go back to sleep but it just kept ringing again and again. “What for Christ sake?” the girl asked in tired annoyance. Molly finally picked up her lime green and sky blue cell phone, dragged it under the light cotton green sheets, and answered it. “Moshi-moshi?” she asked as she was slow to wake up. “Sweetheart!” a man gasped over the other end. Molly groaned pestered “What is it dad?” his daughter asked. “Why did you wake me up in the middle of the night like this? It’s late.” “Sweetheart listen to me,” her father went on. “I don’t know what particularly is going on right now, but just stay inside.” That didn’t key into Molly just yet. “What do you mean?” she asked still half-asleep. “Every mystic in the city has gone frozen and unresponsive.” her father explained. “They are just sit or standing there. Nobody can get them to snap out of it. One of the workers at the company says she keeps hearing the mother singing. But that’s not it. All of the power in the city has shut down for no reason and won’t start up again. Crews are working hard to get the systems back up but it’s no use. They don’t really know what the problem is. Now, rain is pouring hard and fast. Nobody knows what’s going on. So, I just want you to not worry and stay home.” This fully woke up the young priestess. Molly instantly put the pieces together. A mischievous smile came across her sweet face. “He coming at last!” she thought in joy. But it was best not to let daddy dearest know what she was planning to do. “Oh, okay, dad!” the girl said at last. “I’ll stay home.” “Good,” her father said with relief. “I’ll see you when I get home, if I can.” “Alright, love ya, bai!” Molly said. “Bai.” her father said. His daughter blew him a kiss into the receiver and then, they hung up.

Molly sat up in bed with a huge smile on her face. “It’s has come at last!” she exclaimed. Then, the girl leapt out of bed and headed straight to her closet. She grabbed her Shinto priestess garments, flung off her light blue pajamas, and got dressed in her holy uniform. “Stay in for this? Hell naw!” she thought in excitement as she tying up her robes. “The savior is coming at long last!” Once Molly was dressed, she got out her shoulder bag of “holy” items. She looked over everything to see of she was set. “Let’s see, I’ve got the candles, the incense, my bamboo stick, dad’s best lighter, anything else?” she mumbled to herself quietly. The young priestess thought about that question for a moment. Then, it came to her in a flash. “My holy scriptures!” Molly gasped out. Then, she crawled over to her bed and felt around for her binder under it. When she found the holy red readings, the priestess grabbed it and stashed it into her tortoise shoulder bag. Molly then grabbed her heavy navy rain cloak and rice hat and put them on. And now, she was ready! The priestess smiled to herself in pride. She was going to get front row seats to the best thing yet! The long-awaited trial had begun. Molly then closed the door behind her and started her journey.

The rain poured on hard in the heavy long night. Molly marched on in pride like a dedicated fan walking to the concert of one of her favorite singers. She held her bag tightly to her side. The key components just couldn’t be damaged by the rain. Molly knew a shortcut to the shrine. Walk straight into the dark alley between the Loser Bar and Keiko’s Tea House, up down there the sewer, keep walking until you can to a dark steel ladder, go up the ladder until you come to the opening, push open the covering and go out through it, once you go out to the open field, hurry across it to the woods, take the stone path to a small stream, cross the stream and continue the path. Molly followed her own shortcut perfectly and came right to her shrine. It was small and made of cold stone and strong wood. The tall thick oak trees above always kept it dry and cool. Molly smiled at the fact it had been undisturbed by any lost wanderers, hikers, or mischievous kids playing pranks and walked straight to it.

Molly took off her cloak and hat and set them on the dirt ground. Then she opened her bag and reached inside. One by one, the priestess laid out her light pink candles upon the brown oak altar that she had fixed up herself last year. She set them easily into the silver candleholders that someone had dropped earlier this year. Molly then set the incense around the candles. She drew out her dad’s best lighter and began lighting the candles and incense. The smell and lights elevated her soul. The priestess pressed her hands together and began praising. “Please let Onii-san find his true identity at long last. And let that tenshi-chi be safe. All of Mars’s fate depends on her surviving. Even though I have been against the supernatural until now, but please spare that tenshi-chi. She means so much to Onii-san. I can see it in his eyes.” Molly said aloud. She was like this all night.

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