Sakura Dreams

    Cherry rushed through the Bebop the next morning. “Mail!!!” she yelled. The cupid-chan held another pink scroll. “Mail for Sakura-sama!!!” Cherry yelled asked. She ran to Spike’s room and threw open the door.

    Spike and Sakura were still asleep in bed. Cherry jumped hard onto their bed. Spike landed on the floor. He rose to his hands and knees in pain. The cowboy looked up. The cupid-chan stood grinning. “Che-rry!” he mumbled. “Nani the hell are you doing here?!?” “I have mail!” Cherry exclaimed. Sakura was sitting up and watching. She kept quiet. “Can’t it wait?” Spike asked. “Iie!!!” the cupid-chan yelled. She turned to Sakura. “I have a letter for Sakura-sama!” Cherry exclaimed. The tenshi-chi looked confused. “For me?” she asked.     “Hai.” Cherry said. Then she handed the tenshi-chi the scroll. “Arigato.” Sakura said. Then she slowly took the scroll. Spike watched quietly.

    Cherry signaled Spike over to her. The cowboy followed her out to the hall. “Katsuko sent you something as well,” the cupid-chan whispered. “Really?” Spike asked dully. “Hai my lord!” Cherry said as she reached into her pocket. She pulled out nani looked like a photograph and handed it to Spike. The cowboy quickly took it and examined it. The results stunned him.

    The second picture was like the first one. Only…. The girl dressed in white robes. The fires were bright pink. Or rather clouds…. He couldn’t tell. But that wasn’t the thing that shocked him. The picture was dated two years before the first one.

    This really made nai sense. Who was sending him these pictures? Nani were they trying to say? Nani did they want? And nani was Sakura’s connection with this?

    “My lord,” Cherry called to him. Spike looked up. “Hm?” he asked. “Is something wrong?” the cupid-chan asked. Spike paused. “Iie.” he said. “I’m fine.” Cherry said nothing. “Uh…. Cherry.” said Spike. The cupid-chan looked up. “Hai my lord?” she asked. “I’ll be out for a while.” the cowboy said. “Take care of Sakura.” Then he walked off. “Hai my lord!” Cherry called back. Then she headed down the hall in the opposite direction.

    Sakura was still in bed. The scroll was open on the sheets. “I hear someone.” she thought. “Who are you?” “I am me.” a voice said. “Where are you?” the tenshi-chi asked. “Close your eyes and you will see me.” the voice said. “Okay.” Sakura said. Then she shut her eyes.

    A starry background greeted the tenshi-chi. Then, she saw it! A bight hikari came towards her. The hikari took shape. A woman stood in its place. She had long flowing white hair and aka eyes. She looked like a tenshi. Sakura felt familiar with the lady. “I am Kaze-san.” the woman said. “Ka-ze-san.” the tenshi-chi said slowly.

    “You don’t remember anything, do you?” Kaze-san asked. Sakura shook her head. “I thought you wouldn’t.” the tenshi said. “Neither does he.” The tenshi-chi looked lost. “Who?” she asked. Kaze-san moved closer. “I’ll tell you later.” she said. Then she kissed Sakura on the lips.

    “You are heaven’s gift.” Kaze-san continued. “Hmm.” Sakura said, “But I must part now.” the woman said. The tenshi-chi looked sad. “Aw, don’t be sad,” Kaze-san said. Then she stroked Sakura’s head. The tenshi-chi smiled. Kaze-san started flying away. “Sakura!” she called out. The tenshi-chi looked on. “Beware of KuroSakura! She’s out to kill you!” the tenshi warned. Then she went away.

    Sakura awoke a few moments later and wandered down to the den. Francesca was sitting on the couch. She didn’t look happy. Sakura froze in her tracks. “Uh-oh!” she thought. She wanted to back away. But it was too late. The oni looked up sharply. “Nani?!?” she snapped. Sakura hesitated to answer. Should she answer?

    “Uh…” Sakura said. “You’re staying here?” “Nani do you think?!?” Fran snapped. The tenshi-chi was startled by the oni’s response. “Naze?” Sakura asked. Francesca glared at her. The tenshi-chi grew nervous. “I’m here because that sick fucked up bastard Kuroito bounced me to him!” Fran yelled. *Sweat drop on Sakura’s head* ‘I should’ve guessed.” she said. Fran just growled and turned away. Sakura just walked back to Spike’s room.

See You in Dreams Tenshi...