The Long Night Pt. 2

Spike flew feverishly to the hospital. How could he have been an idiot to leave Sakura by herself? Damnit! He knew he should have taken her straight to hospital. So stupid! So stupid!

Then, that same old sharp pain shot through his left shoulder once again. The pain was much worse this time. Spike grabbed his shoulder tightly. He was gasping for air. The cowboy slowly grew dizzy. Spike would crash if he didn’t do something fast.

Then, the pain went away. Spike’s head was clear again. The pain grew worse and harder to explain. What was this? Why did this pain come and go?

Spike also noticed something else. He kept having dreams about the Purgatory battle. What was that about? It was all dead ends now.

Spike finally landed at Oko Hospital. It was still open amazingly. The cowboy rushed to the doors. The pain struck again when he was almost in. It was the same as before. Spike was gasping for air. He was close to collapsing out.

Luckily, Shoji rushed outside and helped him in. Spike could barely talk. “Spiegel-san!” the doctor exclaimed. “Speak to me! What happened?!?” The cowboy couldn’t answer. He was gasping for air.

Outside, Molly was watching. Her fears were coming true. It was no longer coincidence. This was proof. “So it’s true!” she thought. Then Molly ran away in despair.

Shoji sat the cowboy down carefully. “I need assistance!” the doctor yelled. “Quickly!!!” T.J. and two nurses rushed to his aid. “What’s wrong?” T.J. asked. “Help me with Spike!” Shoji yelled. The newly arrived trio reacted fast.

Pretty soon, Spike felt better again. Shoji, T.J., and the two nurses circled him. “You okay now?” T.J. asked. “*Pant* Yes!” the cowboy answered. “What happened?” Shoji asked. Spike explained his chronic shoulder pains.

“Didn’t you get a second opinion?” Shoji asked. Spike shook his head. “You should get one.” the doctor said. “Right…” the cowboy replied weakly.

T.J. could tell something was wrong. “Anything else wrong?” the writer asked. Spike felt cold in his soul. Should he spill out the theory? Might as well!

“Sakura might have been kidnapped.” the cowboy announced. His crowd became blown away. “What?!?” T.J. exclaimed. “Are you serious?” “It’s a guess.” Spike said blandly. All went silent.

T.J. sensed another problem with Spike. “Hey Spike,” he spoke up. The cowboy looked up slowly. “May I talk to you in private?” the writer asked. Spike was befuddled. “All right…” he said uneasily. Then the cowboy followed T.J. down the hall.

“Now what is it?” Spike asked the writer once they were away from the crowd. T.J. looked serious. “You seem a little troubled lately.” he replied. Spike froze instantly. “What do you mean?” he asked flatly. “You can tell me, I won’t tell a soul.” the writer coaxed. Spike went silent. Should he say? Might as well. The cowboy began to spill it about the Purgatory battles in his dreams.

T.J. was taken-aback when Spike was done. This was a powerful testimony! “He can’t be Amadeus, could he?” the writer thought.

Is he?