The New Real Folk Blues Pt. II

        Everyone was shocked frozen. The angels just couldn’t believe it. Amadeus had been alive all of this time and was here with them right in the flesh! The angels instantly fell to their knees bowing. The top official became annoyed. “Get up you idiots!” she screamed out. “It’s a trick can’t you see? This is all the work of this child! Amadeus died in the Purgatory war! This is all her doing!!!” Amadeus just smiled and snickered to himself. This angered the official even more. “WHAT THE HELL IS SO DAMN FUNNY YOU IMPOSTER!!!” she screamed at the top of her lungs. The angel stopped laughing and looked up. “Oh Gloria,” he said in a calm voice. “You haven’t changed at all. You are still too ambitious for your own good. It’s amazing you haven’t been thrown out of Heaven yet.” The top official’s grip tightened on Sakura’s wrist as she mashed her teeth together. “And what is that suppose to mean?” she hissed. The angel just gave her a small smile and turned back to everyone.

        “I was killed in the war, that much is true,” Amadeus began. “But, I had myself reincarnated in order to get back to my Sakura-chan. For decades, my heart and pieces of my soul drifted between time. I looked for the right body to attach myself to. My love for Sakura-chan was the only thing that kept my hopes up to keep looking. But then, a fear came over me. Why if Sakura-chan and I couldn’t remember each other from the past? That’s when I found out that Kameko had died with a broken heart. She was the only one that could hear me. So, I whispered to her through the wind about where she could find my letters to Sakura-chan. She successfully retrieved them and sent each one to my love. I had all of my scrolls sent to Sakura-chan for any trace of memory to spark back to her. Then twenty-seven years old, I had found a body and merged my heart and the pieces of my soul with Spike’s unborn flesh. Before the angels on the battle field did their work to help me be reincarnated, I had them erase my memories of the past. That way I could love Sakura-chan without any ties to Heaven and the past. When I found out that she was looking for me I was overjoyed, but I couldn’t give myself away because I knew that I still had enemies after me. My worst fear was that they would use Sakura as bait to leer me out to kill me.” “Thus the importance of having no memory of her.” one of the angels concluded. “That’s right,” Amadeus went on. “I thought that I had my plan worked out but soon, my past kept creeping up on me.” “Your shoulder from where you were shot with the poison dart.” another angel concluded. “Yes!” Sakura’s father replied. Gloria was so shocked that she let go of Sakura’s wrist.

        Amadeus turned to Sakura. “I have an important question to ask you my love,” he spoke again. “I need to know something. My heart and efforts are at stake at your answer.” Sakura watched him intensely. “Go on,” she said clearly. “What is it?” Amadeus walked closer to his treasured love. He drew in a deep breath. “Do you love me as Spike and myself?” he asked boldly. A long silence past over everyone. Sakura smiled sweetly to him. “Yes!” she said at last. “I love you as both ways.” Amadeus felt relived and happy. Sakura then, gave him a light kiss on the cheek.

        Right then, a messenger bunny flew down to the angels. “Huh?” a young subordinate asked out of curiosity. The rabbit flew down into the palm of his hands. The rabbit said nothing. It just held out its little hands. The angel read quietly to himself. “Kami says we are to leave Sakura and Amadeus alone now and return back to Heaven as soon as possible.” he said. Gloria’s jaw just dropped! “WHAT?!?” she yelled out. “That’s what the boss said.” another one replied. Amadeus just smiled to himself. “You heard the guy,” he replied. The top official hung her head in defeat. “Fine!” she called aloud. “We’ll go back!” Sakura was even happier than before. The other angels were thrilled by her surrender. Gloria held up her hand to the sky and began chanting. The other angels crowded around her. A great white light surrounded them quickly. It swallowed them up and vanished into thin air. Amadeus turned back to Sakura. “My love,” he said began again. The tenshi-chi turned to him. “Yes?” she asked. “Should I tell Spike about the past and myself now?” Sakura smiled at him. “Would it harm him if he didn’t know?” she asked. Amadeus smiled back at her. “No,” he said. “Then, no.” Sakura said at last.

        “I must depart from you now,” Amadeus said. “But fear not, for I will always be in Spike to love you as my own.” Sakura just kept smiling. “I love you,” she said. “I love you too,” the angel said back. Then, he leaned and kissed her lightly on the lips. And with that, Amadeus disappeared back into Spike Spiegel and slowly collapsed to the ground. Sakura let him fall upon her and she embraced him tightly. And strangely, the night became calm again. The rain had stopped, the power slowly came back to Mars, and life began to return. “You’re home! You’re home! You’re home!” Sakura kept whispering loudly to Spike in joy as she held onto him for dear life. “You’re home! You’re home! You’re home! You’re home! You’re home!” Father and daughter were reunited at long last.

        Morning came fresh and new. Francesca, Foxtrot, and Kuroito were lying out cold on the floor in their full sizes. Foxy awoke to the gentle sunlight on her face. She sat up and looked around. Her other two companions woke up as well. They were in a deep state of confusion. “What just happened?” Fran asked. “Sakura has found Amadeus!” a voiced chirped up. The three demons looked up to see Cherry smiling at them. She looked fresh and perky as usual. “Sakura and my lord now are together in peace. I managed to lead Spike back here safely.” A pause passed between everyone. “Okay…” Kur said. Cherry just kept grinning proudly. “See?” she asked. “I’m not so useless anymore, aren’t I?” The demons said nothing. They all just nodded. The cupid-chan just kept grinning.

        Outside in the city, Vita sat up. “What the hell happened?” she asked. “She has found him.” a voice said behind her. The demon turned to look behind her. Zen was sitting up with small smile on his face. Vita instantly became angry. “Damnit, Zen!!!” she yelled out. “You knew this would happen!” “Maybe I did. Maybe I didn’t,” he said. “But the important thing is that we completed our mission. We know that Amadeus is still alive and well after all of these years.” Vita sat quiet for a moment. “Good point,” she said at last. Zen smiled and rose to his feet. “Ready to return?” he asked. Vita stood up and blushed. She had been waiting for him to ask that question all of the summer. She had always wanted to go home with him when this mission was over. She just wanted to be in bed with him as soon as they reported to Lucifer. The demon nodded softly. Zen kept smiling at her. “Good,” he said. Then, the demon held out his hand and began chanting. Vita wrapped her slender arms around her boyfriend tightly. A dark light rose up from the ground and sucked them straight down into Hell.

        Back on the Bebop, Spike and Sakura lie asleep in each other’s arms. The rays of the warm sun lightly danced on the tenshi-chi’s face. Its heat slowly woke her up. Spike awoke as well. The tenshi-chi sweetly smiled at him. “Ohayoo, Spike.” she said softly to him. “Morning.” the cowboy said back. Then, the new couple got out of bed and got ready for another day. The crew was sitting in the living room as usual. Cherry looked up from her feet at the couple. “Hey!” she chirped out. “Where are you going today?” “I have another bounty to chase.” Spike answered not seeming to be annoyed by the cupid-chan’s usual high-pitched voice. “And I have work today.” Sakura answered in a cheery voice. Francesca rolled her eyes in exasperation but said nothing. Cherry kept smiling. “Great!” she exclaimed. “Have a great day!” “Sure will.” Spike replied. He turned to his girlfriend and kissed her on the lips. “And I’ll see you tonight.” the cowboy said seductively. Sakura smiled back at him. “K!” she said. Then, Spike let his girlfriend go ahead of him first, then followed behind.


Dear Little Lass:

        Things may look grim on the battleground. War is always cruel and ugly, but I know the future is always fair and beautiful. I know this because I have you to look forward. I will enjoy our future together. Every holiday, birthday, cherry blossom spring, sunflower summer, pumpkin autumn, snowy winter, our deadly storms, sweet dreamy day, peaceful night, fair day, sweet rain, our children’s futures, everything. Many will be after us, but nothing will stop me from coming back to you. Even if I die, I’ll reincarnate myself in someway to return back to you. My love for you will forever be steadfast. I love you, now, always, and forever. Wait for me, my love.

Love always, Amadeus


The End