The scent of flowers awoke her. Sakura found herself in a room of white. She sat on a bed of silk sheets. A copper cross was nailed to the wall near the door. A wall wide window reflected Mars at night. “Wher- Where am I?” the tenshi-chi mumbled. “In my guest room.” a voice answered. Sakura turned. A man in his early forties stood in the doorway. He was dressed like a priest with glasses on. He was smiling at her.

“Who are you?” Sakura asked. The man stepped forward. “I am Minister Yuji.” he answered. “I am a priest and a hacker.” The tenshi-chi sat silently. “I know you’re burning with questions.” Yuji began again. “So, I’ll get to it Sakura.” The tenshi-chi stared at him hard. “How do you know my?” she asked. Yuji grinned.

“Weeks ago,” he began. “Katsuko posted a message asked for info on you. You, my dear, are just as I pictured. 500 yet has the physique of a twenty-year-old woman, short pinkish strawberry hair to your shoulders, creamy amber eyes, two great white wings. Mmm. You are better looking in person!”

Sakura was quiet. Was she that mind-blowing? “You are here because I kidnapped you.” the priest went on. “When I read Katsuko’s message about you, my heart was stolen by you! I just had to have you. So here you are.”

Sakura soaked in every word of it. Something still didn’t add up. “Why?” Sakura asked. “Why what?” Yuji questioned. “Why did you kidnap me?” the tenshi-chi asked. “Because,” the priest said as he turned to leave. “You are Amadeus’ daughter.” Then he slammed the door shut.

Sakura sat in silence. “I’m… Amadeus’… daughter?” she thought. Was Amadeus her father?

Sakura lied back down and went to sleep again. But a bitter night was there to greet her with sorrow.

See You in Space Tenshi…