The sun slowly rose the next morning. Spike and Sakura lie asleep together in bed. The door slowly opened. Cherry crept into the room. She looked at the sleeping pair. “Perfect.” the cupid-chan thought. Then, Cherry pulled out her pink and white whistle and blew it hard. Spike awoke yelling. He looked to see Cherry grinning.

“Ohayoo, my lord!” the cupid-chan exclaimed. Spike looked pissed. “Cherry!” he snapped. “What the hell are you doing besides giving me a heart attack?!?” Cherry just smiled. “Giving you a wake-up call!” she chirped. *Sweat drop on Spike’s head*

In a few minutes, Sakura herself awoke. Spike and Cherry turned to her. The left side of Spike’s shirt on her had slid down, showing her breast. The cowboy was blushing. Oh sweet Kami….

Sakura was looking at Spike funny. “Spike?” she asked. “Is something wrong?” “Uh… no…. nothing!” the cowboy said quickly. Then he quickly grabbed the shirt, pulled it back over her shoulder, and buttoned it back up. “Oh,” Sakura said. “Why did you say anything?”

“Get up everybody!” Cherry exclaimed. She blew her whistle again. Spike wanted to reach out maim Cherry.

“I knew he couldn’t kill her.” Zen said softly. “His prophecy is partly fulfilled.” “What?” Vita mumbled in her sleep. “Nothing love,” he answered. “Just rest now.” Vita slept on.

“You sure you want to be dropped off here?” Spike asked Sakura in Swordfish. The cowboy battled Cherry throughout the morning. It’s okay for some to be perky morning people. But for them to harass night people in the morning to get up? That should be a crime!

“Yes,” Sakura answered. “My shift begins at noon today. So I’ll have time to get a cup of green tea or something.” “All right.” the cowboy said as he landed Swordfish.

“Have a good day!” Sakura called as she watched Swordfish fly off after she got out. Once Spike flew off, the tenshi-chi walked under the tent shades.

The café was busy this morning. People were having breakfast and reading at the tables. Sakura was about to buy herself a cup of tea when she heard something like a wooden cane hit the ground. The tenshi-chi looked and found an old man. He was dressed in a dark green cloak and hood. He had dropped his cane to get Sakura’s attention.

“Yes san?” the tenshi-chi asked. “Are you Tenshi Sakura?” the old man asked. The tenshi-chi nodded. The stranger smiled. “I have something for you.” he replied. Then the old man reached in his cloak and pulled out a light pink scroll tied with a thin crimson ribbon. Sakura slowly took it. She knew what it was. But, how did he know her?

“Arigato san…” Sakura said when she looked up. But the messenger was gone. Where did he go? The tenshi-chi shrugged and walked to the counter for her green tea.

At late afternoon, Spike received a phone call from the hospital that would really test his feelings for Sakura.

“Moshi-Moshi.” the cowboy answered the communicator phone. “Shoji. What? What do you mean Sakura never showed up to work today?!?” “Yes,” Shoji said on the other line. “I grew worried when she didn’t show up.” Spike silently worried. “Thanks for telling me.” he said lowly. Then the cowboy hung up the phone in a cold manner.

“My lord.” a voice spoke up. Spike turned quickly. Cherry stood in the doorway. She looked lost in despair. “Something wrong, isn’t it?” she asked. Spike didn’t know how to answer. But he had to. Well, here goes!

Spike knelt down to Cherry and replied firmly: “Yes, Sakura is missing.” Cherry grew pale. She began to tremble.

I knew this would happen!” the cowboy thought. “Look!” he spoke up. “I will bring her back alive, okay?” Cherry eyed him hard. “Promise?” she asked. Spike forced himself to smile. “Promise!” he answered. The cupid-chan felt a little better.

“Cherry, I need you to stay here.” Spike instructed her solemnly. “If anyone asks, tell them the truth. Got me?” “Yes my lord!” Cherry said as she bowed. “Good.” the cowboy said. Then he rushed off to Swordfish.

Spike knew the first place to look. He flew straight to that street café where he dropped Sakura off at this morning. They were just closing up when the cowboy rushed to the counter.

“Uh…. Can I help you sir?” the cashier girl asked bewildered. “Have you seen a woman with short pink hair and two big angel wings on her back?” Spike asked her sharply. The girl pondered hard on this question as if she would win 1,000,000 wolongs if she got the answer correct.

Then she said: “Yes, I have. She ordered a hot cup of green tea and paid for it. When I sent one of the busboys to serve her her tea, he returned saying she was gone.” Spike had his first clue. “Does he know anything else?” the cowboy asked. “No san.” the cashier answered. “That’s all he knew.” Spike hung his head and sighed. The lead went cold.

Spike boarded Swordfish again. Sakura would never leave a meal or drink without reason. That wasn’t like her at all. Unless… Sakura was kidnapped!

An uneasy feeling came over Spike on thought. Sakura kidnapped? Oh Kami no! But why? Why would someone do such a thing? Why?

Without a Trace…