The Hunters

A little fair bunny flew straight through Heaven in a flash. All of the angels watched in intend. This had to be big news. The bunny flew straight to the big golden doors of the Angel Administrators’ office. It evaporated into liquid dust and flew into the key hole. Inside, the top official was writing at her desk. “Come on,” she said without looking up at the messenger. The vapor materialized into the bunny again. The top official still didn’t look up. “Yes, Shisha?” she said in her usual monotone voice. The little bunny kept floating around in the air. “We have found!” Shisha yelled at the top of its lungs. The official slowly looked up from her work at the rabbit. “Do you have the right girl this time?” she asked cautiously. “Yes! Yes!” Shisha yelled in excitement. “She’s on Mars in the Living Realm!!!” This was GREAT news for the Angel Administrators. For months, they had been trying to track down Sakura. So far, they had no leads. But now, the Angel Administrators were finally getting somewhere.

The top official pushed the gold call button on her ivory and silver desk. A low crackle came through the air. “Yes san?” a voice on the other end replied. “Assemble the whole administration!” the top official ordered. “This is the big one!” “Right away, san!” the operator replied. Then, the two-way box cut off. Right then, the top official rose to her feet and rushed out of her office. Shisha just disintegrated into thin air when the door slammed shut.

All of the angel administrators sat around the long oak table. They were all curious to wonder why they were called away from their current jobs and homes. What was going on now? At long last, the heavy oak doors blew open. Everyone in the room looked up. The top official stepped into room boldly. Her subordinates noticed something strange about her on this occasion. Their leader was smiling for once. This really had to be good news this time. The top official slammed her pale white palms onto the table loudly. “We have found her!” she exclaimed. All was silent for a moment. One of the other officials raised his hand. “Are you sure this is the right one this time?” he asked. All of the others stared at their leader. “Yes!” she answered. “And she’s perfectly alive and well in the Living Realm on Mars.” Whispers fluttered around everywhere. Then, came a pause in the room. It was a happy pause. The top official kept smiling. The angel administrators have been trying to track down Sakura for years now. Their mission was to find the young tenshi-chi and bring her back to Heaven for good. As said before, they had no leads or luck of finding the little sweetheart. So, imagine what great bliss and shock came with such great news.

“We start our mission, now.” the top official spoke again. Everyone stared at her in stunned silence again. “Right now?” a young official asked at last. “But isn’t that a little too soon?” The top official glared at him coldly. “Listen pal,” she snapped. “I have spent years trying to find ‘Heaven’s little princess!’ We have found her now and I’m not wasting any time we taking her back! If we stall any longer, Mars will be in Hell because of her and her daddy! We’ve come all of this way and I REFUSE TO GIVE UP NOW!!! YOU GOT ME?!?” Her subordinates nodded in terror. The top official clammed down again. “And besides, Kami told us to start as soon as we found her.” she went on. “Any more questions?” The others just shook their heads in terror. Their leader smiled. “Good,” she said. “Now that we all have an understanding, let’s go!” Then she headed out of the room in a pompous march. The others followed behind reluctantly.

Meanwhile on Mars, night had fallen in a heavy cloak. Zen and Vita were lying asleep on the roof of the hospital. All was peaceful and quiet. Until something woke Vita up sharply. The scent of the air became bitter. “Oh shit!” she thought in a panic. That only meant one thing…

Vita hit Zen awake violently. “Zen!” she hissed. “Get up! Get up! We’ve got problems!” The demon slowly awoke in slight pain. He saw his panther’s face in worried anger. “*Yawn* What’s wrong dear?” he asked tiredly. Vita grabbed him viciously by the collar. “They have found her!” the demon snapped. “The pigs are after her! They have found her and now they want to take her back to Heaven! If we don’t act fast, we won’t get a chance to kill her!” Zen fully opened his eyes. A silent pause came and went. The demon smiled and replied, “Don’t worry, they won’t do so. Just relax, the right moment will come.”

This angrier Vita even more. That was all he said during this unexplained mission. She just couldn’t stand it anymore! “I am sick of waiting!” the demon snapped. “That’s all we’ve ever done since day one! I can’t take it anymore! I’m going to go after Sakura myself! Feel free to join me if you like!” And with that, Vita rose to her feet and flew off to the weak source of the tenshi-chi’s power. Zen just lied there smiling. “Oh, Vita.” he thought. “All I wanted was her to find him at long last.” Then, he just rose to his feet and flew after Vita. “Now, I have to make she doesn’t cause too much damage!” he thought. In his heart of hearts, Zen knew that was difficult task. But he just had to try or else more trouble would follow them than it was already.

See You in Space, Angels and Demons