Sakura Tenshi

    Mars 2071, summer. Spike was just returning from turning in a big bounty over to the police and was heading back to Swordfish. This very walk is what started our little adventure.

    Spike was almost past this oak tree when someone said: “Sumimasen!” (Sumimasen=Excuse me in Japanese) Spike stopped short and looked around. No one was in sight. “What the hell?” thought he. “Sumimasen.” it said again. Finally, Spike looked up.

    A chibi in the shape of a girl with little white wings was hanging by the collar of her gold and white dress. She had long flowing pinkish strawberry hair to her waist and looked to be in distress. “Uh… sumimasen san, but I’m a little stuck by my dress and I need some help. Could you get me down from here?” the chibi asked. Spike looked lost. “Why the hell is this stuffed doll talking to me for?” he thought. Spike reached forward and touched her dress. The chibi herself was lost. “Why didn’t this human run away like the others did?” she thought. When the chibi had asked for help before, the others would run away in fear.

    Suddenly, the chibi jerked her head up. “Uh-oh.” said she. Spike paused. “What’s wrong?” he asked blandly. Before the chibi could answer, a white neko jumped out from the bushes, onto the oak, and attacked her. (Neko=cat in Japanese) “Help!!!” the chibi screamed as she kicked and hit at the furry beast. But the neko didn’t cease its abuse. The brut would have torn the chibi to pieces if Spike hadn’t found a stick beaten it senseless. Stunned in defeat, the wounded animal ran off. The bounty hunter turned back to the chibi. She was overly grateful. “Arigato san!!!” the chibi exclaimed. Spike was unenthusiastic.

    Snap! The chibi paused and looked up. The branch that she was hanging from was breaking off. “Uh-oh!” said she. “Now what?” Spike asked. “It’s breaking!” the chibi declared. The branch kept breaking until…… SNAP!!! The chibi began plummeting down. This looked like the end for her. But… the chibi opened her eyes to see a palm. She looked up to see looking down at her. Gratitude filled the chibi’s eyes. “Arigato san!” she wailed. Spike was now so far lost. “Oh.” said the chibi. “I’m a tenshi-chi and I’m looking for something.” “This is nuts.” Spike said at last. “I’m out of here!” Then he let go of the chibi, walked over to Swordfish, got in, and flew off.

    The next morning, Spike awoke in his room. “That was some weird dream!” he mumbled out. “Hey!” a small voice spoke up. Spike froze and looked up. “Hey!” it called again. A grim notion hit the bounty hunter. “Don’t tell me it’s….” he thought.

    “Hey! the chibi yelled as she popped up in his face. Spike was a little startled. “You again?” he asked. “Uh-huh.” the chibi answered. Spike just sat there and looked at her. “Anyway,” the chibi continued. “Arigato for saving me.” “Uh….yeah.” said Spike. The chibi grinned. “Oh! Allow me to introduce myself!” she exclaimed. Then the chibi put one hand to her chest and the other in the air. Bright lights surrounded her as she changed forms. The chibi took form into a lovely tall slender long pink-haired woman. She looked like a tenshi. (Tenshi=angel in Japanese) “My name is Sakura.” the woman answered. Spike was just as lost as yesterday. “Okay. I’m still dreaming.” he thought. “You’re not dreaming!” Sakura exclaimed. Spike didn’t seem to believe her. “I’m real. I’ll show you.” she said. Then Sakura grabbed Spike by the wrist and rubbed his hand against her cheek. Her cheek felt like velvet and rose petals. “Now do you believe me?” Sakura asked.

    Within the hall, Soot was walking to the other side to get something eat. He had past Spike’s door when he backed up to see Sakura in the crack of the door. “Hmm.” Soot thought. “I thought Spike was nuts about Julia. Hm. Guess he found a new love.” Then he shrugged and walked off.

    “Dozo let me stay.” Sakura pleaded. “If you make me leave, my mistress will fine me and make me into a slave. I don’t want to do that! Dozo let me stay!” Unable to stand her whining, Spike replied: “All right. Just stop whining.” Sakura was overjoyed. “Oh arigato san!” she yelled as she hugged him tight. “Yeah whatever.” said Spike. Then he sighed in distress.

See You in Space Tenshi