Hard Luck Truth

Molly stood still crying. She couldn’t run anywhere now. Molly found herself trapped by the man she saw as an older brother since they first met. But now… But now… But now she didn’t know him anymore. Not after what she saw a few nights ago. Now, she just didn’t know who Spike Spiegel was anymore. But she had to say something or else he would squeeze the life out of her arm. But what could she say to him?

“I can’t say it out here.” the child priestess mumbled out at last. Spike was befuddled. “What do you mean?” the cowboy asked. Molly turned to him. Her eyes were full of tears. Spike was taken-aback. This was the first time he had seen Molly cry.

“Uh… listen Molly,” Spike spoke up. “We’ll go somewhere else and talk. Okay?” Molly said nothing but she just sobbed and nodded. “Good.” Spike said calmly. Then he let go of Molly, put his arm around her shoulders, and walked her to Swordfish.

Shoji and Sakura waited back at Oko Hospital. Sakura couldn’t help but to ask. “Himura-san.” she spoke up. Shoji looked up. “Yes?” he asked. The tenshi-chi turned to the doctor. “Who was that girl?” she asked. Shoji froze and grew pale. This was a tough question to answer. Well, it was worth a shot.

Shoji swallowed hard. “Sakura,” he spoke up. “This will take a while.” The nurse just eyed him. “Come here and listen.” the doctor said solemnly. Sakura stood in front of him and did so.

Bebop seemed deserted when Spike and Molly arrived there. Only Cherry and Fuji sat in the den. Molly sat on the couch. Spike sat opposite of her. “Now Molly,” he said. “What’s wrong? Why did you run away like that?” Molly started to cry again. Spike stayed strong this time.

“That lady in the hospital,” the child priestess began. “The tenshi-chi. Do you…. love her…?” Spike froze suddenly. Crap! This question had to come up again. Why now? And what was the true answer?

“Uh, well….” the cowboy began. He was stuck. Did he really love Sakura? And if he did, why couldn’t he say so?

“You do.” Molly interrupted. “I can see it in your eyes.” Spike kept quiet. Was he that obvious?

“I thought you were different.” the child priestess wailed out. “But you’re just like the others!” Now, Spike was confused. This made no sense now.

“What do you mean I’m just like the others?” Spike asked. Molly stared at him tearful eyes. She sobbed hard. Should she say it? Well, might as well. There was no turning back now.

“Every guy I met lusts after a mystic woman.” Molly began. “Even did is trying to date an immortal woman at work.” She took in a deep breath. “I felt close to you because I thought you weren’t interested in the supernatural.” the priestess went on. “But after I now learned about your feeling about that tenshi-chi, I see I was wrong.”

Spike took a moment to let it sink in. These were powerful words coming out of an eccentric girl’s mouth. But yet…

“Molly,” Spike spoke again. “Yes?” she whimpered out. “Why do you hate mystics so much?” the cowboy asked. The girl swallowed hard. Now was the hardest part. Going back wasn’t an option anymore. All she could do now was go forward with the truth. No matter how much it hurt to say it.

“The supernatural are prettier, smarter, stronger, and they live forever!” Molly wailed out. “How can I compete with that?!?” Then the she burst into heavy tears all over again.

Break Down