Secret Blues

“What do you mean?” Spike asked. Shoji turned to him. “Tenshi-chis are born the first two days of January to signify the new year.” the doctor explained. “So?” Spike asked after he calmed down. “Sakura must have a strong power for her to be born late.” Shoji went on. Spike froze. Is that why Sakura was kidnapped by Yuji? If so, who else was after her? He had to protect Sakura and protect her well.

“Himura-san!” Sakura called from the lobby. The men looked up. “We’ll be there in a sec!” the doctor yelled back. Then he and Spike headed back to the lobby.

Sakura stood waiting. She was dressed in a nurse’s uniform. Only, it wasn’t hers. It was tighter, shorter, and pushed her breasts up higher. The tenshi-chi wondered why.

The men came to her aid. They saw the damsel in distress. Shoji went pale. “Himura-san,” Sakura spoke again. “What’s wrong with my uniform? I think it shrunk. Did you do something to it?” Memories flooded Shoji’s head. Her smile, her laugh, her face, her scent, her tears. Boy, he missed it all.

Outside, Molly was watching. Sadness stabbed her heart. She watched Sakura looking at her outfit. It torn Molly up inside. “She’s even wearing my uniform!” she thought in despair. Tears formed in Molly’s eyes.

“Shoji?” Spike asked. The doctor came back to Earth. “Oro?” he asked. “Sakura has a problem with her uniform.” the cowboy stated. Shoji was quiet for a moment. “Oh yeah.” he said in a low voice. Then the doctor turned to Sakura. “Uh… that’s not your uniform.” he spoke up. Sakura eyed him. “It isn’t?” she asked. “No.” Shoji answered. “That’s reserved for someone else.”

While they talked, Spike turned to the window. He looked and saw…

“Molly?” he asked. Shoji and Sakura looked up. It was true. Molly was watching them. She looked sad…

Then suddenly, Molly noticed that they saw her! She grew worried and fled. Spike was lost. “Why is she running?” he asked. “Because of me.” Shoji answered. The cowboy turned to him. “Come again?” he asked.

Shoji didn’t know how to answer. How could he? Well, here goes.

“You’ll have to ask her.” the doctor answered. Spike nodded. He understood what Shoji was saying. Then Spike ran after Molly.

By two blocks, Molly looked behind her. She saw Spike chasing her. “Oh no!” his young friend thought. Then, Molly ran faster. Spike caught up.

After a chase around the city, Spike finally caught Molly by the arm. His friend stopped abruptly.

“Molly, what’s wrong?” Spike asked. “Tell me.” Silence followed. Then, Spike heard sobbing. Was she… crying? “Molly?” the cowboy asked. His friend didn’t answer. She just kept crying. “Molly…” Spike thought.

See You in Space Priestess…