Charm School

    Faye sat on the couch in complete boredom. The boys went out and Ed was asleep. Ein to her was a nuisance. She didn’t feel like gambling today. She was trapped with boredom. Faye just sighed.

    Then, Sakura as bright as sunshine, hurried into the room. Neither said a word. “Sakura is so kawaii,” Faye thought. “It’s sickening!” Then she thought about how things would be different if the tenshi-chi was a sex kitten. How interesting it would be. That’s when an enticing idea hit her. Faye decided to make her into a sexy goddess. And she was going to start now.

    “Uh….Sakura.” Faye addressed her. The tenshi-chi looked up. “Hai Faye-sama?” Sakura asked. It didn’t take Faye too long to come up with a good excuse for her plan. “Let’s ‘play’ dress-up.” she said. This was new to the tenshi-chi. “Dress-up?” she asked. “Hai.” Faye answered. “How do you play?” Sakura asked. “Uh….. I’ll show you!” Faye exclaimed. And before the tenshi-chi cloud say another word, Faye grabbed her and dragged her to the bathroom.

    Faye sat Sakura on the toilet with a towel tied around her neck. Her hair lay around her. Faye slowly approached Sakura from behind. She had a pair of shiny silver scissors in her hair. “Are you sure this is a good idea Faye-sama?” the tenshi-chi asked. “Of course.” Faye replied. “Trust me.” (Soot: Famous last words! T.J.: Shut it!) And so, the make over began. Before long, pink tuffs of hair formed a sea on the floor. Sakura’s strawberry pinkish hair now cam gracefully down to her shoulders. Faye handed her a mirror and the tenshi-chi looked in it. Sakura was amazed. “This is great Faye-sama!” she exclaimed. But the artist wasn’t satisfied with the canvas. She wanted to do more. Something was missing. Then…..

    “I’ve got an idea!” the artist shouted. “What?” the canvas asked. “You’ll see.” the artist answered. Then she put aside the scissors and got to work.

    In a few minutes, Sakura picked up the mirror again. A complete shock met her. “Wha—What did you…” she asked. Her lovely pink hair was in an Asian-style bun. “Oh,” Faye began. “Had a little fun with your hair.” Sakura was both amazed and confused. But her biggest shock was yet to come. Sakura saw two long pink sticks coming up out of her hair. She quickly felt at them. Hard plastic met her fingertips. “What’s wrong Sakura?” Faye asked. “What are these pink things sticking out of my head?” the tenshi-chi asked. “Hair chopsticks.” the stylist answered. That eased Sakura’s confused a bit. “Well,” Faye spoke up. “We’ve got to go!” Then she began heading out the bathroom. “Wait!” Sakura yelped as she jerked around. “Where are we going?” Faye stopped and turned. “Shopping, goofball!” she answered quickly. The tenshi-chi was lost. “Sho-pping?” she asked. Faye sighed in distress. “You’re worse than Ed!” she thought. “Ugh…. Damnit! Just come on!” the stylist snapped. Then without warning, Faye grabbed her by the wrist and rushed off to her ship.

    Faye slumped down on a bench in the clothing store. The trip was a stressful ride. Sakura kept playing with controls on the ship. Faye’s stress raised so quickly that she had make the tenshi-chi sit in the back buckled down. It didn’t stop there. Once the girls got to the mall, Faye’s thin stress line broke smaller. Sakura kept asking the sensei what different things were, wandering off, and touching different items. People were staring at them. Faye was on the verge of screaming and throttling the tenshi-chi senseless.

    “*Sigh* Aw shit,” Faye sighed out. “This girl is going to be the death of me, damnit!” “Faye-sama, I’m ready!” Sakura exclaimed. “Oro? Well come on out.” the sensei replied. The sliding door of the dressing room opened and out stepped the newly sexy tenshi-chi. The lady had on a pink Chinese-style dress that came to her thighs. The dress even lied on her luscious curves. Every guy in the store was staring at her. Sakura herself was blushing. Faye had met her satisfaction! “Sakura!!!” she exclaimed. “That looks great on you!!!!” “Really?” the tenshi-chi asked. Faye nodded. Sakura fell overjoyed. “Arigato Faye-sama!!” she exclaimed. “Well, come along!” Faye spoke up. “Naze?” Sakura asked. “To get you more clothes of course!” the master exclaimed. Then Faye grabbed Sakura and dragged her around even more.

    Faye and Sakura returned back to the Bebop at late dusk. By that time, the boys had returned. T.J. and Soot had come by out of boredom. Soot was looking out the window when…

    “Look!” he yelled. “They’re back!” The others looked up. The ship flew into the Bebop. In a few minutes, a pair of footsteps got louder and closer. The guys were ready to question the duo death. They let Faye pass for they knew she wouldn’t answer .So they decided to try and question Sakura. But, their breaths would be taken away without warning.

    “Sakura.” Spike aloud once she had almost past them. The tenshi-chi turned slowly. The boys caught a view of the sexy megami. (Megami=Goddess in Jap.) They feasted their eyes on her gorgeous Japanese-styled sandaled feet, her long sexy legs, her hot pink Chinese-style dress that lied on her curves, her sexier body, and her lovely pinkish strawberry hair pinned up with chopsticks. “Hai?” she asked. The guys just stared at her. They all lost their words. *Soot’s nose starts bleeding* Sakura tittered a bit. Her smile made her even kawaiier. “Sakura!” Faye called out. “Coming.” the tenshi-chi replied. Then she jogged to catch up with the sensei. All the guys stood there in a daze. It was official; Sakura had turned into a sweeter version of Faye. (Not that that’s a bad thing.)

    Later, Spike pinned Faye up to a wall. “Hey!” Faye snapped. “What the fuck are you doing?!?” “Start talking!!!!” Spike growled. “What the fucking hell have you done to Sakura?!?” Faye snickered. Spike’s wrath doubled. “WHAT THE HELL IS SO DAMN FUNNY?!?” Faye eyed him. “Oh,” she answered innocently. “I just improved her.” Before Spike could say another word, Faye shoved him away and walked off. Spike had mixed feeling about Sakura’s change.

    For the next few weeks, Faye kept showing the tenshi-chi the way of the vixen. Sakura seemed to understand them all. But Faye could never teach her student one thing: Sakura never got addicted to gambling!

See you in Space Tenshi...