Tenshi Wings

Cherry walked to dock that same morning. She heard the ruckus with Fran but she ignored that like usual. The cupid-chan tuned out Fran’s ranting and moved on. Cherry found Sakura looking at the ocean again. She was always at peace doing so. Cherry wondered what the tenshi-chi was thinking.

“I want to get Spike a present.” Sakura spoke up. Cherry froze. Sakura slowly turned to her small friend. “I want to get Spike a present.” the tenshi-chi repeated. Cherry flew up beside her. “That’s so sweet!” the cupid-chan exclaimed. “But,” Sakura began again. “I don’t know what to get him.” “I see.” Cherry said.

The two thought about this for a while. Then, the cupid-chan came up with an idea. “Get him something really nice!” she exclaimed. Sakura’s face became sunlight. “That’s a great idea!” she chirped. Cherry grinned. “And surprise him with it.” she said. “I will!” Sakura spoke cheerfully. Then, she hurried inside the Bebop. Cherry smiled as she watched. “It’s working!” she thought.

Spike and Sakura were walking into the city. The cowboy had to go shopping today. The tenshi-chi wanted to accompany him so he lat her. Besides, she was great company.

As the duo walked, Spike looked around. People were watching them. The cowboy noticed that he and Sakura were together most of the time. People even suspected them of being a couple. Even one old lady called Sakura his girlfriend. That made Spike wonder. Is it that obvious?

“Spike.” Sakura spoke up. The cowboy turned to her. “Yes?” he asked. “May I look around the store for awhile?” the tenshi-chi asked. Spike thought about this for a while. Last time he left her alone, she was kidnapped. The same thing could happen again. But, if he could keep from being overbearing…

“All right, but here.” the cowboy said at last as he handed her the communicator. “Call me when you done.” Sakura nodded as she took the device. Then, she headed off.

Sakura browsed through a jewelry store. The tenshi-chi took Cherry’s advice to heart. Sakura looked at the sea of glistening metals. She was in awe at different color, patterns, shapes, and sizes. Sakura had never seen such beauty before in her life. But so far, nothing caught her eye.

Then, Sakura found something. It was a set of his and her matching rings. They were both real silver. The female’s ring had a fat pink diamond on it. The man’s ring had Kanji on it. Strangely, Sakura felt close to them. She felt herself go into a daze.

“Couples wear those type of rings.” Kaze-san told her. Sakura turned to her. Kaze-san was standing behind her. The woman had a little red dress on this time. A huge white magnolia was in her hair. Pearls adorned her ears. Kaze-san was truly beautiful. “Why are so lovely?” Sakura asked. Kaze-san moved behind the tenshi-chi and cuddled close. Sakura breathed in her sweet scent. Jasmines slept on her skin. The tenshi-chi relaxed.

“Do you know why these rings are special?” Kaze-san asked. Sakura shook her head gently. Kaze-san leaned in close. “They are symbols of love.” she whispered. “Symbols of love?” Sakura asked. “Yes,” Kaze-san answered. “When two people are in love, they give each other a ring and put them on this finger as a symbol of their love.” The angel ghost reached down to Sakura’s left hand and touched her ring finger. “Will it be good for Spike?” Sakura asked in whisper. Kaze-san smiled. “Do you love him?” she asked. “I… don’t know….” the tenshi-chi murmured. The angel ghost smiled. “The answer is in your heart.” Kaze-san replied. Then, she touched Sakura’s breast tenderly. The tenshi-chi loosely shut her eyes. Her scent was so peaceful…

“Miss!” a voice called to the tenshi-chi. Sakura came to earth again. “Hm?” she asked. A young clerk was waiting for her. She had been waiting for minutes. Sakura felt bad for holding her up like that.

“Can I help you?” the clerk asked. “Uh… yes…” the tenshi-chi spoke up. “How much for those ring?” The clerk’s mood became pleasant. “58,825.36.” she answered. (That’s $500.00) “I think I have that.” Sakura said. Then, she reached in her purse and pulled out her detit card. Spike her the pink card as a gift so she could handle her money. This is the reason for getting Spike a gift. But, there was another reason…

The clerk smiled. “Thank you,” she said. Then she took the card and rang up the rings. The clerk handed the tenshi-chi a pen. “Just sign the amount you need and your name.” she said. “All right.” Sakura replied. She did so with beauty and grace. Faye taught her how to sign checks. Spike taught her how to do it wisely. The clerk took it and returned the detit card. Sakura put it back in her purse.

The clerk gave Sakura the rings and her receipt. “Arigato.” Sakura said as she bowed. “You’re welcome.” the clerk said. Then, Sakura took her new items and left.

Spike sat on a bench outside smoking. He waiting for Sakura to finish shopping. He taught her to spend her money wisely. If he hadn’t, the tenshi-chi would have serious debt like Faye.

Spike had finished his cig and was about to go get another one when his fingers touched something hard and cold in his jacket pocket. The cowboy looked down. What was this he was touching?

The cowboy drew the object out. In his hand was a pink jade bracelet shaped into butterflies. Spike instantly recognized it. This was the bracelet from his dreams. Why did he have it?

“Spike!” a voice called. The cowboy instantly looked up. Sakura was hurrying over to him. Spike quickly put the bracelet away and stood up. The tenshi-chi caught up with him.

“Hi Sakura,” Spike greeted her. The tenshi-chi smiled. “I got you a present.” she said. “Really?” Spike asked. “Uh-huh.” the tenshi-chi perked. Then, she pulled out a red velvet box and opened it. Spike’s eyes widened at the sight of the silver ring with Kanji on it. “Here Spike.” Sakura said. The cowboy was hesitant to take the ring at first. But then he took it and put it on. Sakura smiled. “Uh… thanks…” Spike said at last. “You like it?” she asked. “Yeah!” he said. Sakura grew perky. “I’m so glad you like it!” she chirped. Spike just smiled.

Something else caught Sakura’s eye. “What’s that?” she asked when she saw the hint of pink from Spike’s jacket. Before he could speak, the tenshi-chi grabbed it and looked at it closely. She realized what the pink thing was. “That’s my…” Sakura began to say. Her voice just trailed off. Spike watched her face. His girl looked as if she would cry. The bracelet was clearly hers.

Then, Spike remembered something. “Uh, Sakura.” he said. The tenshi-chi looked up. “Hm?” she asked. The cowboy kept a hard face. He drew out the picture of the tenshi-chi over the bright pink flame. Spike handed it to her slowly. “Is this you?” he asked Sakura. The tenshi-chi looked at the photo. The cowboy waited for an answer. All he got was a somber silence. Spike kept watching. Was it something she now remembered that made her be sad like this all of a sudden?

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