Sleeping Desires

    “So, tell us again,” Kuroito said to Cherry. “Who are you and nani do you want?” “I’m Cherry!” the girl exclaimed. “I an here to find the savior.” Silence came over the small group. “So,” said Foxtrot. “Nani the hell are you?” “A cupid-chan!” the little girl exclaimed. “Wha?” Soot asked. “A cupid-in-training.” Cherry explained. “Oh.” Soot said. “Nani does that mean?” *Sweat drops on all but Soot and Cherry’s heads* Cherry opened her mouth to talk. “I am training to become a cupid.” she said. Silence came over the group again. “If you are a cupid-chan,” Mandy began. “Do something for me.” Soot and Bem grew suspicious. “Oh?” Cherry said. “Nani would that be?” “Could you have Spike and Sakura fall in love with each other?” Mandy asked. Her fellow interns were shocked. “Mandy!” Soot exclaimed. “Nani are you saying?!?” “Well, naze not?” Mandy replied. “Isn’t it obvious? They’re going to end up together, anyway.” “And….” said Bemmer. “Might as well make it go faster.” his friend finished. Both boys were silent.

    Mandy turned to Cherry. “Could you do it?” she asked her. “Well…” the cupid-chan began. “The first part has been done for me.” *Everyone face faults* “Nani do you mean?” Mandy asked. “I can’t explain it.” Cherry answered. *Rest of group falls down* “Nani?” the cupid-chan asked cluelessly.

    Spike was almost out to the Swordfish when someone yelled: “Wait Spike!” He stopped and turned. Sakura was rushing towards him. “Nani?” he asked. “You forgot this.” Sakura said as she handed him a small aka metal can. “Pepper spray?” Spike asked. “Hai.” the tenshi-chi said. “Nani for?” the cowboy asked. “To protect yourself.” Sakura said. Spike just looked at her and gave her a witty smirk. “Arigato,” said he as he took the pepper spray. “But I can take care of myself.” Then Spike headed out to the Swordfish. Sakura just stood there. “Be careful.” she said weakly.

    Sakura sat down on the couch. She felt drained. That was easy, wasn’t it? If it was, then nani was wrong with her? The tenshi-chi felt like crying. Then there was this pain in her heart. It was weak, but it wouldn’t go away. Sakura just sighed.

    “Hi Sakura!” Mandy exclaimed. The tenshi-chi looked up. Mandy was leaning over the stairway railing, looking down and grinning. “Oh, hi Mandy.” Sakura said sadly. “Nani’s wrong?” the intern girl asked. “I don’t know.” Sakura sighed. Mandy just listened.

    “I don’t know naze I feel down.” Sakura continued. “I wasn’t this way before Spike left. And now that he’s gone, I feel weak.” Mandy felt pity for her. Then something hit her. She didn’t know if she should tell Sakura or not. But in the end, Mandy kept her mouth shut and said: “I’ll be right back.” “Okay.” Sakura said pitifully. Then Mandy ran off.

    “Cherry!!!!” Mandy yelled as she hurried down the hall. “Hai?” the cupid-chan asked. “I found out nani the first part is!” the intern exclaimed. Cherry grinned. “Sakura likes him.” she said. Mandy nodded. “And she doesn’t know.” Cherry said. “Hai!” the intern yelled. “Just as I suspected.” the cupid-chan said. “Hai!” Mandy exclaimed. “So will you bring them together now?” “All right,” said Cherry. “Does he feel the same for her?” Mandy face vaulted. She just shook her head. “Hmm… I see.” the cupid-chan said. “I’ll witness the answer for myself.” Mandy nodded.

    Hours later, Sakura heard footsteps. Her heart leapt. “He’s home!” she thought. Then the tenshi-chi leapt up from the couch and rushed to the door. And sure enough, here came Spike looking a bit upset. When she came to him, Sakura glomped him lighting fast. “Whoa!!!” Spike yelled. “You’re home.” Sakura murmured. Spike sighed. “Hai, I am.” he said kinda disappointed sounding.

See You In Space, Tenshi