Cherry’s Stand

A few moments later, Cherry slowly awoke. She was in her chibi form. The tall gold-walled shield was high all around her. That was a good sign that Kawa’s spell had been successful. Cherry smiled to herself in pride. “We pulled through after all.” she thought. The cupid-chan found that she could barely move or get up. But that wasn’t the worst of her worries. She just had a horrible dream in her endless black trap. It was Spike and Sakura. Mostly about Spike. Cherry dreamed that the cowboy/savior didn’t make it back to the Bebop in time and died from the poison from his shoulder. That sent worry into the cupid-chan’s sweet and weak soul. “Spike’s in trouble!” she thought. “The others are still worn out from using up all of their strength. And I can’t really do much. We’re all doomed!” All looked lost in despair.

But then, Cherry remembered something her old master said before she left Ronahon for the Living Realm. “Remember Cherry,” the sensei said. The Kawaii Kissy Heart Wish is to be used once. So use it for emergencies only. It will also drain you of vast strength. So it is best to make your power stronger through training first and then use it emergencies. Now, hand out.” The little cupid-chan complied. “Right,” the woman said. Then, her sensei held out her hand and began chanting softly. Small pink crystals materialized from the air and formed under her hand really fast. Once a huge pink light had formed, the ball sank into Cherry’s hand so fast that she collapsed down to the cotton candy pink ground. Never in her life had she experience such a force in her life. It was phenomenal! Now the cupid-chan understood why this spell was to be used for emergencies only.

Cherry finally made up her mind. “This is definitely an emergency!” she thought in new strength. “I don’t know how much power I have left, but I have to try in order to save Sakura-sama! It’s all up to me now!” Cherry pushed herself up a little bit and held out her plump chibi arm. “Here goes nothing!” she thought. The cupid-chan drew in a deep breath. “Ai no Eros. Ai no Eros. Ai no Eros.” Cherry began chanting over and over again. In time, those same small pink crystals materialized from the air and formed under her hand really fast. Once they formed into a pink ball of light at her hand, Cherry smiled to herself. “Kawaii Kissy Heart Wish!” she screamed out. Instantly, the light shot straight up to the sky out of her small hand. “Bring my lord back home! He’s in danger! We all are!” the cupid-chan wished. The pink light sailed straight into the sky. Cherry weakly dropped her arm be her side. She panted softly. “I have done it sensei!” she thought. Then, the cupid-chan lost consciousness again.

Meanwhile outside in the now heavy rain, Spike felt a warm light upon his face. He slowly opened his eyes and looked out. A small dragon was floating above him in the air in the rain. It was skinny, long, and light pink. At first, the cowboy thought he was seeing things. He blinked wildly. But the image didn’t change. The dragon was real! Then, its light grew stronger. The cowboy held up hand to shield his eyes from the light. But then, he noticed something strange. The pain in his left shoulder had magically disappeared. Spike slowly rose up to his feet. The dragon was still floating before him. A long pause passed between them. “I don’t understand…” the cowboy said at last. “What do you want from me?” The dragon didn’t say a word. It just slowly started to leave. Spike kept watching. “You want me to follow you?” he asked it. The dragon still said nothing. It just continued flying away. The cowboy just followed the pink creature without any questions.

The dragon led the cowboy all the way back to the Bebop. Right when they came to the door, the pink dragon vanished into thin air. Spike just blinked wildly. What was that all about? How did that thing know to help him get home? Where did it come from? And why did it help him do so? What did it matter? Spike was here now and Sakura would be safe. “Thanks,” the cowboy thought. “What and where ever you are.” Then Spike took in a deep breath and marched straight into the ship. Mystics all over Mars would finally have a shred of hope to survive this long night.

Good Luck, Cowboy