*Nightmare Starts*

Winter was ending in heaven. The snow was slowly melting. Sakura was her current age this time. She was waiting in fields as usual. This was their haven. Today, he would return. Return to her forever!

Sakura paced around a bit. Her excitement raced. She kept watching in the distance. Soon, they would be together.

Sakura looked out again. A figure was walking towards her. The tenshi-chi’s eyes lit up with joy. “He’s here!” she thought. Sakura raced to the distant stranger. Here it was. They would be together forever.

But then, the stranger vanished like an illusion. Sakura froze. What just happened? Why did he vanish? Was she only dreaming?

Sakura felt herself get weak. She sank to her knees. The scenery began to float around her. The tenshi-chi felt dizzy. Soon the black screen seized her tightly.

“Sakura.” a voice whispered. The tenshi-chi slowly awoke. Spike was standing over her. He was concerned for her. Relief filled Sakura like umesake to a dry glass. “Spike?” she said softly. The cowboy said nothing. He held up his hand to her. Sakura wanted to grab it but she couldn’t move. “Help me.” the tenshi-chi murmured. She tried to lift her arm but it was in vain. Sakura was just frozen sniff.

Then, SLASH! Sakura’s eyes grew big with terror. Spike collapsed beside her. He had been killed by being stabbed in the back. Sorrow crushed the tenshi-chi like a bolder. First her soldier, now Spike. This was too much to bear.

Then, a female’s voice was laughing. Laughing at her and her misery. Sakura looked above her. KuroSakura was standing over her now. Her sword was coated in blood and she was grinning.

“I have done it!” the oni-chi exclaimed. “I have killed both Spike and Amadeus!” Sakura wanted to cry but was too numb to.

KuroSakura looked down at her sister. She grinned wickedly. “I only have one thing left to do.” the oni-chi boasted. Fear grew in Sakura’s soul. “Not again!” she thought. Her sister rose up her sword and stabbed Sakura in the chest violently. The tenshi-chi gasped hard, then died. The oni-chi grinned at her work. “My mission is finally complete!” KuroSakura exclaimed. Then she vanished into the night.

*End of Nightmare*

Sakura awoke panting. It was starting again. This time, it was much worse! She must hurry! Time was running out for everyone. Not just for her and Spike anymore, possibly others. “I must find Amadeus!” she thought. But this time, sorrow crashed upon her harder than before.

Time is Running Out