Cross Fire

    “Bai Spike!” Sakura called out. Spike waved back. Then he headed to his Swordfish. The tenshi-chi watched on. When he was gone, she began to pace around. Then, something caught Sakura’s eye. Her can of pepper spray was laying on the coffee table. The tenshi-chi’s eyes grew big. “He left his pepper spray!” she thought. Sakura walked to it and picked up the can. “I must get this to him immediately!” she thought. Then she flew out the door.

    She sat above the skies. She was like a lone wolf. Still and serene. Then…. She lifted her head and saw a hikari below. “Is that…. Hai! It is!” she thought. Joy flowed through her. “Fun time!” she thought. Then she jumped down from the sky.

    Sakura flew around the city. “I don’t see him anywhere.” she thought as she looked for Spike. Suddenly, the kaze picked up. (Kaze= “Wind” in Jap.) Sakura felt it but it didn’t affect her flight. “That’s strange!” she thought. “The kaze isn’t usually this bad here. Nani’s going on?” The kaze grew stronger. It began slowly to push her around. But the tenshi-chi kept flying.

    Soon, the kaze was completely powerful. It was knocking Sakura around and violently. She tried to fight it off but it was useless. “Ahhh!!!! Help!!!” the tenshi-chi cried. But nai one heard her. All she could do was ride with the kaze. Whether she wanted to or not!

    Back on the Bebop, Kuroito suddenly awoke. He could sense her more than ever. “My love! She has returned!” he thought. Then he rose to his feet and sink into the floor. Foxtrot watched him. “Nani’s with him?” she thought. Foxy just shrugged and went to the bathroom to wash her hair.

    Sakura still battled the kaze. And it was a losing battle. Then it donned on her! “This is a spell!!!” Sakura thought. “But who is causing this?” Then she had an idea. Thee tenshi-chi flew upward. And sure enough, the kaze followed her. Then she swooped down. The kaze went down as well. When she sped up, it sped up too. “I have to keep this up!” the tenshi-chi thought.

    Kuroito was watching from above. “Nai one has beaten that game!” he thought. “Unless, she can out fly it.” Kuroito watched closer.

    Sakura kept dodging the kaze spell. Then she saw… “Swordfish!” she thought. Up ahead was Spike’s Swordfish parked near the bar. She was almost home free. But the kaze had different plans.

    It picked up with great force. The tenshi-chi wasn’t paying attention. The kaze opened its huge mouth and swallowed her whole. “Ahhhhh!!!” Sakura screamed.

    From inside the bar, Spike heard her scream. He jerked his head up and looked outside. Sakura was being blown around mercilessly. The man thought he had been drinking too much. Then Sakura began falling hard. Spike rushed from his stool and dashed outside to catch her.

    “Helllllp!!!!” Sakura cried as she fell. She was dropping fast. Would this be the true end of her this time? Then… THUD!!!! She felt herself lying back and toppling. She heard someone say “Whoa!!!” Then, they stopped. Sakura opened her eyes and looked. Spike was holding her tightly. He was panting hard. The tenshi-chi was over-grateful. “Arigato Spike!” she exclaimed. Spiked didn’t say anything at first. Silence passed.

    “Sakura,” Spike said at last. “Hm. Hai Spike?” the tenshi-chi asked. “Nani the hell are you doing here?!?” the cowboy asked. “You forgot to get this.” Sakura said as she handed him the pepper spray can. “Uh…. arigato.” Spike said. The tenshi-chi’s eyes lip up. “He appreciates it!” she thought.

    Right then, they heard a female laughing. The pair looked up. A kuro cloud formed and swirled about. Then it lessened. In its place stood a young woman. She had kuro hair pinned up and aka eyes. She was smirking at them. “Well, well, well!” she said. “You passed my spell!” Sakura caught on. “It was you!” she yelled. “You were the one with that kaze spell on me!” The woman laughed louder. “Very good little princess!” she yelled. “But naze?!?”         Sakura yelled. The woman stopped and glared at her. “Cause,” she said. “I can’t stand sweet and cuteness. And you are just that!” Sakura grew nervous. The woman grinned. “I’m enjoying this so much!!!” she thought.

    Then, the woman turned. She sensed something behind her. “All right pig!!!” she yelled. “Come out! I know it’s you!” In an instant, Kuroito descended down from the sky. The duo was confused. Kuroito was rejoicing. “Francesca my love!!!” he yelled. The woman looked at him as if he was on crack. Spike and Sakura were really lost now.

    Kuroito then tried to seize the woman in a sensual embrace. But she pushed him away quickly. “Don’t touch me you scum bag!!!” she screeched. “Aww!!! Naze not Francesca?” the oni welled. “Cause, YOU’RE A SICK BASTARD!!!” Francesca yelled.

    “Uh… sumimasen…” Sakura spoke up. Both of them looked. “Nani?!?” Francesca snapped. “Nani’s going on?” the tenshi-chi asked. Kuroito stepped up. “Francesca is my future wife!!!” he said with a grin. *Spike and Sakura fall down* “That’s not true!” the woman yelled. “It was only a one-night stand!!!” “How could someone like her fall for someone like him?” Spike asked. “I don’t know!!!” Sakura replied. Kuroito just grinned with pride!

See You in Space Oni…