Cherry Bomb

    Spike was walking to the local bar. Katsuko’s warning was stuck in his head. Nani did she it wasn’t worth it? Was it supposed to bring pain? There was nai telling.

    Then, he heard footsteps. Spike stopped in his tracks. The steps stopped as well. The cowboy caught onto the game. So he started running. The steps ran as well. Spike grinned. Soon, it would end.

    Finally, Spike stopped and yelled: “All right, Molly. Come out, I know it’s you!” “Aw phooey!” a girl yelled. Spike turned to see a girl stepping of the alley. She had aka hair and blue eyes. “I was hoping to ambush you again!” she complained. “Once you’ve seen the first three times, it’s predictable.” Spike replied. “Oh.” Molly said sounding disappointed. “Aren’t you supposed to be in school?” the cowboy asked. Molly’s eyes grew big. “Shh! I’m skipping today on my lunch break!” she whispered. “Uh-huh.” said Spike. The girl just nodded.

    “Where’s Spike?” Sakura asked back on Bebop. “Out at the bar.” Foxtrot answered as she filed her nails. “Bar?” Sakura asked. “Nani’s a bar?” Foxtrot stopped filing and glared at her. “You’ve never been a bar?” she asked. The tenshi-chi shook her head. Foxtrot looked offended. “You freak!” she yelled. “Don’t they teach you anything in heaven?!?” Sakura just looked. “Iie.” she said. Foxy paused for a sec and said: “Oh that’s right, they don’t teach you the great stuff in life.” Sakura kept quiet. “They go on about how you tenshis and tenshi-chis should be innocent and pure. And you all turn goody two-shoed. Makes me want to barf.” the kitsune ranted on. “Pure bullshit is nani it is! *Snort*”

    “Naze?” the tenshi-chi asked. “Cause…” Foxtrot began. “Aw come on Foxy,” a male’s voice said. Both females looked up. Kuroito stood in the doorway. “You got to have the sweet cute ones.” he continued. Foxtrot just looked at him like he had been smoking the rock. “Naze?” she asked. “So to annoy everyone with a real life?” “The sweet ones are more fun.” Kuroito answered. “How?” Foxy asked. Then the answer hit her. “Oh, I see.” she replied with a grin. “Right.” said Kuroito.

    Sakura was looking on. It was as if they were speaking a different language. Sweet ones, more fun? What was that supposed to mean anyway? “Uh…” she spoke up. The two onis looked up. Sakura just stared at them back. “We’ll have to work on her.” said Foxtrot. “Yep.” Kuroito agreed. Sakura said nothing. She was too lost for words.

    At last, Spike made it to the bar. Molly had somehow changed her mind and went back to school. That was typical of her. But then again…

    The pain in his left shoulder arose again. Spike gasped in pain and grabbed it. The pain had increased a bit since last time. Spike bit hard and tried to bear the pain out. Soon, it went away. Spike let go off his shoulder and went into the bar.

    From the corner, she was watching the whole thing. Shock came over her. “It’s him!” she thought. “I’ve found him! Now I have to follow him!” Then she teleported to the door.

    Kuroito paused and looked up. “Nani is it?” Sakura asked. “Someone’s nearby.” he answered. “I feel it too!” Foxtrot exclaimed. Sakura nodded. “I hope it’s a girl.” Kuroito said. “Naze?” the tenshi-chi asked. “Oh,” the dark oni answered. “More booty to go around!” Then he grabbed Sakura’s booty. This time, the tenshi-chi screamed. The last thing Kuroito remembered was a nice mechanic arm sinking down on his head and seeing an endless kuro background. The two women looked up to see Jet standing over the out-cold oni. “Arigato Jet-san.” Sakura said as she bowed down. “It’s all right.” Jet said. Foxy just stood silent. “Well damn!” she thought.

    Spike headed out of the bar a couple of hours later. He didn’t drink much today. The man just didn’t feel like it today. He was just about to head out to the Swordfish when someone yelled: “He-yyyy!” Spike looked around confused. Nai one was in sight. “Hey!” they said again. “Who the hell is calling me?!?” he thought. “HEY!!!” the voice yelled again.

    Finally, Spike looked down. A little girl was looking up at him. She had short lilac hair in two fat pigtails and two big gold eyes. “My lord?” she asked. “Oro?” the cowboy asked. “My lord! You’re alive!” the girl yelled. Spike was confused. “Uh…” he said. “Who the hell are you?” “You’re the savior, right?” the kid asked. “Iie…” Spike answered. The girl stepped back a bit. “Oh that’s right. He doesn’t remember a thing now!” she thought. “Guess I’ll have to try a different approach.” “I’m Cherry and I’m looking for the savior.” the kid said. Spike just stared at her. “Nani are you talking about?” he asked. “I’ve been looking for the savior and I have found you!” she exclaimed.

    Cherry looked up to see Spike was at a good distance away. “I can’t let him get away!” she thought. So Cherry flew after him.

    Sakura sat on the waiting when Spike came into the Bebop. “Oh, your home.” she said when he came in. “Uh-huh.” Spike answered. The tenshi-chi looked behind him. Cherry stood in the doorway. “Spike.” Sakura spoke up. “Nani?” he asked. “Who’s that in door?” the tenshi-chi asked. “Wha?” the bounty hunter asked. He turned to see the little girl in the doorway. “Hi!” Cherry exclaimed. “Gag!” Spike yelled. “Naze are you here?!?” Cherry cleared her throat. “As duty in my search,” she declared. “I am to stay with the savior until I pass my tests.” “BUT I’M NOT THE SAVIOR!!!!” Spike yelled. “I’m going to see so for myself.” the little girl said. *Sweat drop on Spike’s head* “Was this little baka listening to me?” he thought. The bounty hunter just sighed in distress.

Find the Savior!