The sun slowly rose the next day. Sakura sat on Spike’s bed. Her hands were to her breasts. “Spike.” she thought. She had to hurry. Find Amadeus before it was too late. But where does she start? Where?
    Sakura got off the bed and wandered to the outside. A light rain was present. She looked on farther. The ocean was still sleeping. The tenshi-chi stared at it. The sea was always a remedy to the soul. Sakura felt at ease again. She felt like she was in heaven.
    Then, the tenshi-chi heard a shuffle. She slowly turned to the dock. A young boy was staggering towards the ship. He looked as if he had been beaten up. Worried for him, Sakura quickly rushed to him. The boy paused short. Sakura sped up even faster. “Hold on!” she cried out. “I’m coming!” Then the tenshi-chi sped up even faster. The boy began collapsing to the ground.
    A few moments later, the boy awoke. He found himself in Sakura’s lap. She looked sympathetic. And very lovely as well. The boy’s cheeks were covered in a light blush. “She must be an angel.” he thought. Sakura watched him closely. “Oh good,” she murmured. “You’re all right.” The boy pressed his lips together and nodded. Sakura smiled a little smile. The boy’s heart skipped a beat.
    Sakura picked the boy up and carried him to the Bebop. “Uh….. sama….” the boy said. “Where are we going?” “I’m taking you inside the ship.” Sakura answered. The boy went silent. Sakura kept walking.
    Once inside, Sakura sat the boy on a couch. She took his dirty clothes and wrapped him warm blankets. The boy looked around as Sakura washed his clothes and hung them to dry. He instantly felt at home.
    Sakura walked up to him. She has a hot cup of tea in her hands. “Here, um…” the tenshi-chi addressed. The boy sat up straight. “Ben,” he said. “I am Ben.” “Well there,” Sakura said. “Here, Ben.” Then he handed him the tea. “Ar-Arigato.” Ben said. Then he slowly took the cup and took a sip. Sakura sat down on the chair across from him.
    “Ben,” the tenshi-chi spoke up. The boy looked up. “what are you doing here by yourself?” Sakura asked. Ben straighten up. “I am a wanderer sama.” he answered. “A wanderer?” the tenshi-chi asked. “Yep!” Ben said proudly. Sakura wasn’t following too good. “What do you mean?” she asked. Ben smiled. “A wanderer is a person that moves around from place to place.” he explained. “Really?” Sakura asked. Ben nodded. The tenshi-chi eyed him in awl.
    “Being a wanderer is great.” Ben went on. “You’re free to go where you want, when you want. And no one can tell you what to do.” “I see,” Sakura said. “But don’t you ever get lonely?” Ben’s face went solemn. “Hai.” he said. “It is very lonely.” The room went silent.
    “I became a wanderer when I was seven,” Ben spoke up. “My parents died then and I had no other relatives. So I began wandering. It was harsh at first. I didn’t know where to go. I was pretty much scared.
    “But after a couple of months, I got used to it. I was no longer scared to roam. I had gained the confidence and knowledge to survive. And here I am, eight years later and fine on my own.”
    Sakura was intrigued! Here this boy had been wandering all alone for eight years and he had survived. It sparked something in her. If Ben could survive on his own, then Sakura could have hope that Spike would return too.  The tenshi-chi leapt forward and hugged him. Ben was confused. “Uh….” He began. “Sama, what are…. you….. doing?” “Arigato,” the tenshi-chi replied. “For giving me hope, Ben!” “Uh…. Yeah, I guess….” the wanderer mumbled out. *Sweat drop on Ben’s head*
    Ben stayed for the rest of the day. The others didn’t mind and care. The boy was cared for by Sakura. Ben developed a liking for his guardian. He wished he could stay. But in his heart, he knew is could never be. The boy was a wanderer and would have to leave again. Oh the pain of leaving this nice lady behind. But Ben knew he had to. Sigh. If there was only someway to…
    Then, an idea hit Ben! He crept around the ship quietly. Everyone was asleep. Next, the boy pulled out his handkerchief and a felt-tip pen. Ben wrote down a note on it, took out a gift, and wrapped it with the handkerchief. Then he placed the gift on his pillow and walked to the road.
    Sakura awoke the next morning and made tea for Ben. But when she came to his room, the boy was gone. “Ben?” the tenshi-chi called. “Ben?” Sakura walked in farther. The room was still. The tenshi-chi looked around. Then, she saw it. Upon his pillow was the gift. “What’s this?” Sakura thought as she set aside the tea and unwrapped it. Inside the handkerchief, the tenshi-chi found the note. She read it quietly. This is what it said:
        Dear sama
        I have headed out again. I won’t return. I won’t return. But don’t cry for me. It’s just what a         wanderer does. Take care of yourself.

        P.S.: I left you a gift to remember me by.

    Sakura looked down onto the pillow. A brass pocket watch lay motionless. She picked it up and held it to her breasts. “Arigato Ben!” the tenshi-chi thought. “For giving me hope for Spike’s safe return.
Arigato Ben!