When it All Falls Down

An idea hit Shoji. “Hey,” he spoke up. “What if I…. no, it wouldn’t work.”

(I am trying out a new style now.)

    Sakura leaned forward to her boss.

    Sakura: What wouldn’t work?

Shoji stared into those pretty amber eyes. He swallowed hard again. Voicing his ideas was the toughest thing. But here it goes again.

Shoji: I thought that I would go and apologize to Molly. But it won’t work.

Sakura: What makes you think that?

Shoji: She’ll probably shun me out. Besides, I’m no good with women now.

Sakura touched his hand lightly.

Sakura: You won’t know until you try!

Shoji’s eyes widened. That sparked a new hope in his soul. Maybe this could work!

Shoji: Okay! I’ll try it!

Sakura smiled brightly at him.

Shoji: But…

Sakura looked up.

Sakura: Yes?

Shoji: I… I need you… I need you to… to…

Sakura just smiled and lightly held his hand.

Sakura: Of course I will come with you, Himura-san.

Shoji relaxed and smiled.

Shoji: Arigato Sakura-chan. *Sniff* Well, let’s go!

Then, he and Sakura headed back to the Bebop.

Meanwhile, Molly was broken down. She had her head in her lap crying. She just couldn’t it back anymore. Spike sat there and watched her cry. He didn’t know how to help her. Cherry stepped forward in concern.

Cherry: What can do my lord?

Spike: Just let her cry, Cherry. Just let her cry.

Cherry: Yes, my lord.

Then, Cherry sat beside Spike. The cowboy just watched his friend cry. He wished there was something he could do. He had never seen Molly like this.

Spike: (Let there be something to fix this.)

Then, that something did show up at long last. Shoji and Sakura stood in the doorway. Spike was relived.

Spike: (Finally!) Sakura! Shoji!

At that, Molly quickly looked up. There he stood. Her true love. The man she ran away from last year. But now he was here in the flesh. Shoji Himura was here is the flesh!

See You in Space Priestess…