Muse’s Song

    Sakura showed up at Club Dreamer’s three nights later. She tapped on the door lightly hard. The tenshi-chi waited patiently. A peephole opened wide. The man she met look out. He saw Sakura. “Hey,” the tenshi-chi said. “It’s me. I’m here.” The man grinned. “You’re here.” said he. He quickly opened the door. And there stood Tenshi Sakura. She looked even lovelier than before. Like a tenshi. The man was completely aroused.

    “I’m here for the job.” Sakura said. The man grinned like a cat. “Excellent!” he said. “Come right on in!” The tenshi-chi complied. The man shut the door behind them.

    Spike walked into the den on the Bebop. He looked around the room. Ed was on her computer and Ein was sleeping on the floor. But no Sakura. That just didn’t seem right.

    “Ed.” the cowboy spoke up. The hacker looked up. “Hai Spike-Spike?” she asked. “Have you seen Sakura?” Spike asked. “Yep-yep!” Ed exclaimed. “Tenshi-lady said she had to meet someone tonight.” Spike stood still. “That’s not like her.” he thought. “She would always tell me where she’s going.” He eyed Ed for a moment. “Ed,” the cowboy said again. “Did Sakura happen to say where she was going?” “Nope.” the hacker said. Spike kept quiet. “Arigato Ed,” he said. “You told me everything I needed to know.” Then he rushed out the door. Ed watched on. “Oro?” she asked.

    Sakura was in a room by herself. White lacy curtains were everywhere. She had on a skimpy lacy light pink short dress with long white panty hoses. She looked like a goddess. A knock came on her door. “Come in.” Sakura said. The door opened. The owner eyed her had. He became aroused by her again. Sakura watched on. “Ya ready?” the owner asked. “Hai san.” the tenshi-chi said. “Let’s go!” he said. And Sakura followed him down the hall.

    They came to a room covered in red silk curtains. Sakura sat down on a black bar stool. The owner watched her. “Any questions?” he asked. “Hai,” Sakura said. “What do I have to do?” The owner grinned. “All you have to do doll cakes,” he said. “Is strip for the cameras and do a few sexy poses.” The owner gave off a sexy wink and grin to give an example for a pose. The tenshi-chi looked lost. “There are cameras?” she asked. “Hai.” the owner said. Sakura looked around. “Where?” she asked. “All around.” said he. “I don’t see them.” the tenshi-chi said. “You can’t,” the owner said. “They’re well hidden in the peep holes in the walls and ceiling.” “Oh.” Sakura said. “Anymore questions?” the owner asked. “Iie.” the tenshi-chi said. “Good.” he said. Then the owner headed out. “Make me proud!” he called out. “Okay.” Sakura said. Then the owner shut the door.

    Elsewhere at Iitaka manor, Katsuko was running check-up tests on Kawa. “Health is normal,” Katsuko said. “Try speech.” “Ka-tsu-chan.” Kawa said slowly. “Good.” the girl said. “Everything’s all green. You’re okay.” Then she shut the machine off. Kawa sat up tall.     Katsuko walked to him. He looked lovely for a young ghost-chan. If he wasn’t her “brother”, she would fall in love with him. “Katsu-chan.” Kawa spoke up. The girl looked up. “Hai?” she asked. “When are you going to put in more info about your brother into me?” the ghost-chan asked. Katsuko paused. Her eyes slowly filled with tears. This had to stop somewhere. And this had to be now!

    “Katsu-chan.” Kawa spoke up again. “What’s wrong?” “I can’t.” Katsuko said. Kawa paused. “I can’t…” his “sister” continued. Kawa was getting ready to ask what can’t she do. Then the phone rang. “I’ve got it.” he said. Then the ghost-chan got up off the bench and walked to the phone. Katsuko just stood there with tears in her eyes. She couldn’t do it. But the girl would have to tell him sometime. And the sooner, the better.

    “Katsu-chan!” Kawa called. The girl looked up. “Spike’s on the phone.” the ghost-chan said. “He can’t find Sakura-sama.” Katsuko rushed to the phone. “Spike? Sakura’s lost? Hai, we’ll help you! Just hang tight! We’ll let you know. Bai!” she said on the phone. Then the girl hung up. She turned to her “brother”. “Kawa,” Katsuko said. “Run a search of the whole city.” “Hai sama.” the ghost-chan said. Then he held out his hand and shut his eyes.

    “I found her!” Kawa exclaimed ten minutes later. Katsuko looked up. “Where? Where?” she asked frantically. “Turn on the computer.” the ghost-chan said. The girl quickly turned on the Dell. Kawa put his hand through the wires. An image came up on the screen. Katsuko looked in close. And low and behold, there was Tenshi Sakura. She was stripping and was down to her panty hoses, bra, and panties. Katsuko was stunned in disgrace. Still, she listened close. “Whoa baby!” men were yelling. “Whatta babe! Woot! Damn she’s hot! Give this kitty some milk! Nya-Nya!” Never in her life had Katsuko seen such disgrace! Never! This had to end now! “Kawa! Get Spike on the phone now!” she yelled. “Hai sama!” the ghost-chan exclaimed. Then he ran off to comply.

    “Yeah doll cakes!” the owner yelled as Sakura was pulled off her panty hoses. “Show off those sexy legs!!!” Sweat had formed on the tenshi-chi’s back and neck from the hot lights. All the more to make her sexier. “Yeah tease them up bit!” the owner yelled. “Now lose you the bra!!!” Sakura sat still clueless. “What’s wrong?” the owner asked. “I don’t know how to take this off.” Sakura replied. She had on one of those lace-up bras and it was tied up tight. “I’ve never worn this type of bra before!” Sakura exclaimed. The owner was stunned. “Never worn a lace-up bra before, eh?” he mumbled. “How kinky!” “Well, forget the bra.” the owner said to her. “Go for the panties!” Sakura slowly slid her lacy pink panties off. “Excellent!” the owner called. “Now play with yourself.” “Oro?” Sakura asked. “With fingers.” the owner continued. “Where?” the tenshi-chi asked. “Between your legs.” the owner said. Sakura looked down. “I can’t.” she said. “Why not?” the owner asked. “He said no one can touch me there….” the tenshi-chi trailed off.

    “That’s right.” Kaze-san said to her in another dream. “No one is allowed to touch you. Only he can touch you. Only he can touch you, And he will do that when he gets back. Do you understand?” Sakura nodded. “Good.” Kaze-san said. Then she kissed the young tenshi-chi on the lips and went away, Sakura went out in another daze. This time the light around her was softer.

    “NANI?!?” Spike yelled. “SHE’S AT CLUB DREAMER’S?!?” “Hai.” Katsuko said calmly. “WHERE THE FUCK IT THAT?!?” the cowboy yelled. “Kawa will send the coordinates to you.” the girl said. Then she went off the phone. Spike gritted his teeth and began running to find Sakura.

    At Club Dreamer’s Sakura’s light grew stronger. “What the fuck are you doing?!?” the owner yelled as he rushed into the room. “We’re losing the damn customers!!!” He came up behind the tenshi-chi. “Here,” the owner said. “I’ll show you.” He grabbed her tight and stuck his hand in her crotch. As soon as the owner touched her entry, Sakura’s eyes grew big with fear. Her light increased really fast. Soon, there was a huge explosion. Not much is known about what happened after that. But after that, Sakura was flying over the city with thin silk curtain wrapped around her lovely naked body.

    Around that time, Spike looked up and saw the sky in bright colors. He blinked hard. The sky was still bright. “What the hell’s going on?!?” Spike thought. Worries about Sakura grew stronger. So the cowboy ran faster.

    Downtown, Spike was met with a strange surprise. Almost every mystic was gathered in the center plaza. They were out in daze and looking up at the statue of the Dragon Maiden. The owners were all panicking and yelling at them to move but they got no response in return. Spike viewed everything. He was so lost! What the fuck was going on?

    But when Spike looked up, he had his answer. Sakura was standing on top of the statue. She too was in a daze and glowing bright through her silk curtain. The cowboy had to shield his eyes from the light. “Oro?!?” he thought. “What the hell is this?” Sakura stood up there for hours. Then she started falling gracefully slow. Spike grew worried and rushed to her. He caught her quickly. At that moment, the mystics returned to normal.

    All around, there were questions in concern for the mystics. “Are you all right? What happened to you?” they asked. “I don’t know. Sorry I worried you.” the mystics would reply.

    All seemed well. But not for Spike. Sakura was still out cold. “Sakura! Sakura!” Spike called out as he tried to shake her awake, But it was useless. The tenshi-chi was completely out cold and deaf in her cold darkness to hear him.

Cold Darkness