My Immortal

    “Name.” Spike read aloud. “Sakura.” the tenshi-chi said. “Last name?” Spike asked. “I don’t have one.” Sakura said. The cowboy eyed her. They were filing out a resume. They had just gotten started.

    “I’ll have to give you one.” Spike said. He began to think hard. As he thought, the cowboy observed the tenshi-chi. She was as lovely as an angel with her kimono, body, wings, hair, and face. So dreamlike. Right then, Spike had the perfect name for her.

    “You’ll be Tenshi Sakura.” he said to her. “All right.” Sakura said willingly. “Age.” Spike read next. “Five hundred.” the tenshi-chi answered. “We’ll say you’re twenty.” he said as he filled out the paper. Sakura said nothing. “Place of birth.” Spike read next. “Heaven.” Sakura said. The cowboy stopped writing and stared at her. “Who the hell is going to believe that?!?” he asked. “You know what? I’m going for a drink now.” Then he got up and left. Sakura just sat there.

    Hours went by. Sakura sat still. Her mind began to wander. Mostly to Spike. Ah! He always took her breath away. But why? Why did he do that? And yet Spike seemed so familiar. As if she had known him before? But where and why?

    Then, Sakura felt a tight pain in her chest. She clutched it tight. This wasn’t the first time. Many times in the night and while Spike was away, this sharp pain would enter her heart, linger there, and then go away. But what caused this pain? Why did it come when Spike was gone? Why?

    A phrase ran through her head. “Love comes in different forms. What love that may be to one person may seem different to another. It depends on the individual.” it said. What did it mean? They were like a broken record. The words kept repeating themselves over and over again. What was their purpose?

    Right then, Spike walked back into the room. He saw Sakura clutching her chest in pain. The cowboy rushed to her aid. “Sakura!” he exclaimed. “Are you all right?” Then she froze and rose her head. Spike looked on. “Hai Spike.” Sakura said at last. “I’m fine, now that you’re here.” Spike relaxed. The tenshi-chi was okay now.

    There was another problem that followed the pain, however. When it left, Sakura would grow completely hot. You know, the kind of heat the sun was ever since creation. Spike saw this as they picked up on the resume. The tenshi-chi was sweating bullets. “Sakura.” the cowboy said again. “Are you sure you’re all right?” “Hai Spike,” the tenshi-chi said again. “I’m fine.” This time, the cowboy wasn’t convinced. “Look Sakura,” he said. “Go take a walk outside for a few minutes and then come back.” She wanted to argue back, but for some odd reason inside, she had a feeling he was right. So Sakura said: “Okay, I’ll be back.” Spike nodded. “Good. Don’t stay out too long.” he said. The tenshi-chi nodded. Then she stood up and left. Spike watched her closely. Hoping she would feel better when she got back.

    Sakura walked the streets of the night. As she walked, her heat dropped smoothly. But she was left with more thoughts again. What did those words mean? Who said them? Did she know Spike from before they met? And what was this love Daisuke mentioned before?

    Sakura was so lost in thought that she wasn’t paying attention to where she was going. In result she walked straight into someone in her path. The tenshi-chi backed up in shock. “Gominasai! Gominasai!” she said quickly. She heard someone titter. Sakura looked up. A taller man looked down at her. He seemed young and handsome. He seemed about twenty-nine or thirty. “That’s okay,” he said. “What’s a hot little thing like you doing out here by herself on a night like this?” Sakura eyed him calmly. “I’m looking for a job here.” she answered. The man’s lips curved into a catlike smile. “Well sweet-cheeks,” said he. “Tonight’s you lucky night.” Sakura looked lost. “What do you mean?” she asked. The man grinned harder. “I have a job for you.” he said. The tenshi-chi’s eyes lit up. “Really?” she asked. “Yeah,” said the man. “Just come see me in two days.” Then he handed her a small sheet of paper. Sakura read it quietly. An address was written on it. “Sure.” she said at last. “Good, see you then.” the man said. Sakura nodded. Then they went their separate ways.

What is Love?