Welcome Home

    Today was a fresh day. The sea was calm. The sky was blue. For Sakura, it was a good day. Now if Spike was here, things would be better. Either way, the day was great.
    “Sakura-sama!” a voice called. The tenshi-chi turned to see Cherry. The cupid-chan stood perky and cute. Even her smile could bring light to the world.
    “Hai?” Sakura asked. Cherry’s smile grew into a grin. “I have a feeling,” she began. “You’ll be crying no more!” The tenshi-chi eyed her. “What do you…” she began to ask. Then it hit her!
    “Do you mean Spike?” Sakura asked. Cherry grinned hard. “I’m not telling!” she exclaimed. Then she ran away giggling. Sakura watched her. “Spike’s coming home?” she thought. Joy slowly grew in her heart. “Spike’s coming home!” Sakura thought again. She almost rejoiced. But then the tenshi-chi paused. What if this wasn’t true? She’d have to wait and see. So Sakura decided to keep it to herself.
    Once inside, Sakura plotted what to wear. This was a special occasion, so she had to wear something really fancy. She looked for half an hour. Finally, the tenshi-chi found something. It was her lovely sugar pink kimono and burgundy obi. This was a really outfit and she rarely wore it. But today, was a special day. Sakura quickly took the kimono out and got dressed.
    Sakura sat down on the yellow sofa and waited. It was clear to her. Spike was coming home. She just needed to wait even longer. But this time, the tenshi-chi was happy.
    Hours went by. But Sakura didn’t care. Spike was coming home. It was only a matter of time….
    Night arrived. Sakura’s excitement flourished. She just couldn’t wait! The pain was fading away.
    Then, the door opened. The tenshi-chi’s heart raced. She rose quickly to her feet. She drew in a deep breath. Here it was! The moment of truth! But, wait. What if it wasn’t Spike? The pain started to return.
    But then, Sakura remembered Ben’s watch. If he could survive being alone, she could have hope that the cowboy would return. And with that, Sakura’s hope rose up from the ashes of despair. The tenshi-chi returned to walking.
    And low and behold, there he was. Spike Spiegel himself. He looked worn out but he was alive and in one piece. He saw Sakura overjoyed. The cowboy smirked and said: “Hey there, dear.” Sakura rushed to Spike and held him close. “You’re home!” she whispered aloud. “You’re home!” “Yeah.” Spike said. “Just as I promised.”
    Just as I promised. Those words. They sounded so familiar. Where had Sakura heard them from? They were just so…. gentle. She held him closer to her. Spike just smirked.
    Later that night, Sakura slept in Spike’s bed again. The cowboy watched her sleep. The tenshi-chi was lovely sleeping so peacefully. She wasn’t an angel anymore. Oh no! Sakura was now a megami!
    Again, Spike found something. Sakura was even hotter than last time. And even tastier than before. Spike became completely aroused. He wanted Sakura. Not for a moment, but forever. He wanted her to be his woman, now and forever. Yes! Forever.
But… something held him back. What was it? What was it that held Spike back from making Sakura his? Was it Julia? Iie. It was a deeper reason. One that could ruin them both forever. But what was it? What was it?
    Spike looked around the room. On the end of the bed, he found Sakura’s third scroll. The cowboy reached for it. Perhaps this would provide the answer. Once the cowboy received the tenshi-chi’s letter, he began to read it quietly. Here is what he read:

        My Little Lass:
        Tomorrow we see battle. All of the training will pay off. And best of all, in the end, we will be together again. I     will return to you. Just as I promised. Wait for me.

    Spike paused. Those…. sounded like….. his words…. Did he write this? And if he did, when? It all seemed too familiar. Did he know Sakura before they met? Was that the reason Spike couldn’t court Sakura?
See You in Space Cowboy…