The Kaze Dies Down

“Is she *pant* all right *pant*?” Jest asked. Spike smiled. “Yes, she is.” the cowboy answered. “That’s good.” the old dog said. “Yes it is!” a voice perked up. The boys turned to see Cherry as perky as ever. She had come out of her daze and was standing tall. “Good to see her back.” Spike said flatly. “Uh-huh.” Jest said. *Sweat drops on both guys’ head*

Then, they heard someone groaning. The trio turned to see Yuji. He was just waking up. Jet and Spike eyed each other. This was payback time!

Yuji fully came to and saw Jet. “Hmm…” the priest said when he saw the old dog. “Hey asshole.” Jet spoke up. “You Ugaki Yuji?” “What do you mean, of course I am!” the priest snapped. Jet grinned. Then he violently punched Yuji in the face. Spike watched as his partner beat Yuji like a dog.

Jet held the priest tight. Spike walked closer. “All right smart ass,” he snapped. “Start talking! Why the hell did you kidnap Sakura?!?” Jest kicked Yuji again. The priest grew afraid. This had grown dangerous. He hadn’t planned what to do if he was caught. These guys meant business. Now what?

“I didn’t kidnap her!” Yuji lied in desperation. The bounty hunters froze. “What?!?” they asked in unison. “Uh…” Yuji began. “She followed me, yeah that’s it. She followed me.”

“He said he kidnapped her.” a voice spoke up. All turned to see Fuji floating in air. She too was out of her coma. The pixie had her serious face like typical. “I heard him myself,” she continued. “I cannot lie. My master created me to tell the truth no matter what. And my master said to Sakura that he kidnapped her.”

The room was silent. Yuji looked as if he was going to throw up. Spike turned to the priest. “Well,” he said. “It looks like your pixie is more useful than you.” Yuji grew sick. Jet dropped him to the ground.

“We’ll be taking the little lady for questioning if you don’t mind.” Jet spoke up. “But…” Yuji began. Spike and his partner glared at the priest. The hacker grew quiet. “And just to be safe,” Jet went on. Cherry stepped forward. “You will give Cherry your word to let us take your pixie in case you get any ideas to claim that we kidnapped her.” the old dog said. “Go on!” Cherry urged. “Say it!” Yuji wished he were still out cold.

“Yes, I give you permission.” the priest said reluctantly. “Good.” Jet said. Then he joined Spike, who had Sakura in his arms, Cherry, and Fuji and they left Yuji all alone.

The priest felt sick all over again. He had one question to ask himself. Okay, maybe two. Where did he go wrong? And was it worth it?

See You in Space Priest