I stood in the shower in a daze. Sage-kun warned me about the judgment of mystics. What did he mean by that? This all came back to Sakura. I hadn’t paid her any mind until now. Did she have anything to do with the judgment? And if so, what was her role?

Then, an icy feeling came over me. Was… Amadeus… coming back?



My mission was not a pretty one. I had worse before but this one topped them all. But why was it? All I had to do was sleep with Sakura and she would be safe. With any other woman, I’d do it and that would be it. But this is Sakura-chan. She’s not some love and leave broad. She’s Sakura. Ahhh! Fuck, my shoulder hurts again! It always stings when I think of that damn mission! What the hell is wrong with me?



I have been searching for any more information on Sakura-sama for days. I have had no luck what so ever. She seems to be heaven’s best-kept secret. But for what purpose? Is she some powerful weapon of Kami’s army? I noticed that Sakura-sama is structured differently than most tenshi-chis. Why does she have her seventh chaka in her hymen? Why did her maker give her feelings? Is someone after her? I can never find answers to these questions.

There is one place I have not tried. That would be Hell’s database. But it’s too risky. Their security system is like a death trap. Viruses are sent out to any system that tries to hack into it. Everything ends up crashing badly. By the time you get it back, all of the system’s memory is destroyed and can’t be replaced. Lucifer guards his knowledge very closely. If there was only someway to…. No, it wouldn’t work! I better just stick to the public information. It’s much safer that way.



I watch Katsu-chan daily. I have never seen her pursue something so hard before. She won’t give up on a mystery until she solves it. I have learned to live with this. But I’m worried this time. Katsu-chan has found nothing so far. She hasn’t eaten in three days. The only time she leaves her computer is to go to the bathroom. Sleep doesn’t meet her. This mystery will swallow her whole.

Heaven’s database refuses to turn over any information on Sakura-sama. Even Yuji tried it five times and still nothing. I’ve heard them talk about Hell’s database. It’s all risky. But yet. But yet I wonder…

“Katsu-chan.” I spoke up. “Yes,” she replied without turning around. “I’m going to go retire to my room now.” I replied. “All right.” Katsu-chan said not paying attention. “Night.” I called. “Good night.” she replied. Then, I disappeared down the hall.

Once in my room, I sat down in velvet armchair. “I won’t fail you, Katsu-chan.” I thought. Then, I began to meditate hard. I won’t let Katsu-chan down!

Hell’s Path