Goth Jazz

Sakura felt like crying again. All of this was too much to bear. She needed help badly.

Then, Sakura heard a shuffle. She looked around. No one seemed to be in sight. The tenshi-chi heard the sound again. This time, she looked to the nightstand. A small head poked out from a table lamp. It had the face of a woman. Sakura watched quietly. The creature saw the tenshi-chi.

“So you’re Amadeus’ daughter.” it said. Sakura fell befuddled again. “I am?” she asked. The creature’s faced dropped. “You don’t know Amadeus?” it asked. Sakura shook her head. The creature fell disappointed. “Don’t you know anything?” it asked. “No…” Sakura answered. “Who are you?” The creature sighed and shook its head. “Well,” it began. “Might as well spill it!”

Then, the creature flew into full view. It was a little lady with plum hair, brown eyes, and wings. She had on a small kimono and Japanese-style sandals. “I am called Fuji.” the lady creature addressed. “I am a pixie.” “Fu-ji.” Sakura said. “Fu-ji.” “Yes.” Fuji replied. “Now pay attention.”

Fuji took her hand and moved it around in a circle in the air. The tenshi-chi watched closely. A screen-like image appeared. “Years ago,” Fuji began. “There were ten angel guardians. Four of them were at the top. One of them was named Amadeus. He was charming, powerful, wise, and yet rebellious to the core. The man had ladies flocking to him left and right.

“Amadeus was a prophet, philosopher, and a soldier. He saw outside the box. That’s what made him a genius.”

“What does see outside the box mean?” Sakura asked. Fuji sighed. “You’d think with her father she’s have his intelligence!” she thought. “It means see things differently than others.” she replied. “Oh.” the hostage said.

“How do you know all of this?” the tenshi-chi asked. “Every mystic knows the legend.” Fuji said. “I didn’t.” Sakura replied. The pixie’s face dropped. “She’s worse than I thought!” she thought.

Sakura stared out the window. She wondered if she’d ever get home. “My master has an obsession for mystics.” Fuji spoke up. “Hm?” Sakura asked. She turned to the pixie. Fuji looked serious as usual.

“Yuji made me first.” Fuji explained. “He was drawn into me at first. But in time, he bored of me. So he began making more mystics. It grew into an addiction soon. I’ve even lost count of how many mystic live here. Now, my master has a now interest.” “Who?” Sakura asked. “You.” Fuji said. “That’s the thing about humans. They are crazy about you at first. But in the end, you’re replaced with another.”

That was a hard blow to Sakura. Would Spike ever do that to her? The tenshi-chi felt like crying again.

See You in Space Tenshi…