Wrong Way

    It was a peaceful day on the Bebop. But that soon wouldn’t last.

    The sound of groans filled the hall. Faye was brushing her teeth when she heard them. She ignored them at first. But then they got louder. Faye threw down her toothbrush and stormed out of the bathroom.

    Faye pounded on Foxy’s door. “Foxy!” she yelled. “Are you watching porn again? Keep it down!” she yelled. Then the door opened. Foxtrot stood in the doorway in her see-through black lace underwear and black stilettos. Faye stood silent. “Nani?” Foxtrot asked. “Uh…” the cowgirl began. “Could you turn your porn down?” The fire kitsune eyed her hard. “I’m not watching porn.” she said. Faye stared hard. “If you’re not watching porn, then who….” she asked. The groans grew even louder. Sakura, Ed, Cherry, and Francesca came out to the hall. “Is the pig at it again?” Fran asked bitterly. “Sounds like it.” Cherry said. “Want to check?” Foxy asked. They didn’t want to. But checking on Kuroito had to be done.
    The girl walked to Kuroito’s door. The groans were at full blast now. “You knock Fan.” Foxy said. Francesca looked up and glared at the fire demon. “Me?!?” she snapped. “Why the hell me?!?” Foxy snickered. “Cause,” she said. “He’s your soul mate!” The assassin’s face grew red. “That was just a one-night stand!” she yelled. Foxy smirked. “Yeah, sure.” she said. Fran’s anger flared. “Shut up!” she yelled. Then they broke into another brawl.

    While Foxtrot and Francesca fought, Sakura knocked on the door. “Kuroito!” she called out. The girl’s looked up. The girls looked up. “Uh…” the demon called out. “Give me a minute!” The girls heard crashing noises from inside. They were lost. “What’s he doing?” Cherry asked. “Dunno!” Ed exclaimed. Fran snorted. “Hiding another bitch!” she growled. Foxy eyed her. “Uh-oh! Is that jealousy I smell?” she asked. Francesca glared at her. “IIE!!!” she yelled. Foxtrot snickered.

    At last, the door opened. The girls looked to see Kuroito himself. He had nothing but sheets around his waist. He looked eased. “Hai ladies?” the oni lord asked them. Sakura asked:

    “Kuroito, what’s that noise?” Everyone froze. “Uh… what noise??” the demon asked. “The groaning!” Faye spoke up. The oni lord looked. “What groaning?” Kur asked. The girls looked. They didn’t buy it. Francesca stepped forward. “Move!” she said sharply. Kuroito grew a little nervous. “Naze baby?” he asked. The wind oni glared a death glare at him. He grinned nervous and stepped away.

    The girls ventured into his room. Women’s underwear was everywhere. Porn pics were on the walls. Porn mags and books were on the floor. It was…. well…. a pervert’s heaven. Faye and Francesca were disgusted. Foxy felt proud. Sakura, Ed, and Cherry didn’t mind it. “See?” Kuroito asked. “There’s nothing here. So go back to your little rooms and….” Just then, Francesca sensed something. She pushed Ed aside and walked straight to the closet. Her senses grew stronger. Kuroito fell into silent panic. “Oh crap! She knows!” he thought. Francesca smirked as she opened the closet door. The other girls were stunned.

    A girl of fourteen sat in the closet. She too had sheets wrapped around her body. She looked like a scared rabbit. Francesca grinned. “Found you!” she said. The girl was in fear for her life. Kuroito rushed forward and pulled the girl out of the closet. “Wait!” he yelled. “Let me explain!” All of the girls glared and eyed him. *Sweat drop on the oni lord’s head*
    “Come, come. Sit down and I’ll explain this poor lamb’s story.” Kuroito said at last. Sakura, Cherry, and Ed complied. Foxy did so too. Due to the panties and porn on the floor, Faye and Francesca chose to stand up. Kuroito watched them. “All right, stand if you want.” he said. He held the girl tight in his arms.

    “This poor soul was a runaway.” the oni lord began. The girls were in silent shock. “I was looking for babes, when I saved her.” Kuroito continued. “There she was, on the streets all alone. With her dark ginger hair and fair skin, I was turned on. So I walked causally over to her. ‘Hey there,’ I said slyly. ‘What’s a hot little thing like you doing out on the streets by yourself?’ She looked so forlorn. The little lamb grasped me tight. I was surprised myself. ‘Is something wrong?’ I asked. Then she told me about how her father and brothers were abusive and too horny. Her dad put her on the streets to make some money. She had been there for four months now.

    “I felt pity for her. So I said: ‘Want to come home with me?’ She smiled and said yes. So she walked home with me and we’ve been together for weeks.”

    Kuroito eyed his audience. They weren’t amused. “Nani?” he asked. “You don’t believe me?” They glared at him.

    The oni sighed. “Fine,” he said. “Don’t believe? Well, okay. But it’s true.” “As if!” Fran snapped. *Sweat drop on Kuroito and the girl’s heads*

    Then Foxy paused. The others looked up. “What is it, Foxy?” Sakura asked. “Someone’s coming.” the fire oni said. Everyone froze. The girl grew nervous. “Cherry,” Faye spoke up. The cupid-chan looked up. “Go look and see who it is.” Fay continued. Cherry nodded and flew to the door.

    Minutes passed. Cherry back out of breath. “The police!” she exclaimed. “The police are here!!!” Everyone fell in shock. “They’re after me!” the girl cried. All eyes fell upon her. “Kuroito was right!” she wailed. “I am a runaway and he did save me!”

    “So now what?” Kuroito asked. Francesca grew pissed. “Tell the truth, of course!” she howled. Then she grabbed the oni lord by the arm and dragged him to the front door.
    Two cops were waiting outside. They spotted Kuroito and Francesca approaching them. The fuzz changed to a serious mode.

    “Hai?” Fran asked. “Ohayoo sama.” the first cop said. “Ohayoo.” the wind oni said. “You’ve seen a runaway girl around here?” the other cop asked. “Iie!” Kuroito exclaimed. “We haven’t seen any girls anywhe-!” “We have her with us!” Francesca interrupted. Kuroito grew nervous. “Where?” the first cop asked. “Right this way.” Fran said. Then she dragged the oni lord back to the ship with her.

    The assassin led the cops to Kuroito’s room. And low and below, there was the runaway. She had now gotten dressed in a black miniskirt and a gold t-shirt. The girl saw the cops and panicked. “Now, now, I won’t hurt you,” the first cop said as he slowly stepped forward. “Just come with me. We’ll take you home.” At that the runaway fell into fear. She jolted for the door and ran as fast as she could! “After her!!!” the police yelled together. Then everyone ran after her.

    The chase began hard. Kuroito flew ahead of the others. “Babe!” he called to the girl. She looked and saw him beside her. “I know how you can escape.” the oni lord said to the runaway. “Really?” she asked. “How?” “Run to the Shinto shrine, no one will chase you there.” Kuroito said. “Are you sure?” the girl asked. “Hai.” the demon said. “Okay.” she said. Then the runaway sped ahead. Kuroito watched her run. He hoped she would make it.
    The girl kept running. Up ahead, she saw a Shinto shrine with a torii. The runaway grew joyful. “Kur-kun was right!” she thought. So the girl sped up.

    The runaway almost made it to the torii… only to be grabbed from behind. She turned her head slowly. The cops were holding her tight. She blinked hard. It was true! The runaway had lost. The police caught her. It was over.

    “She’s going to a shelter for runaways.” Sakura said days later. “She’ll be in better hands now.” “Hm.” Kuroito said. The tenshi-chi looked. “You’re not upset?” she asked him. The oni lord shook his head. “Naze?” Sakura asked. “Cause,” Kuroito said as he turned to her from the ocean. “I have the hot memories of her!” He snickered in lust. Sakura just eyed him befuddled. He and Foxy still didn’t make sense to her!

See You in Space Oni….