The night was thick. Isamu-san swayed through his yard. He had just come back from his mistress’ house. The mob boss was there for five nights in a row. The man was in bliss. But soon, that would be short lived.

Isamu-san slowly unlocked his door. He felt like a king returning to his castle. Every room in the house was dark. A cold sense was around him. The house felt empty. Something wasn’t right.

“Ume!” Isamu-san yelled. Silence. “Ume!!!” he yelled again. Same silence. Rage flared in him. “Where is that bitch?!?” Isamu-san yelled aloud.

Then, he heard snickering. Isamu-san slowly turned. KuroSakura sat on the arm of his re velvet sofa. Her kantana leaned again it as well. The oni-chi smirked at him. Isamu-san looked as if he was about to breathe fire. “Who the hell are you?” he snapped violently. KuroSakura snickered. This angered Isamu-san even more. “What the hell is so damn funny?!?” he yelled. KuroSakura stopped snickering and looked up.

“You think you’re so tough!” she spoke up. “But really, you’re a weak defenseless kitten.” Isamu-san lunged forward to tattle her but KuroSakura flew away. The mob boss was startled. “Tsk. Tsk. Too slow.” the oni-chi called out. “Even your own wife got sick of you and ran off with another man! Not that you care anyway.” Isamu-san’s rage flew higher. He tried to attack KuroSakura again but it was as good as the first time.

KuroSakura frowned. “You’re wasting my time!” she said dully. The oni-chi held out her hand and her kantana flew into it. “Which is why,” KuroSakura spoke again. “I must eliminate you now.” Isamu-san grew afraid.

KuroSakura grabbed him tightly by the face and slashed the mob boss in the throat violently, beheading him. The body collapsed to the carpet in a pool of cold blood.

The oni-chi eyed her work. She smiled at her success as she dropped the head onto the ground. KuroSakura licked the blood off of her sword. “Had better.” she replied.

Then, KuroSakura heard the door open. “Time to go!” she thought. Then the oni-chi disappeared into the floor.

Three mob thugs burst into the den. They were armed with guns and knives. Their boss sent them out on an assassination mission to take out Isamu-san. They were full of themselves. However, that ego vanished when they saw the mob boss decapitated.

“He’s dead.” the first assassin gasped. The second one observed the scene closely. “So now what?” asked he. The head assassin though about their next action. “Let’s take credit for it.” he said at last. The other two nodded.

The rain poured down hard. The Hammerhead landed in a disclosed location. Ume finally accepted Jet’s proposal. She was going to break away from that son of a bitch for good. If his family was going to pounce on her and eat her alive, so be it. Ume would be free to be happy at last.

“You sure you don’t need me to back you up?” Jet asked Ume for the third time. “I’ll be fine Jet-chan.” the sensei replied again. “I need to face him alone.” “Be careful, then.” Jet said. “I will.” Ume assured him. Then, she got off the Hammerhead and headed to the city. Jet watched her closely, hoping for the best.

Spike continued his search for Sakura in the sky. So far, he had no luck. But then, the cowboy would have his big breakthrough.

A message appeared on his communicator screen. It was addressed to him from…. no one. Hopeful for a tip to find Sakura, Spike opened the message.

Another strange image popped up onto the screen. It looked to be a map with a huge red dot on what seemed to be a cross. But what was this a map of?

Spike decided to consult one of the mystics on the Bebop for help. So he sped up and sailed straight down to the main ship.

The rain continued to pour down. Ume’s clothes and hair were getting soaked. She wished she could climb into a warm dry vehicle right now. Oh, that would be nice…

No! Ume had to stay focused. This was her chance of emancipation from hell. And she was going to take it damnit! So Ume hiked up her white high-heels and sped up to her house.

Spike landed Swordfish three-quarters of the way to Bebop. He figured he’d hoof the rest of the way back. He didn’t know why, but he did. Sakura was on his mind. The cowboy hoped the tenshi-chi was all right. He vowed to kill the bastard who kidnapped her if he ever harmed her.

But why? Did Spike care that much? And if he did, why? Did he… love Sakura?

Then, it started again. The pain in Spike’s left shoulder fired up again. Each was worse than the last. The cowboy grabbed it tight and breathed hard. This was the third time the pain had started tonight. Why did it return repeatedly?

No! He had to keep going! Sakura needed him. Spike had to save her at all costs. So he grabbed his shoulder and sped up with his walking.

The rain poured on. KuroSakura watched Spike closely. She finally had her answer. “Found you!” the oni-chi thought. Then, KuroSakura disappeared into the shadows.

Ume made it to her mansion. What she saw next would blow her mind away.

Cop cars were all parked in the driveway. People were gather around trying to look inside. Curious, Ume cautiously approached the crowd and broken through to the front. Three of the members of police the squad stood in front of the door talking.

“Any witnesses?” the first cop asked. “Naw.” the second one answered. “Not a soul.” “Can’t blame them.” the third one said. “Yeah,” the first cop addressed. “If I was witnessing a crime like this, I’d be quiet too.”

“Excuse me,” Ume spoke up. The three cops looked up. “What happened?” the sensei asked. The cops were silent at first. Then they said in union: “Isamu-san has been murdered.” Ume stood there in silent alarmed.

Spike was pasting by would he saw the crowd. Wondering what was going on, the cowboy pushed through the crowd. He too saw Ume and the cops. Spike took out a cig and tried to light it.

Suddenly, a cold chill came over the cowboy. He didn’t need to turn to see who it was. KuroSakura was floating behind him. She was grinning wickedly.

“What do you want?” Spike asked softly. KuroSakura lightly raised her kantana. “I have found you Spike Spiegel,” she replied. “Or should I say…. Amadeus?” At that reply, Spike’s head jerked up. He turned to see the oni-chi nowhere in sight.

What did she mean by that? Was he… Amadeus?

Free at Last?