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    The day was changing into its costume for the night. Some life outside was slowing down. Life was definitely like molasses on the Bebop. The demons were all ready asleep. Faye was in bed as well. Ed slept on the floor. Ein slept beside her. And Cherry was falling asleep in bed.

    Sakura was in Spike’s room again. She still worried for the cowboy. Would Spike ever return again? The tenshi-chi hoped he would. It was strange. Somehow, everything Spike was away, this pain in heart would appear and wouldn’t leave until he returned. What was up with that? Was it the love Kaze-san was talking about? And if was, why did it hurt so much? Was it supposed to hurt? Sakura didn’t know.

    The tenshi-chi lied down in Spike’s bed. Maybe sleep would ease the pain away. Sakura began slowly closing her eyes. Sleep greeted her. But it augmented the pain.


    *Nightmare Starts*

    Heaven 2021. Sakura was five-years-old on this spring morning. She was sitting under a blossoming cherry tree making a wreath of cherry blossoms. The field was a lovely new green color. The sky was clear. The little cutie was content with what she was doing.

    Then she heard footsteps. The little tenshi-chi looked up. “Hm?” she asked. A young-looking man was walking towards her. He looked like a god with his jade and onyx robes. Sakura stood to her feet. “Sakura!” the man called. The girl waved her arm in the air. The man rushed to her.

    “There you are.” he said when he made it to her. “Here I am!” Sakura exclaimed cheerfully. The man smiled as she giggled. “I made you a present!” Sakura spoke up as she handed him the cherry blossom wreath. “Arigato Sakura-chan.” he said as he took the gift and put it on her head. The tenshi-chi smiled in pride.

    “Sakura,” the man said. “Hm?” the tenshi-chi asked. “Do you know why cherry blossoms are pink?” the angel asked. “Iie,” the young tenshi-chi said. “Naze?” The angel smiled.

    “Long ago,” he began. “The immortals and vampires hated each other and went to war. They fought for five years. At the fifth year, Kami got sick of the useless bloodshed. So he made the army leaders sign a ceasefire. After that, Kami had another problem: What to do with the bodies? So he made the head angels clean them up and the vampires and immortals pay for it.

    “The angels had problems with clean-up as well. Where were they going to put them? They thought about for three days. Then, Raphael got an idea from sister. He was told to bury the bodies under the cherry trees. It sounded crazy. But the angels tried it. The results were grand.

    “Not only were the battlefields much cleaner, the cherry trees grew lovely. The blossoms were originally white. But the roots of the trees absorbed the blood of the bodies. The petals took in the blood and blended the colors. I love them for their beauty and history. It’s great to take something ugly and make it beautiful.”

    “But poppa,” Sakura began. “Doesn’t it hurt their souls?” “Iie.” the man said. Sakura fell confused. “What do you mean?” she asked. The angel smiled. “I’ll explain later,” he said. “But right now, come closer.” Sakura complied as the angel knelt down to her. He leaned close to her small ear.

“Sakura-chan,” the angel whispered. “I’ll make you a promise. No matter what happens, I will always return to you, my aiko.” The tenshi-chi’s heart’s skipped a beat.
    Then a harsh wind rushed by. Cherry blossom petals rushed by as well, creating a thick wall around and between them. “Poppa!” Sakura cried out. “I don’t understand your promise!!!” The wind blew harder.

    Then the wind died down quickly. Sakura found herself grown up and alone. She looked around. A veil of black was all around. “Poppa!” she called out. Only her own echo returned. Where was this place? Hell?

    Sakura slowly kept walking. Then, slisp! Something shot through her. It was fear. What was causing this?

    The tenshi-chi quickly looked down. She found…. blood? The tenshi-chi looked again. It was! The ground was coated in blood. What she found made her heart and soul ache in complete torture.

    The tenshi-chi found Spike lying on an altar. He had been stabbed and beaten many times. His blood was everywhere. The cowboy was…. dead.

    Sakura felt weak. Something broke inside of her. Her heart was violently sore. Sakura wanted to cry. She wanted to scream out. But she couldn’t. She just…. She just…. felt paralyzed. “Iie, Spike!” Sakura thought depressed. “Iie! Iie!

    The tenshi-chi looked above the body. A coldly demonic akuma stood over it. It looked completely deformed. In its right hand it held Spike’s impaled heart. Blood leaked from it. Blood was around the akuma’s mouth. It was grinning hard. Blood even stained its teeth.

    “I’ve killed him!” the akuma said in a raspy voice. “I’ve killed him! I’ve killed him! I’ve killed him!” It said this over and over again and laughed a harsh-sounding laugh. Sakura was shattered. Tears had built up inside of her. What was this pain? Why was she feeling it so?

    The akuma looked up and eyed her. It grinned a twisted grin. It drew up its razor sharp claws and hissed: “You’re next, princess!” Sakura’s fear skyrocketed. She began backing away slowly. The akuma sailed to her.

    I would explain what happened next explicitly. But telling it would make me sick all over again. So I will explain it briefly.

    The akuma slashed at the tenshi-chi’s throat and chest multiple times with its claws. Sakura fell onto her back to the cold ground. Her blood flooded everywhere. Her eyed became glassy. Alas, she was dying.

    The akuma stood over her grinning. It had done it! It had slain both the tree and the branch. It had completed its mission. The akuma descended away, leaving Sakura to die.

    Tears were flooding from Sakura’s eyes now. She had lost him and herself. “Amadeus…” the tenshi-chi murmured. “You… didn’t…. come for….. me….” Then she died slowly.

    *End of Nightmare*

    Sakura awoke in a cold sweat of fear. She held her hand to her breast. “Oh Spike!” she thought. Her heart felt heavy again. Not only with sorrow, but with fear. Fear for Spike’s life. Fear for her own. Something was out for them. Something evil. Truly evil.

    “I must Amadeus,” Sakura thought. “Before… Before… Before we all die!"

Find Amadeus!