Sakura Lullaby

   Sakura read her letter again. This nani it said:

        My Little Lass:

        Training is tough here. But I know it will be worth it. I have you to look forward to afterwards. Hai! I’m looking forward to see you again. I really miss you. Be strong. In three days, I’ll see battle. But I will be waiting for you.


    Waiting for me.” Sakura thought. She breathed out slowly. “Hai. That’s right.” Kaze-san said to her. “He’s waiting for you.” The woman held her close. Sakura shut her eyes.

    She couldn’t explain it. But Sakura felt security when she was near Kaze-san. She was like a…. a tenshi to her.

    “Kaze-san…” the tenshi-chi murmured out. The woman looked down. “Hmm?” she asked. “Can I ask you something?” Sakura asked her. “Sure.” Kaze-san said. “Naze does my heart feel pain?” the tenshi-chi asked. She looked up at Kaze-san. The woman was smiling. “Do you know your heart?” she asked. Sakura shook her head. Kaze-san’s smile deepened.

    “To understand the answer,” she said. “You have to understand your heart.” “I don’t understand.” Sakura said. “ I will tell you eventually.” Kaze-san answered. Then she kissed Sakura on the lips. The tenshi-chi closed her eyes.

    In truth, Kaze-san knew and understood Sakura’s heart. The tenshi-chi was falling in love but didn’t know it. Didn’t understand it. Kaze-san wanted to tell the tenshi-chi so badly, but she couldn’t. Sakura still wouldn’t understand. Iie. She had to find the answer herself. Whether she wanted to or not. The woman also knew about Spike and his mysterious shoulder pains…

    Speaking of that, Spike was having another one right now. This time, the pain was worse. Spike was hutched over in pain. He was gasping for air. “Nani… Nani is this pain?” he thought. He began to bear out the pain. Finally, the pain was gone. Spike rose to his feet and headed on.

    What was this strange pain? Why did it come and go? He had it checked at the doctor a couple of days ago. He had found nothing wrong with the cowboy’s shoulder. But there had to be something wrong. Otherwise, why would he be feeling the pain?

    Spike made it back to the Bebop by sunset. It was quiet. Too quiet. Spike ignored it and kept walking.

    He found Sakura asleep in his bed. She looked so sweet and innocent sleeping there. Her lips were rich and plump. Spike felt a great urge to kiss them. Soon, he found himself kneeling over her. His face close to hers. Spike was about to kiss her when something else caught his eye. It was her pink scroll letter. The cowboy reached down and lightly pulled it away. Her hand was soft and warm. Spike about blushed when he touched her.

    Once the letter was successfully in his hands, Spike began to read the letter. This is what he read:


    They may be perfect. But are they really? Or is it some grand act so they can be loved by others? And what about angels? Are we really angels? Or ghosts in drag?


    (The last two questions came from Stan Rice, my friends. No use suing me here!)

    Spike was taken-aback by that little bit. “Nani is this?” he thought. “This is talking about the supernatural!

Angels or Ghosts?